5 Top Useful Fixes For iTunes Error 13010 After iOS Update

5 Top Useful Fixes For iTunes Error 13010 After iOS Update

Apple phones are loved by almost every people in this world and want to have an iPhone on their hands.

Recently Apple has come up with its new models (iPhone XR/XS/XS Max) in market that people are loving it and getting huge and tremendous positive response.

If you are an iPhone user then you should know that Apple provides different ways to manage iOS devices like iTunes and iCloud. Apple suggest to use iTunes for various purposes like restoring and updating.

Furthermore, iTunes can also be used for entertainment needs such as downloading and then synching several contents like videos, music, TV shows, photos an several others. This synching of your device will help you to deal with any kind of data loss situations.

It means that iTunes is an important part for iPhone users and can work for various purposes.

But once I was going through few forums and found that lots of iPhone users have reported about some error on iTunes and looking for some solutions. They wrote that they were unable to open iTunes on computer and stuck at “iTunes unknown error 13010”.

One of my friends faces the same situation where he just ran a newly updated iTunes on computer and come across the error “The iTunes application could not be opened. An unknown error occurred (13010)”.

Now if you are looking to get rid of this error then I think you are not alone. I would help you to fix iTunes error 13010 and for that, you have to go through this blog post carefully as I will explain the detailed solutions to solve the iTunes error.

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About iTunes error 13010

iTunes error 13010 is known to be one of the common errors that most iPhone users come across. Basically this error stops iTunes from opening and users get a message that iTunes is closed because of an unknown error.

In fact, in some cases, iTunes opens for few seconds and automatically closes after displaying the error.

Generally, it was said that the issue occurs due to corrupt windows registry, incomplete iTunes download or installation or may be virus infection.

It can be of anything so let us what one of the user has to say about the error.

User experience

“[My mac crashed and] I needed to hold down the “Power” key, which I did. Upon restarting, however, the Mac seems to be running okay but now my iTunes application refuses to load and I get the following error message: The iTunes application could not be opened. An unknown error occurred (13010).”

From- Apple.com

Causes of iTunes error 13010

After searching a lot on this error, I have found some possible causes that can lead to such error on iTunes. They are common reasons but should not be ignored.

  • The windows registry corruption from recent iTunes related software
  • Malicious virus or malware attack having damaged windows system files or having iTunes program files
  • Due to incomplete download or installation of iTunes software
  • Because of some useful program accidentally deleted that was iTunes related file

Well, you should have a clear knowledge that the error can occur anytime due to several factors. So it becomes important to solve such error properly so that it does not occur in future again.

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Best solutions to fix iTunes error 13010

As I have promised earlier that I will discuss the best ways to get rid of such unwanted iTunes error, so here I have few solutions that would surely help you to solve such iTunes error. Follow them carefully and see the result.

Solution 1: Remove Genius Database

One of the common causes for the error 13010 is due to Genius database. This can be the main root of the problem and by removing this database, it is possible to get rid of  such error. So follow the below steps to remove Genius database:

Step 1: First, open Finder on Mac and tap on Go > Home > Music > iTunes

Step 2: When you are on iTunes folder, search iTunes Library Genius.itdb file and remove it

Step 3: Now after Genius database is deleted, open iTunes after closing Finder. Now the Genius database will be recreated and the error occurring will be resolved.

Solution 2: Execute Malware scan of your computer

Now its not necessary that removing Genius database will solve the error. Many times, it may not be the problem and so it does not work for you, here you have to do some other steps.

As mentioned earlier, the problem can be due to malware attack so its suggested to do a complete scan of your PC with anti-virus software and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Remember that if virus is the culprit of the error then doing a scan with your anti-malware, software will detect the issue and it will remove from computer. As soon as the scan is over, launch iTunes again and check the problem exists or not.

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Solution 3: Install a Windows update

Just because your computer is not up to date, this error may exist. So once check if any update is available is available for your PC if you are having Windows on your computer. If the update is available then proceed further and see whether the error is resolved or not.

Step 1: First, tap on “Start” button and type “update” on search box

Step 2: Here you will be able to Windows Update message if available

Step 3: Tap on “Install Updates” to proceed further to download and then install the latest OS on system

Solution 4: Reinstall iTunes

As the error is iTunes related so why not to go further and reinstall iTunes to check whether the iTunes error 13010 is removed or not. Uninstalling iTunes and again installing it with latest version can be the solution to fix the error.

In fact, several users have tried out this method and have positive results by solving error. So follow the below instruction carefully:

Step 1: First, uninstall iTunes along with its related components

Step 2: Now, restart your computer

Step 3: Here, you have to download latest iTunes version from Apple’s official website

Step 4: Now install iTunes by following the instructions on screen and launch iTunes on your computer.

That’s it, the issue will be solved now…

But there are several situations where even after following all the above mentioned solutions, the error 13010 is not solved. Now in such conditions, what to do and how to get rid of the problem is a big question?

Don’t worry, read further…


Solution 5: Best solution to fix iTunes error 13010

When the above mentioned solutions does not work for you then you should use a third party tool to get rid of the such issue. You should use iOS System Repair which is one of the easiest and best solution to fix iTunes error 13010. It has the ability to resolve any kind of iTunes error without any problem.

The program has several advantages because users generally come across several issues on their iPhone/iPad related to iTunes and others. Therefore using this powerful tool will surely help to get out of the situation easily due to its automatic scan feature.

When the problem is detected, this tool immediately works on it to repair the error and hence, user can get rid of such unwanted iTunes error. So its time to Free Download iOS System Repair and resolve iTunes error 13010.

Follow the steps to solve iTunes error 13010

Step 1: Connect your iOS device

First launch iOS System Recovery and then select ‘Repair’ option

After that, connect your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to your PC via USB cable. When the software detects your device then click on “Start” to continue the process.

After that, it will display the device information like model name, system version, baseband version etc and then click on Next to continue.

Step 2: Boot your iOS device in DFU mode

If you face problem in your iOS device that it is not functioning normally then the software will remind you to boot the device in DFU mode. After that follow the instructions to boot your idevice in DFU mode.

  • First power off your iPhone
  • Press and hold Volume down button and power button all together for 10 seconds
  • Now release the power button but hold Volume down button until DFU mode comes on the device

Steps to boot other devices in DFU mode:

  1. Switch off your iPhone.
  2. After that press and hold, the Power button and Home button together for 10 seconds.
  3. Now release the Power button but hold the Home button until the device is in DFU mode.

Step 3: Select and download the firmware

If you want a successful recovery then select the correct model and firmware and after that click on Download.

As the firmware is large so it may take some time to download completely. In between, you make sure that network is good. If you face any trouble in downloading firmware then you can simply click on Copy to download the firmware from Apple official site and select to restore download firmware.

Step 4: Fix iOS to normal status

After the download is finished, click on “Fix Now” to begin repairing your iOS and make your device to work normally again.

At last, when the entire process completes, your iOS devices will restart into normal mode as usual. If the device does not boot normally then click on Try Again to start the process.


Well, not only you but there are several iPhone users who come across iTunes error 13010 on their iPhone/iPad and they look for best solutions to get rid of it. In this blog, I have mentioned the best possible methods that helps to solve the iTunes error.

I hope you will not face any problem while going through the mentioned solutions and your problem will be solved easily.

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