[9 Methods] How To Solve iTunes Error 29 With Ease

[9 Methods] How To Solve iTunes Error 29 With Ease

Read this complete article as here I am going to tell you some of the best ways to fix iTunes error 29.

There are many iPhone/iPad users who have reported about iTunes error 29 (iPhone error 29) while accessing the device. This creates an irritating situation as the device stops working.

Coming across iTunes error 29 (iPhone error 29) during accessing of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is a common situation for several users. This error really makes users irritating as any changes done to return to ‘iTunes error 29’, hence the device stops working.

But this does not mean that there is no way to fix such an error. Your device is still alive and it can be accessible after going through this blog completely. Here you will be guided quick fix for the annoying error ‘iTunes error 29’.

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Reasons why iTunes error occur

Every iPhone users want to know why such an error occurs. So according to Apple’s explanation, there are some following reasons behind such error:

  • iTunes is not updated to its latest version
  • Due to the older version of computer OS
  • Hardware changes like battery replacement
  • Because of antivirus or third-party security software

How to solve iTunes error 29

Here you will get a few methods that will help you to repair iPhone error 29. All the methods are useful and work effectively to solve such an iTunes error.

Method 1: How To Fix iTunes Error 29 Without Data Loss (Recommended)

The best and most suggested software to deal with the iOS error is by using the iOS System Repair tool. This is professional software that easily repair iTunes error 29 without any problem. This is easy to use and don’t need any technical knowledge. The software makes the device normal and accessible.

Not only it solves iTunes error 29 but also helpful for other errors like iTunes error 4005, 3194, etc. In addition, this software solves system issues as well like iPhone stuck on black/blue screen, iPhone setting has stopped, iPhone keeps freezing, and others.

So this is one of the best and quick ways to fix iTunes error 29 without any data loss on the iPhone. Therefore, it suggested to Download iOS System Repair and resolve iTunes error 29 on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Follow The Step By Step Guide To Fix Error 29 In iTunes

Method 2: Fix iTunes Error Using iTunes Repair

When you feel frustrated and don’t get any way to get out of it then another best way you can use is iTunes Repair. This is highly recommended as it can help you to repair iTunes error 29 easily at home. Only one simple click and your iTunes error along with update/install/restore/backup/connect and other issues are fixed.


Follow The Simple Steps To Fix iTunes Error 29

  • Now, the main window will show, tap on “System Repair”. Following it, you will “iTunes Repair” > select it. After that, use the original cable to connect iPhone to the computer.

  • Fix iTunes connection issues– Tap on “Repair iTunes Connection Issues” to check and fix all errors that result in an unsuccessful connection to iTunes. After that, check whether iTunes error 3194 is fixed.
  • Fix iTunes errors– When iTunes error 3194 occurs, tap on “Repair iTunes errors” to verify and then repair the basic components of iTunes that has the capability to fix iTunes errors.
  • Fix iTunes error in advanced mode– When you fix iTunes error 3194 is still present, you should select “Advanced Repair” to repair every component of iTunes.

Method 3: Reboot Computer And Start iTunes Again

Well, this issue is irritating and obviously, you want to get rid of soon. So another best way to fix it is by rebooting the computer and again turn on iTunes. This is an easy step by many users don’t do this, in fact, many of them forget this method.

But this is also a helpful one to fix such kind of iTunes error. So simply close every program on the computer and then reboot it. And after that, again switch on iTunes to access.

Method 4: Keep anti-virus application up to date

Generally, everyone loves their data and they never want to lose them by any means. Anti-virus and anti-malware applications are helpful in protecting data. But as time passes, they get outdated and leads to iTunes error 29.

But updating those applications can eliminate the error from your device. simply you have to go to Apple Store and do re-installation. But this process can be complicated for those users who have multiple anti-virus/anti-malware applications.

Method 5: Update iTunes on the computer to fix the problem

If your iTunes is not up to date then also there is a chance that you can come across iTunes error 29. So it’s better to update your iTunes on the computer. Follow the steps to update iTunes:

On Mac

First, open iTunes from the menu option and then select iTunes > Check for Updates. If an update is available then follow the instructions and update iTunes.


First open iTunes and on iTunes windows, select Help > Check for Updates. After that follow the instructions as provided and you can download iTunes latest version.

Method 6: Reinstalling battery

You might know that many times due to battery issue, some unexpected problem occurs and you can also face iTunes error 29. So reinstalling battery can help you to fix iTunes error 29. So here are the steps on how to reinstall the battery but this is a risky step.

Before that, you need two screwdrivers, a suction cup, and a plastic pull tool.

Step 1: Switch off your device and then remove two screws on the left and right side of charging port

Step 2: Now use a suction cup to lift the screen and remove the screws that lock the battery connector to battery retaining bracket

Step 3: Its time to use a plastic pull tool to lift connector, wait for a few seconds, and then set it back again as it was.

Method 7: Update iOS Operating System

There are many users who don’t keep their iPhone/iPad OS up to date. But this is important to do because the older version of iOS lacks many things compared to the new one. Latest OS comes with several improvements as well as the power to fix bugs and other issues.

So if you are getting iTunes error 29 then it can be due to the old iOS version. You should check if there is any update required.

Here is how to update OS on iOS:

  • First, click on Apple icon on the left screen and choose “Software Update
  • Now, Apple store opens and available updates will be displayed
  • Here, you have to agree to the license agreement
  • Now, click on Update
  • Then wait for some time unless the installation process is finished
  • After the installation is over, restart your iPhone and hopefully, everything is working fine

Method 8: Restore without SIM card

Users try out several things to solve the error. So, many of them have tried to fix iTunes error 29 by restoring or updating iPhone without SIM card. Using this trick has solved such error and so one should try it.

Only need to remove SIM card from iPhone, restart the device, and after that restore/update the process. This method can solve the problem.

Method 9: Do Factory Reset to fix iPhone Error 29

When none of the above methods works to solve the error then doing a factory reset is the only and last option to fix the issue. But this method can take all your data so be careful and always backup your essential data in a safe place. To do the process, follow the steps:

Step 1: Open Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2: Now go to General >Reset and then select Erase all content and settings option to reset your device

Step 3: After this process, try the update/restore process again. Wait for few minutes until the entire process is over and it will restore all the data on the device without any problems.

Bottom Line

So these are the best six methods that really work effectively to fix ‘iTunes error 29’. All the above methods work to solve the problem and I hope that they will solve your problem and get you out of the error.

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