10 Ways To Solve iTunes Error 1667 While Updating iPhone/iPad (iOS 12 Supported)

10 Ways To Solve iTunes Error 1667 While Updating iPhone/iPad (iOS 12 Supported)

How would you react when you come across iTunes error on your iPhone/iPad?

If you are working with iTunes then make sure that you will be going to come across several unexpected errors that might stop you from doing any work further. And one should also be ready to experience errors on iTunes.

I am saying this because its an experience that I have come across and other users can also get a popup while using iTunes at the time either updating their device or restoring.

One such error is 1667 that occurs while updating or restoring iOS devices. We will discuss about this error in this blog today and we will try to find out some best ways to get rid of it.

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To get rid of iTunes error 1667 immediately without any extra tips and knowledge, you must use iOS System Repair software that is one of the best ways to fix any types of iPhone/iPad errors with ease.

So let us see what the error is in actually following the best solutions to fix iTunes error 1667 but before that, I will show what you will get in this blog today.

About iTunes error 1667

The iTunes error 1667 (also known as iPhone error 1667) generally occurs at the time of upgrading or restoring iDevices. It may be while program installation, while Windows startup or shutdown or even at the time of installing Windows OS.

This error is really a troublesome and users just want to get rid of it immediately.

However, few users have said that facing this error code 1667 is a frustrating one and it would be better to solve this error ASAP.

Let us see a user experience that one of the user has faced and stated about the problem below.

User experience

ERROR CODE 1667…???

There was a problem downloading the software for the iphone. an unknown error ocurred (1667). WHAT IS THIS???

From- Apple Discussion

Just like above scenario, several users have reported about the error and now its time to know what are the reasons behind such unknown error. Let us know them below.

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Common reasons behind occurrence iTunes error 1667

Everyone expect their iPhone/iPad to work excellent without any issue or problem but errors are must to come, no matter whatever devices you are using. So does the iPhone error code 1667. Here we will look at some of the common causes behind 1667 code and they are:

  • Your iTunes is not updated to its latest version and you may come across several issues that would stop you from moving further.
  • When iTunes is not properly installed or the downloading of iTunes is incomplete or corrupt
  • Many times due to busy Apple server the error can occur
  • The iTunes related files gets removed accidentally
  • Because of malicious malware attack
  • Due to few changes in the Windows Registry
  • Might be your system is blocking iTunes to work
  • Due to unstable network connection

After going through the reasons behind iPhone error 1667, now its time to know what can the solutions to fix it. Well, as I have promised to give you best fixes for the error, so let us go through them one by one…

Best fixes for iTunes error code 1667

Here, whatever solutions you will get are already tested and they have worked for users coming across such unexpected situation. So ensure to check the fixes below when you get stuck with the iPhone error.

Solution 1: Reboot your iPhone/iPad

Whenever you come across any kind of iTunes related problems or issues then rebooting the devices can help to fix the problem. In fact this is one of the easiest and best way to resolve iTunes error 1667. Only you have to press and hold Sleep/Wake button until Apple logo appears.

However, every devices has different ways to reboot, so you should also know the process as per your device.

  • For iPhone 6/6S and earlier, you have to press and hold both Home and Side buttons for 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo

  • For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, press and hold Side along with Volume button for 10 seconds unless you get Apple logo on your phone
  • For iPhone XR/XS (Max)/8/8 Plus, you have to press and immediately release Volume Up. Now again press and release Volume down button and after that press and Hold Side button until you see Apple logo.

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Solution 2: Check USB cable or connector or cable properly connected

Coming across the iPhone error can be  solved after you change USB port that cable connects. This is also one of the quick solutions to such types of errors that you get while upgrading the firmware. The USB cable can be the issue if you don’t use the original one.

So make sure you use only certified USB cable that is from Apple. Also check out the steps below just to make sure everything is fine.

Step 1: Make sure the USB used is original from Apple

Step 2: Once check the cable connection by connecting iPhone PC or vice-versa. Make sure every connection is properly connected to plugged in

Step 3: Try to unplug all the connection between your iPhone and PC and again reconnect them

Solution 3: Reset network settings

When you cannot solve the iPhone error then you should check the network connection once. Because if there will be any interruption in network connection then obviously there will be occurrence of such error.

So to reset network settings, you should try out the following steps.

Got to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and then confirm it. That’s it, doing this has a chance to solve your problem with ease.

Solution 4: Update iTunes to latest version

It is already spotted that when iTunes is not up to date or still the old version of iTunes is running then iPhone error 1667 code can occur. If iTunes will be updated then all such type of glitches will be over-ruled.

So if your iTunes is not updated until now then immediately install now to its latest version and get rid of the problem you are coming across.

On Windows

  • First, open iTunes
  • Now from menu bar, select Help > Check for Updates
  • Follow the instructions to install iTunes latest version

Even you can download iTunes latest version directly from here

On Mac

  • Open App store on Mac
  • Now tap on Updates
  • If any iTunes or MacOS update is available, tap on Install

Solution 5: Check Firewall Settings

Sometimes, few unexpected things occur like system’s firewall block iTunes connection automatically. And yes, this can be another possible reason for iTunes error 1667.

Therefore, you should fix this issue by going to Firewall Settings and ensure that iTunes connection is enabled properly.


Solution 6: Free up some space on iPhone/iPad

While you get this error on upgrading or updating your device, then it means that, your phone don’t have much space on it. So, its time to backup all your essential data from phone and delete all the unnecessary files or folders to free up space.

Several ways can help you to backup your crucial files like backing up via iTunes to PC or Mac. Or even you can save it in your iCloud account. You can also opt for any third party tool like iOS Data Backup & Restore to backup every precious data from iPhone/iPad and then remove the data to make some space.

Solution 7: Disable Anti-virus software

If your phone has anti-virus software then it can lead to such iTunes error 1667. Though anti-virus programs are used to detect and remove malicious attacks by keeping the device safe and secure but still, there are some chances of getting infected due to all such software’s.

So you should once scan your device to find if any unwanted errors are lying on your device and if found something then immediately remove it. After that, disable the program and check whether the error exists again while upgrading/restoring iPhone.

Solution 8: Remove the existing software profile

Many users try to update their devices via OTA (Over The Air). In this, may be sometimes the process is not complete and chances are the old Software Profile might present still on the device. Hence, due to this the iTunes error 1667 may occur.

So, you should look forward to solve this issue by simply going to Settings > General > Profile on your phone. Check your existing profile and delete it to solve the problem.

Solution 9: Hard Reset your iPhone

At last, when no above solution works then doing factory reset might help you to get out of the situation. But this will erase every data from your iPhone/iPad, so if you have any data that is important for you, backup them before and then follow the below steps carefully.

Part 1: How to hard reset directly from iPhone

  • First, go to Settings and click on General
  • Now move down and click on Reset
  • Here you have to click on Erase All Content and Settings

  • Click on Erase iPhone after which iTunes will start restoring your phone to original factory state
  • When the process is over, your device will restart and you will get “Slide to set up” screen just the same when you have switched on your phone for first time

Part 2: How to hard reset using iTunes on computer

  • First, open iTunes on Mac or PC
  • Then connect your iDevices to computer via USB cable
  • When a message occurs asking device passcode then follow the screen steps

  • After that, select iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch when appears on iTunes
  • Now in the Summary panel, tap on Restore
  • You have to press on restore again to confirm after which iTunes will erase all your data from device and will install the latest iOS software

Solution 10- Best Alternative Solution to fix iTunes error 1667 without data loss (Recommended)

After going through all the solutions to fix the error code 1667, I hope you have solved the error easily. But if you still face the same situation, then using an alternative method will be helpful. The sensible way is to use third party tool like iOS System Repair that is an easy to use software to fix iPhone error code 1667.

This is known as one of the best and reliable tool that supports latest iOS and iTunes version. Not only it has the ability to solve iTunes error but several other iPhone errors are also fixed such as iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck on black screen/white screen, stuck on recovery mode, stuck on connect to iTunes screen, stuck on verifying update screen, etc.

Moreover, this tool is trustworthy and can be used by anyone without having any technical knowledge. So, its time to Download iOS System Repair tool and fix all types of iTunes/iPhone error that occurs while updating or restoring iPhone/iPad.

Steps to follow the fix iTunes error code 1667

Step 1: Connect your iOS device

First launch iOS System Recovery and then select ‘Repair’ option

After that, connect your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to your PC via USB cable. When the software detects your device then click on “Start” to continue the process.

After that, it will display the device information like model name, system version, baseband version etc and then click on Next to continue.

Step 2: Boot your iOS device in DFU mode

If you face problem in your iOS device that it is not functioning normally then the software will remind you to boot the device in DFU mode. After that follow the instructions to boot your idevice in DFU mode.

  • First power off your iPhone
  • Press and hold Volume down button and power button all together for 10 seconds
  • Now release the power button but hold Volume down button until DFU mode comes on the device

Steps to boot other devices in DFU mode:

  1. Switch off your iPhone.
  2. After that press and hold, the Power button and Home button together for 10 seconds.
  3. Now release the Power button but hold the Home button until the device is in DFU mode.

Step 3: Select and download the firmware

If you want a successful recovery then select the correct model and firmware and after that click on Download.

As the firmware is large so it may take some time to download completely. In between, you make sure that network is good. If you face any trouble in downloading firmware then you can simply click on Copy to download the firmware from Apple official site and select to restore download firmware.

Step 4: Fix iOS to normal status

After the download is finished, click on “Fix Now” to begin repairing your iOS and make your device to work normally again.

At last, when the entire process completes, your iOS devices will restart into normal mode as usual. If the device does not boot normally then click on Try Again to start the process.


So after giving you the best solutions for iTunes error 1667, I hope that you have fixed the problem now. In fact, I have also mentioned an alternative solution that will surely help you to resolve any kind of iPhone errors you come across.

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