7 Useful Methods to Fix iTunes Error 3014 Without Data Loss

7 Useful Methods to Fix iTunes Error 3014 Without Data Loss

7 Useful Methods to Fix iTunes Error 3014 Without Data Loss

If you are an Apple user then you would better know that Apple comes with its update very often. And this is not a new thing for iOS user.

After few days or after few weeks some other update occurs and users somewhere get irritated that they have to update their iPhone. In this process, many times something wrong happens and users encounter 3014 error on their devices.

Now this is frustrating situation and users just want to get rid of it.

If you have also faced the same situation and looking to fix such problem then this blog is definitely for you. But before going to any solution, let us first know about iTunes error 3014.

About iTunes Error 3014 (iPhone Error 3014)

iTunes error 3014 which is also known as iPhone error 3014 can occur anytime while you try to update your iOS software to any latest version.

Nobody wants to face such problem on his or her iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.

Here you should also know that such error can occur due to several reasons that you will get in the below mentioned paragraph but before that, let us look at the original fact that one of the iPhone user have reported.

User experience

“How can I fix iTunes Error 3014 easily When Restoring iPhone?” I remembered last night when I updated my iPhone 6, it was only loading for about 40 minutes which is thought was fine and it was asking to restore my iPhone so I did, suddenly there was a pop-up message that I encountered iTunes Error 3014 and I cannot restore iPhone. I click on restore several times and redo the process but I cannot get past through this frustrating error.

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Causes of Error 3014

You know the main causes of error 3014 already but apart from that one cause, there are other reasons as well which can lead to such error.

They are:

  • Incomplete or corrupt installation of your iTunes software
  • Due to malicious malware infection that has damaged iTunes related program files
  • Due to recent iTunes related software change, windows registry get corrupt
  • Some other program might delete iTunes related files

Error 3014 though occurs because of several factors but you should work on to troubleshoot the reasons to avoid further damage.

Signs and symptoms  of iTunes error 3014

You might notice some changes or can see some signs before you get this error. They are:

  • Freezes frequently while doing any computer related work
  • The current program gets crushes
  • Windows shows slow response time to all external devices such as keyboard or mouse
  • The iTunes error 3014 popups

So when you come across such signs and after knowing the reasons behind it, you should try to solve the problem ASAP so that you don’t have to face any such issues further.

Best solutions for iTunes error 3014

Solution 1: Rebooting your device

Rebooting a device while it shows any problem is an old technique to solve any problem. Though it is old but if it solves the error you are getting and its better than finding some other method.

So simply rebooting your iPhone/iPad once can fix iTunes error 3014 and can eliminate the issue.

If it does not work then go to next solution.

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Solution 2: Update iTunes

Generally coming across iTunes error is can be due to old version of iTunes installed and this is considered too. So best ways to get rid of is by updating iTunes to its latest version and eradicate such error with ease.

On Windows– First launch iTunes, then tap on the tabs mentioned below:

Help > Check for Updates”. If any update is available then you can move further and install the latest version of iTunes.

On Mac– First, launch iTunes and then click on the tab as follows:

iTunes > Check for Updates”. If any update is present then it will show you. Install the latest version as the guide shows you on screen.

Solution 3: Update your computer operating system

Many times when your PC is not up to date then also you can come across iTunes error 3014. The reason is that the Windows or Mac older version is not compatible with latest version of iTunes.

So to update your PC, you should follow the below steps:

On Mac OS X

  • First, open App Store on your PC
  • Then click on Updates from toolbar
  • If any update is available then you download it and install it on your system

On Windows

  • Click on Start button and type Update in search bar. Alternatively, you can use Windows logo + R to get the search button and type Update there.
  • Now tap on Windows update from the result listed
  • There you have to wait unless system checks for any software update
  • After you get the result, tap on important updates. Now click the checkbox for updates that you want to install
  • At last, click on Install Updates

Solution 4: Edit the Hosts files

This is one of the difficult steps, as it requires technical skills, so we don’t recommend it generally when you don’t have knowledge about it.

So, you can try this step at the end of other solutions when they fails.

  • First open Notepad and tap File
  • Now tap on Open and navigate the file location: C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc.

  • Also ensure you have changed view options to All Files from bottom right of dialogue box.

  • There you have to remove the following lines as below from hosts file: gs.apple.com gs.apple.com

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Solution 5: Adjust Date and Time on PC

If your computer has improper Date and Time settings then it can lead to error 3014 on iPhone. This wrong date and time leads to wrong communication with Apple servers.

So its better to check your PC date and time once and if its wrong then correct it by follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings menu on your computer and select Date & Time

Step 2: From right panel, select “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically” to off and again switch on.

Solution 6: Check security software

The security software you have on your computer is of great use but I don’t know which firewall/anti-virus set you have. Generally, in-built firewall works effectively to stop the harmful things to get in and out.

And this many times break communication between Apple servers.

So it is suggested to have the latest anti-virus software on your PC.

Another important step you can take is by turning off your anti-virus/firewall software. You know that this was for an important purpose and that is to protect your PC from harmful attack.

But sometimes you should take the risk of turning off the firewall but ensure to switch on immediately.

Solution 7: Use another computer

When you are facing problem on your own PC then you can try another computer and plug your iOS device on it. Also ensure it has itunes and try solution 6.

If it works then make sure you computer has some problem and should be solved.

The problem can be of anything like software or hardware related issue or even worse, binary code in registry has been changed.

If this is the problem then you have do a complete recovery of your computer to solve the problem.

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Best method to fix iTunes error 3014 without data loss

After trying out all the above solutions, if you still face the same error again and again then it’s a big headache and user ask how to fix error 3014 on iTunes when restoring. Many times in this situation, you might also lose some important data while restoring your iPhone from iTunes backup.

Now this is yet another problem that many user come across while fixing iPhone error 3014.

But there is still a way which can help you to get rid of such error and that too without any data loss. Yes, you have to use a third party tool like iOS System Recovery.

This is one of the best and reliable software that is used by millions of user to solve such iTunes error 3014 and other iTunes errors also. Apart from fixing iTunes error 3014, this reliable tool also fixes other issues as well such as blue screen of death (BSOD), iPhone stuck on updating, white screen of death (WSOD), or several other errors.

Now using this tool, you don’t have to fear about any kind of data loss as all your essential data are kept safe. This tool is easy to use as it has user-friendly interface and don’t need any expert knowledge to perform the process.

So without wasting any time, Download iOS System Recovery and solve the iTunes error 3014 without any further loss.

Steps to follow to fix iTunes error 3014

Step 1: Install the program

First download iOS System Recovery on your computer, install it, and then run the software

Step 2: Fix the error

In the dashboard, select Repair option and after that connect your device to computer via USB

After your device is detected, tap ‘Start’ button

Select the model of your device from the list

Now the right firmware will be downloaded and installed automatically on your device

Step 3: Process is over

You have to wait fro few minutes until the process is on its way


After that, you will receive a message stating the process is finished

Now your iPhone/iPad will start normally.


The iPhone user some times faces the iTunes error 3014 and this is not a new thing. But yes, users should be careful of such unexpected situation as the main risky part is to lose all their essential data from iPhone/iPad.

However, when you come across such error, follow the above steps mentioned and I am sure you will solve the iTunes error without any issue.

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