[SOLVED]- How to Recover Contacts After Factory Reset On Android

[SOLVED]- How to Recover Contacts After Factory Reset On Android


Did you lost all your important contacts from your Android phone after factory reset? Wondering how to recover deleted contacts from Android after factory reset? If yes, then follow this blog, as it will guide you better to restore all your lost/deleted contacts from Android phone without any loss.

This is not the problem with one or two user but several Android users mistakenly click on factory reset and at the end they come up with data loss situation where their important contacts, photos, videos, messages, songs etc are removed.

Even there are many people who erase their contacts intentionally or unintentionally from their phone and later on look for some ways to recover.

Now how to get those deleted contacts back that are wiped away due to factory reset. Well, you don’t have to worry much, simply read this blog carefully and retrieve your deleted contacts easily from Android phone.

About factory settings

Factory setting is a feature in which user can easily fix any issues or bugs on their phone, improve the performance, delete any unwanted data before selling and several other reasons.

Doing factory reset of your Android device means you are making your phone like a new one where all your important data are removed.

It means that all contacts, videos, photos, call history, documents, songs etc are removed from phone permanently. And so it is also important to backup all the important data in safe place before your do factory reset of your phone.

Now this is as good to hear but it can really put you in big trouble when you don’t backup your important data such as contacts and you do a factory reset of your Android phone.

This is the case with plenty of users and they want to know whether there is a chance to get back deleted contacts after factory reset?

Let us see what a user has reported about the issue.

User experience

Lost all my contacts information after factory reset

“I did a factory reset on my Android phone after accidentally pressed the factory reset option. Am really so frustrated right now because all the contacts information is gone. I assumed the phone was already automatically backed up by Google. So I can recover contacts from Android after factory reset from the backup file easily. But I don’t why all my apps, pictures and other files backed up and got installed onto the phone but all my contacts are gone. Is there any way to recover them? I have those contacts since the first day I got the phone.”

From- https://www.easeus.com

Now after reading the above issue, several users might have gone through the same issue and they want to know how to restore deleted contacts after factory reset on Android.

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Can deleted data be recovered after factory reset?

The answer is YES, there is a chance to get back the lost data from Android after factory reset. But only with the use of powerful recovery software.

Without software, there is no possibility to restore those lost data or contacts from Android phone. Whatever data you have deleted will be recovered using Android Data Recovery software.

What happens in actually after you reset your Android phone?

Generally, users know about factory setting their phone. It makes your phone a brand new as it was when you have bought it. It means there are no settings that you have made, all data stored, media files, contacts and settings stored on phone are completely wiped away and becomes a new one.

Does a factory reset delete everything?

If you see in practical then factory reset does not delete your data permanently from your device. Factory reset should delete all the data stored on your phone along with settings but somehow it fails to do so. This is sometimes good for user who want their data back and bad for some users who want to sell their device.

However, somewhere factory reset leaves the way to recover the deleted data using a powerful tool and so, factory reset does not wipes away everything from your Android phone.

TIP– When you do factory reset of your Android phone, then the data from device like contacts and other files are not gone forever but they are only marked as useless. They can be overwritten by any new data.

So you should stop using your device after deleting all contacts as continuously accessing the phone can save any new data on it, hence the old data will be overwritten. So to increase the chance of recovery, it is mandatory to stop accessing the Android phone.

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Important things to do before factory reset your phone

If you want to do factory reset of your phone due to any reason then here you should know what you are the things required before doing factory reset.

Especially for your contacts, you should ensure to sync all contacts to Gmail account because you cannot save all contacts to your SIM card.

Therefore, synching to Cloud storage will be the best. If your device has this feature by default then its fine otherwise you can check it by following the below steps:

  • Go to Settings > Account > Google on device
  • Move the next switch to contacts to ON position
  • Now wait for sometime and you will see a message saying ‘Last synched on…’ Now your contacts are synced with your Gmail account.
  • At last, login to your Gmail account and see whether everything has gone your way or not.

After confirming everything, now you can proceed further to do a factory reset.

But what about those users who want their contacts back after doing factory reset on their devices? Let us move further to know.

Must ReadBest Methods to Restore Deleted Contacts from Android Phone

How to recover contacts from Android after factory reset

Here you will get some better ways to deal with the situation. Usually, many users have habit of taking a backup of the data and keep them either on Cloud storage or some other place like Google. So let us see them one by one and try to restore deleted contacts from Android.

Method 1: Restore contacts from Gmail or Google

If you have made a backup of your contacts or ever synched contacts to your Gmail account then its easy to restore those directly without any trouble. Follow the below steps:

  • First, login to Google account on PC and then tap on “Contacts” in left corner

  • Here you have to select “More” and then “Restore Contacts” option
  • Now mark time period and at last, tap on “Restore” button to get back contacts

NOTE– This method will work only when you have synced your phone with Google account. And if you have not enabled this option then this method will not work for you.

Method 2: Restore Android contacts from Backup

There are many options to backup all data in Android devices with local backup and function. If you have ever backed up your contacts before doing factory reset and if they are important now then go to Settings > Backup & Restore and there you have to select latest backup file to restore contacts or other data from backup.

In fact, you can use backup tool to recover the lost contacts from Android. You can get several backup tools that helps you to backup all your important data and in such situations, you can restore those easily.

Even mobile brands are providing their own backup facility to store data like Samsung kies, Huawei PC Suite, HTC One Suite, Redmi Mi Cloud and so on…

Other than this, there are many professional tools to backup and restore all data from your device and one such tool is Android Backup & Restore.

With the use of this software, its easy to backup all your contacts and other data and when data gets deleted due to any reason, then using this tool will help you to restore all contacts easily.


Method 3: Best way to recover contacts after factory reset without backup

When the above method does not work for you and if you don’t have any backup available then the only option left is by using a professional recovery tool. You can get several tools in market but I will recommend you to use Android Data Recovery.

This is one of the best and reliable solutions that helps you to retrieve all contacts from Android after factory reset. Its not only used to rescue contacts but other precious data are also recovered like photos, videos, call history, documents, notes, messages and many more.

It does not matter how your contacts are deleted or wiped away from Android phone, this powerful recovery tool scans the entire device to find the files and restores all your lost files easily without any need of backup.

So its time to Download Android Data Recovery software and recover contacts from Android after factory reset.

Steps to follow to get back lost contacts after factory reset from Android


Contacts are important for every person and nobody wants to lose them at any cost. But unfortunately some or the other situations occur where contacts gets deleted or by doing factory reset and later on users search on how to recover them.

However, in this blog I have discussed 3 best methods to help you out in recovering deleted contacts after factory reset on Android.

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