[9 Methods]- Fix ‘iPhone Stuck on Black Screen’ After iOS 13/13.1/13.2 Update

[9 Methods]- Fix ‘iPhone Stuck on Black Screen’ After iOS 13 Update

Apple has announced its new iOS version iOS 13. Its already used by several iPhone users where they experience a better and unique features with lots of improvement than before.

Though, it will be an amazing experience but there seems to be some problems with this new iOS 13 update.

This is because few users have reported that “After updating iPhone to iOS 13, their iPhone screen went black with loading circle”.

Now, this can be a big issue for users who are just waiting to experience iOS 13 on their iDevices. However, the user don’t have any answer to look for but surely, I would love to share you the solutions that can help you to fix iPhone black screen of death on your iPhone after iOS 13/12 update.

Well, iPhone screen went black is a common issue that already many users have come across but it can really trouble you a lot.

Even the issue is so critical that when someone calls on phone then you can hear the ring of the phone but iPhone screen remains black and you cannot access or answer your call.

This problem is a common situation and it can occur after upgrading to iOS 13/13.1/13.2. So let us know some of the best ways to fix iPhone stuck on black screen after iOS 13 update.

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Reason behind iPhone screen goes black after iOS 13/13.1/13.2 update

As you already know that Apple has released its new iOS 13 version and it is for both users and Developers. The upgrading is not bit difficult but everything don’t go your way.

It means that problems can occur anytime while upgrading your device where your device can get stuck on black screen. There are few causes behind and they are:

  • May be your device is not supported to iOS 13. Check iOS 12 device compatibility
  • May be you have replaced the hardware from non-Apple store
  • Not having enough storage space to install iOS 13
  • Several others…

Now what are the solutions for your iPhone stuck in black screen after iOS 13 update? Well, below are some of the best fixes mentioned that can help you solve such error. But before that, let us show you an example:

User Experience:

Hi all,

My ipad Pro 10.5” 64GB with iOS 11.0.3 installed just went black screen and not responding to long press of power button nor home button. There was roughly 50% battery left for sure thus auto shutdown due to insufficient battery was not possible. The device just liked dead with a black screen until I hard reboot it by pressing and holding power button and home button simultaneously.

May I know if anyone has encountered this “black screen of death” on iPad Pro as well. I purchased it last week and have never expected any issue. If this is a hardware issue, I am going to request a replacement within the period of 14days (a week left).

Source: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/anyone-exeriencing-black-screen-issue.2077542/

Best Fixes for iPhone Stuck on Black Screen

Here you are guided with the best solutions to get out of the iPhone stuck problem after iOS 13 update. Go through each of them and get rid of the problem easily.

Method 1: Restart your iPhone

When your iPhone went black screen then the first thing that you should do is simply restart your device once and see whether the problem is solved or not.

As iOS 13 version supports iPhone 5S and its above models, so every device has different ways to force restart their iPhone.

Go through the below steps when you come across black screen after iOS 13 update.

  • For iPhone X/8/8 Plus, press and release Volume Up and Volume Down After that press Sleep Button until Apple logo occurs.
  • For iPhone 7/7 Plus, press the Sleep and Volume Down button until Apple logo occurs
  • For iPhone 5S/SE/6/6s/6 Plus, press the Sleep along with Home button until Apple logo appears

All these steps will help you to solve iPhone stuck on black screen after iOS 13 update. If the problem continues after this, then go to next resolution.

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Method 2: iPhone Screen goes black with particular app

There may be several apps that you have installed on your phone but particular app can cause iPhone screen to turn black or stuck on it. So, it will be better to remove that app as the problem is with the app itself.

Many times the app might loading something and the screen turns black where only the problem is linked with only one app. Such things can happen on apps like YouTube or Netflix when there is a slow internet connection.

So follow the below steps when iPhone stuck on black screen:

  • Exit from the app and go to Home screen
  • Now open “App Store”, move to “Updates” section, and see if any update is available for that particular app and install it
  • At last, Restart your iPhone

However, if any app is the problem for black screen on iPhone then updating that app is the best solution to get rid of such issues.

Method 3: Restore to Factory settings using iTunes

This is yet another method that can help you to get out of iPhone stuck on black screen issue.

Step 1: First, Download and then open iTunes latest version on computer

Step 2: Now connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. When iTunes recognizes your device then it will offer restore option, just click on restore option to erase everything.

But when iTunes fails to recognize iPhone then you have to put your device in Recovery mode.

Step 3: When your iPhone gets detected by iTunes then you will get Restore option

Step 4: Tap on “Restore” option to confirm

Step 5: Now iTunes will erase your device and will install the latest iOS 13 version on your iPhone

Step 6: When it is over, iPhone will restart. Now move ahead and set up as a new device.

This method is a risky one as it can delete your important data from device. So its better to backup all your data previous to follow this method. Or you can use iOS Data Recovery software to recover all your lost/deleted data from iPhone.

Method 4: Use Recovery mode to fix iPhone went black screen

Even you can try using Recovery mode to get out of iPhone black screen issue. It will completely restore your iPhone into working condition and will help to fix the issue.

Step 1: Either you have to wait until the device becomes normal from black screen or force reset your phone by pressing Power and Volume Down button until Apple logo appears.

Step 2: When your device starts, first backup all your data by simply going to Settings > iCloud > Backup > Backup Now.

Step 3: Connect your device to computer and then launch iTunes

Step 4: Now, force restart your device according to the model you have and don’t release until you get the Recovery Mode screen

Step 5: After that, you will get a message stating to “Restore” or “Update”. Tap on Update and wait for some time, as iTunes will update your device.

Method 5: Check if hardware failure is the problem

After going through the above methods, when you still find the problem then it can be due to hardware failure. Sometimes due to loose connection or due to broken screen, black screen on iPhone occurs.

In addition, if you have replaced your damaged hardware with unofficial one then new update might don’t support that on your phone. In this situation, it will be better to visit Apple service center.

Many times iPhone’s battery is also the problem and it needs to be replaced. But before you change your battery, just check once the health of current battery.

Method 6: Fix iPhone Stuck On Black Screen By Connecting To Charger

Many times your phone does not get full charged that also leads to black screen. Therefore, to know if this is really a problem, you have to connect your device to charger to charge the battery.

  • First, connect your iPhone to charger and make sure its charging
  • Now leave it for few hours until it is charge completely
  • After phone is entirely charged, you should start your phone. Now if the phone is in good condition then it will immediately start. And if problem occurs then you should move to other solution.

Method 7: Free Up Some Space On iPhone

Your iPhone may don’t have any space due to which you can come across black screen problem. Therefore, it is important to clean up your iPhone on regular basis.

Simply go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to check which application is taking too much space. Either clean the app data or simply uninstall the app if not used regularly to free up space on iPhone.

Method 8: Take It To Professional Repair Service

When the above solutions does not work for you, then its time to take help from professionals. You should take your iPhone to service center as some hardware problem can damage the phone and without their help, its not possible to fix it.

Meanwhile, here are few tips that can help you to fix when you come across black screen on iPhone:

  1. If Siri is not enabled on your iPhone then enable it as it can solve the problem. Simply go to Settings > Siri and switch it on.
  2. Change your iPhone’s display zoom view from “Zoomed” to “Standard” or from “Standard” to “Zoomed”.
  • Or you can click on Display Zoom View and select Zoomed and click on “Set
  • A popup will occur stating, “Changing Display Zoom View will restart iPhone” and then click on “Use zoomed”. When your phone restarts, click on Standard > Set and Use Standard.

  1. You can change the Date of your iPhone by simply going to Settings > General > Date & Time. Now disable “Set Automatically” feature, set up the time manually, and date of the past. After that, restart your device and once this is done, again change your date and time settings to “Set Automatically”.
  2. Simply restart your device once by pressing on/off button and see if the problem is solved or not
  3. Try to Reset your iPhone’s setting by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • Though this step will not lose your important data from iPhone but can change other settings like wallpapers, accessibility settings or remove Wi-Fi passwords if any.
  1. Sometimes apps may be the problem that can lead to black screen error. So remove the app and again reinstall it.
  • Simply click and hold the app until you get (X) sign. Click on it and then again move to App store and re-download the same app.
  • Or you can move to Settings > General > Storage and simply delete the apps that are showing problem.

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Method 9: Best way to fix iPhone stuck on Black Screen after iOS 13 update

When your iPhone come across black screen of death issue or (BSOD) error then the above methods can help you to solve the problem. But they might don’t work and at that time, you should try other way as well so that even data don’t get lost.

iOS System Repair is one of the best and most recommended solutions when user encounter BSOD, iPhone frezing issue, WSOD error, iPhone stuck on verifying update error, stuck on Apple logo, stuck on Recovery mode and several other issues on their iPhone/iPad. This is the best way to fix iPhone stuck on black screen after iOS 12 update without any data loss.

This awesome program works effectively on all iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch models and also compatible with almost all iOS OS including iOS 12.

So whenever you face such kind of errors on your iPhone/iPad then simply Download iOS System Repair and get rid of iPhone stuck on black screen issue with ease.


Well, when users try to upgrade their iPhone/iPad with iOS 12 then your iPhone/iPad gets stucked on black screen or some other errors. In this blog, I have mentioned few useful methods that can really help you to get out of the problem.

Even you can take support of Apple Customer Service when you encounter such errors on your device.

You can further reach us through our social sites like Facebook, Twitter