[SOLVED]- 10 Best Methods To Fix iTunes Error 4005

This article will completely guide you on how to fix iTunes error 4005.  Just go through this it and find out the best ways to repair iPhone/iTunes error 4005.

Many iPhone users have reported that they were facing iTunes error 4005 while updating their devices. This is a serious issue and should be solved soon.

So to help you out, I have come up with this article where you will come to know how to fix the error without any problem.

About iTunes Error 4005 (iPhone Error 4005)

iTunes error 4005 also known as iPhone error 4005 is one of the annoying errors while restoring or updating iPhone to iTunes. It completely means that your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch cannot be restored and it cannot be identified.

However, to fix the problem, there are ways by which the iTunes error can be solved. But before that, let us look at some of the common reasons behind iPhone error 4005.

Reasons behind iTunes error 4005 (iPhone error 4005)

  1. Due to iOS system problems on your iDevices
  2. iCloud is not turned off properly and the device is not restored
  3. Due to virus infection
  4. iTunes is not installed properly
  5. iTunes related program files gets corrupted
  6. USB connection problems
  7. Due to the old version of iTunes or computer

Apart from these, there are several causes, which can lead to such unexpected error on your iPhone/iPad.

Now, what to do and how to fix iTunes error 4005?

Best solutions to fix iTunes error 4005 while you restore iPhone

You might have searched the entire internet for the best solutions to fix iTunes error 4005.

If you have not got the perfect solution then here you will have the best fixes to solve iTunes error 4005. Go through them one by one and I am sure, they will work effectively.

Solution 1: Best Way To Fix iTunes Error 4005 Without Data Loss

One of the best and effective ways to solve iTunes error 4005 is by using iOS System Repair. This professional tool repairs the problem within a few minutes. This is a great and powerful software that fixes any types of errors on iOS devices. Anyone coming across error 4005 on iTunes can easily get rid of it using this amazing tool.

Not only iTunes error 4005 is fixed but other issues are also resolved via this software. Some of them include iPhone stuck on Black/blue screen, settings has stopped on the iPhone, and several others. This is easy to operate and with few clicks, your error will be solved without any data loss.

So I would simply suggest you to Download iOS System Repair and fix iTunes error 4005.

Get the Step by Step Guide To Use iOS System Repair

Solution 2: Fix iTunes Error Using iTunes Repair

When you feel frustrated and don’t get any way to get out of it then another best way you can use is iTunes Repair. This is highly recommended as it can help you to repair iTunes error 4005 easily at home. Only one simple click and your iTunes error along with update/install/restore/backup/connect and other issues are fixed.


Follow The Simple Steps To Fix iTunes Error 4005

  • Now, the main window will show, tap on “System Repair”. Following it, you will “iTunes Repair” > select it. After that, use the original cable to connect iPhone to the computer.

  • Fix iTunes connection issues– Tap on “Repair iTunes Connection Issues” to check and fix all errors that result in an unsuccessful connection to iTunes. After that, check whether iTunes error 3194 is fixed.
  • Fix iTunes errors– When iTunes error 3194 occurs, tap on “Repair iTunes errors” to verify and then repair the basic components of iTunes that has the capability to fix iTunes errors.
  • Fix iTunes error in advanced mode– When you fix iTunes error 3194 is still present, you should select “Advanced Repair” to repair every component of iTunes.

Solution 3: Restart your iPhone and computer

The first method is a simple one, which is easy to follow. Simply restarting your device will help you to get out of the situation.

So to restart your iPhone:

  • First press and hold Sleep/Wake buttons together until red slider occurs
  • Now drag the slider off
  • After the device is switched off completely, press Sleep/Wake button again until Apple logo appears

Even if you restart your computer, it will help you to solve the problem. And you better know how to restart your computer.

Solution 4: Force Restart iPhone

When your iPhone screen stuck on iTunes error and you don’t know what to do actually, I would suggest you force restart your phone. This is also the best way to fix any kind of error on the iPhone.

Follow the steps:

  • First, press and hold the Home button
  • Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously

This step should be followed for iPhone 7 and its older version. But if you have the latest models of iPhone then follow the below steps.

Steps to force restart iPhone 8/8S/iPhone X and newer versions:

  • First, press and leave Volume up button
  • Then press and release Volume down
  • Now press and hold the Sleep/Wake button unless screen flashes

Solution 5: Check USB ports

Generally, iTunes error occurs due to damage in hardware connections and so iTunes error 4005 is also the same. It means that there is no proper connection between both devices or not able to communicate with. So it is suggested to check the USB port once.

Try to fix the USB port by connecting your phone to a different computer or you can also check by changing the USB port. Just check that works well and if not then move to methods.

Solution 6: Install the latest version of iTunes

The problem you come across is also due to the old version of iTunes on your computer. But updating it can solve the problem and everything is done easily.

Updating iTunes will make your work easy. If you don’t know how to check for updates then simply go to the Help menu and search for ‘Check for updates’.

After this, your computer will check for the latest iTunes version is installed or not against the latest version on the Apple server. If any update is available then within few clicks, the update will be processed and iTunes will be up to date.

Here you can find the latest version of iTunes that will help you fix the issue on iPhone:

  1. Find the latest version of iTunes for windows.
  2. You can find the latest version of iTunes for macOS here.
  3. You can find the complete list of the latest iTunes versions here.

Solution 7: Restart iTunes

Sometimes simply restarting iTunes can be a helpful technique to get rid of the problem. As when some registry and file management error iTunes are solved through restarting, in the same way, restarting iTunes when it shows error 4005 is also helpful to fix the error.

Solution 8: Check the battery

Many times your device does not have enough battery and it is in the low state. The reason is where your iPhone lacks the power that may cause iTunes error 4005. So ensure to make your device charge fully.

Solution 9: Put your iPhone into DFU mode

To solve iTunes error 4005, simply rebooting your iPhone or doing a hard reset can solve the problem or you can put your phone into DFU mode.

But the risk part with this step is that everything might get deleted or might something go wrong. This can be helpful when your phone gets dropped on water or some other thing that stops your device to restore it.

But if your device is able to take the risk of doing DFU restore then you can take the risk further. However, follow the below steps to put your device into DFU mode.

  • First, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. No matter your phone is switched on or off, simply launch iTunes after that.
  • After that, press and hold the Sleep/Wake + Home button together up to 10 seconds

  • Now you have to release the Sleep/Wake button but continue holding the Home button until it shows a message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode

  • After this, release the Home button
  • When your iPhone enters into DFU mode, your device will turn black and if it is not black then try again and begin the steps from the beginning.
  • Now restore your iPhone using iTunes. Now you can see that your iPhone is coming into normal mode as it was before.

Solution 10: Update the computer OS

If your computer OS is not up to date then also there is a chance to get error 4005. Outdated OS is one of the common problems that you can face on your device. Even older iTunes versions will not be able to work without date OS software.

New Macs

  1. First go to Mac App Store
  2. Then click on Updates
  3. If any new version is available then follow the prompt to download and install

Older Macs

  1. Open Apple Menu
  2. Now go to Software Update and install available updates


  1. Tap on Start Button
  2. Type Update in the search box
  3. At last, click Windows Update among the given results


That’s all I have for you that can help you to fix iTunes error 4005. Follow those methods properly and solve the error you are getting on your device. It is recommended to follow those methods one by one and look for the one that works for you.

If you want a quick fix then use iOS System Repair or iTunes Repair to fix error 4005 on iTunes/iPhone.

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