[10 Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, Gmail/Email Has Stopped” On Android

Fix “Unfortunately, Gmail/Email Has Stopped” On Android

Did you encounter the “Unfortunately, Email has stopped” error on your Android phone or your Email keeps crashing Android always? If yes then you have landed this right place. Here I am going to give you some best tips on how to fix unfortunately, Gmail has stopped Android.

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[3 Methods] Recover Data From Water Damaged Android Phone

Did your Android phone dropped in water and now it’s not working as before? Probably, this kind of situation generally occurs to lots of Android phone users and it’s really terrifying. Some smartphones are not designed to work when dropped on water. In that situation, a common question occurs in our mind “can you recover data from a water-damaged Android phone”?

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[16 Fixes] “Unfortunately, Settings has Stopped” After Factory Reset Android

Fix “Unfortunately, Settings has Stopped”

Did you notice an error message “Unfortunately, Settings has Stopped” after performing a factory reset on Android? Or come across unfortunately com.android.settings has stopped after factory reset? If yes then I must say that you should work on it to solve the error ASAP.

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[9 Proven Ways] Fix “Unfortunately, TikTok Has Stopped” On Android

Fix “Unfortunately TikTok Has Stopped” On Android

Are you a TikTok user who has stuck on an error message stating “unfortunately TikTok has stopped”? Did the TikTok keeps crashing Android continuously while using it? If yes then I must say that you are not alone in this problem.

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9 Proven Ways To Fix Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly

Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly- 9 Effective Methods to Fix?

Are you fed of why my phone turned off by itself and won’t turn back on? Looking for ways on how do I stop my phone from turning off automatically? If yes then I must tell you that the problem is not only with you and me but plenty of other users have faced it. 

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How Can I Recover Snapchat Photos On iPhone [5 Ways]

Recover Snapchat Photos On iPhone

Did you lost Snapchat photos on your iPhone and looking how to recover deleted Snapchat memories? Want to know why such an unexpected situation occurred and how to deal with it? If yes then I will suggest you read this article completely. Here you will learn the best 5 methods on how to recover deleted Snapchat memories on iPhone using manual as well as automatic solutions.

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12 Ways To Fix “Not Registered On Network” On Android/Samsung Phone

Have you ever come across an error “Not registered on network” on your Android phone? Or did you get stuck on Samsung Galaxy S2 not registered on network error? Don’t worry, here are the solutions for you that you are looking for. This blog will completely guide you on how to fix Android not registered on network error?

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4 Easy Ways To Retrieve Photos From Broken Samsung Phone

Retrieve Photos From Broken Samsung Phone

Did you damaged your Samsung phone or its screen is broken and now unable to access the photos from it? Looking for some effective solutions to extract pictures from broken Samsung phones? Well, this blog will introduce you to some of the effective ways to retrieve photos from broken Samsung phone easily.

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[GUIDE] How To Recover Deleted Files From Android SD Card

Lost your important files from Android SD card and not getting any ways to recover them? Are you looking to recover deleted photos/videos or other files from SD card on Android? If yes then this article will properly guide you in different ways on how to recover deleted files from SD card Android using Android SD Card Data Recovery.

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[SOLVED]- 10 Methods To Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing Android

Spotify Keeps Crashing Android? 9 Methods To Fix Spotify Crashing And Freezing Issue On Android

Did you come across “Spotify keeps crashing” on Android? Looking for some quick fixes for the Spotify app keeps crashing issue? Don’t worry, read this blog carefully and you will know the best ways to fix Spotify keeps crashing Android.

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