how to recover deleted contacts from android phone

[2019 Updated] How To Retrieve Deleted Contacts From Phone Memory On Android

Did your important phone numbers are deleted accidentally and looking how to recover deleted contacts from Android phone?

Worried whether there is any way to restore deleted contacts Android?

Don’t worry, just simple relax and read this blog carefully.

Here I am going to guide you about some of the best methods of your question on how to retrieve deleted contacts from phone memory.

Contacts are an important part in phone as this is one way to interact between each other, may be with friends, family members, colleagues or many others.

Nowadays as Smartphone’s have changed the world a lot so users also want to forget the old days when people have landline phones where they have to save any contacts info on diary or in some paper.

As the days passed, small keypad phones arrived that has given the space to store contacts and every other media files. And from then, the world has changed a lot due to the latest technology in which Smartphone’s has also changed from keypad to touch oriented.

Though its easy to operate and many things can be done in easy way, still some painful side effects of these phones are also seen where users accidentally press some option on their touch screen and later on they have to suffer from data loss.

Yes, this is very much true that no matter how much we have experience of using Smartphone’s, still some problem exists and users met with accidentally data delete ion problem where they lose their important contacts from their devices.

Only a single wipe or single click on delete button makes everything different. So, what to do when you lose your important contacts from your Android phone?

Don’t worry, simply go through this blog carefully and know best ways to rescue erased contacts from android devices.

Practical scenario

how to recover deleted phone contacts

i accidentally press factory data reset and all my phone contact gone pls tell me how can i recover my contacts. my phone is xperia s.


Reasons behind contact deletion on Android devices

Well, when you come across data deletion, then you might want to know what are the reasons that can lead to loss of contacts from your device. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Accidentally deletion
  • Formatting of device
  • Virus attack
  • Screen locked
  • Device gets frozen
  • Phone gets damaged or crashed

Apart from these, there are other reasons also which can lead to data loss situations. However, at this time, users want to know how to retrieve deleted phone numbers on Android. Unfortunately those who are looking for ways, they have not done backup previously.

But don’t worry, here I have mentioned methods for you which can restore your lost contacts from Android devices.

How To Recover Deleted Contacts From Android Phone

Well, to restore deleted contacts Android, here you will get best methods that can easily restore erased contacts from Android devices. The method includes:

Method 1: Check whether contacts are really lost or not

Before going to any solution, it is very important to check whether contacts are really deleted or not. Many times it happens that contacts are not deleted and it remains in the device itself.

So how you can check the contacts on your device, just follow the below steps:

  • First find “Contacts” and open it in your device
  • Now click on menu button and then select “Settings” and then “Contacts to display
  • Here you have to select “All contacts”.

  • Now you have to check whether your contacts are returned back or not

If they are back, then no need to move further but if not, then follow the below methods how to recover deleted contacts from Android phone memory.

Method 2: How to retrieve deleted contacts from Gmail

It is already known that Android OS is improved by Google so whenever you buy a new phone, you have to sign in to your Gmail account if you have any or you can create a new account. With Gmail, not only you can receive several mails and notifications but also your data can be synced into like contacts, photos, videos, music with Google services.

So here if your contacts are synced with Gmail, then its easy to restore them without any problem.

Remember– Google is only able to recover your lost contacts list to any state in the past 30 days.

If you don’t know how to recover lost contacts via Gmail then the below steps are for you.

Step 1: First, login to your Google account or Google Contacts on a browser.

Step 2: Click on “More” option from the left panel

Step 3: Now select “Undo changes” after which a window will pop-up

Step 4: Customize the time before clicking on ‘Confirm’ option.

Step 5: Now click on “Restore contacts

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Method 3: How to recover deleted contacts from phone memory using backup

There are many Smartphone’s brand who offers device managing programs or apps for their own products. Some brands include Samsung that has kies/Smart switch, LG PC Suite, HTC Sync Manager, Sony Xperia Transfer etc. These kind of tools important function is that it is used for data backup and restore.

In fact there are several apps also from third party developers which includes Helium, Super Backup, Titanium Backup, App Backup and many others.

After you backed up contacts with the help of those apps, you can retrieve data from existing backup. Many times, you make several backups but it is instructed to restore latest backup. However retrieving contacts from backup is known to be one of the best and quickest way to retrieve deleted phone numbers on Android.

Therefore is it advised to create a backup file of all your essential data and keep them in safe place.

Method 4: How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phone Memory using aSQLiteManager

You might don’t know but every Android device has an open system which helps to retrieve deleted phone numbers on Android.  You phone should be rooted for this process.

So to go to your Android phone’s database, it is recommended to use aSQLiteManager. Then look for “/data/data/android.providers.contacts/databases” folder and open contacts2.db file on it. And here you will get all your contacts deleted on Android phone.

Method 5: How to retrieve deleted contacts from phone memory using Android Data Recovery

The above methods are useful but they works when you have created a backup of your essential data. But apart from this, when you don’t have backup created beforehand, then use of Android Data Recovery Tool will be the best. This is known as one of the powerful and efficient software to recover deleted contacts from Android phone no matter it is of any brand.

Whatever data you have like contacts, photos, videos, call history, text messages, documents, notes, WhatsApp data and many others, all are easily recovered by using this awesome recovery software. This software is also for Samsung users who ask how to retrieve deleted numbers from Samsung phone.

This is because the powerful tool supports every Android phone such as Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and others. So without any worry, simply Download Android Data Recovery and retrieve deleted contacts from Android Phone memory.

Steps to recover lost contacts from Android devices

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone

First download Android Recovery software and then select “Recover

Now connect your android device to PC via USB cable. Also be sure you have enabled USB debugging. After your device gets connected, below mentioned image will appear:

Step 2. Select the file types to scan

After your device is connected to PC, Android Recovery software will display data types that it supports. Here you have to select the data types you want to recover.

If your device is rooted then the software will show you two options: Scan deleted files and scan for all files. Here selecting scan for all files will take longer time but will work effectively.

After that click on “Next” to continue the process.

Now it will scan your device to rescue lost data. This will take few minutes.

Step 3. Now preview and recover deleted data

At last when the entire scanning gets over, you have the preview option where you can check which data to recover. Select them and click “Recover” to save all lost data on your PC.


Contacts are necessary for almost every user as this is an important thing that helps to keep in touch with other person. When they are deleted, then don’t panic but just go through this blog carefully and you will get several ways to restore erased contacts from your Android devices.

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