9 Quick and Easy Methods to Fix iTunes Error 0xe8000015

9 Quick and Easy Methods to Fix iTunes Error 0xe8000015


Have you met iTunes error 0xE8000015 while you connect your iPhone to iTunes or your computer? If yes then this blog is for you as you will know how to fix iTunes error 0xE8000015 without any problem.


Several iPhone users have reported that they are encountering error 0xE8000015. This is a problem that should be figured out immediately.

It is one of the most common iTunes error while users try to connect their device to PC and they try to restore it with iTunes due to iPhone or iPad gets disabled or some other situations.

Users can get several error messages stating, “iTunes error 0xE8000015”, “iTunes could not connect to iPhone, unknown error occurred (0xE8000015)” etc.

So if you are also among several users who is facing such iTunes error then obviously this blog is for you. Here you will get best methods to solve such unexpected error messages.

User experience

iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. An unknown error occurred 0xe8000015. Is there any way you can help me? I see iTunes message error 0xe8000015 whenever I plugged iPhone into computer. I was trying to reset my disabled iPhone through iTunes, but I keep getting an error code.”

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Solutions for iTunes error 0xE8000015

Here you will get few simple and best methods to fix iTunes error 0xE8000015. Follow these methods and easily solve the error you are facing on your iPhone.

Method 1: Restart or force reboot iPhone

The very first thing you should or other iPhone users should do is to simple restart your phone and try to fix the error.

So don’t take your own time but immediately do this step.

For iPhone 8 or earlier– Just press and hold Sleep/Wake button unless you get the option “slide to power off”. Slide it to turn off and then wait for some time.

And after that again press and hold those same buttons until you get Apple logo.

For iPhone X– Just press and hold Sleep/Wake button or volume button of iPhone X unless you get the slider option.

Now slide to turn off your device, then wait for some time and then press, and hold same button unless Apple logo occurs.

Hopefully this method can solve the issue but if still the problem exists then you should move to next methods.

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Method 2: Check network connection

Many times due to improper network connection, you may come across such iTunes error 0xE8000015. So it is suggested to re-establish the network connection on your iPhone. Follow the below steps:

For Cellular data– Go to Settings > Cellular > Turn off and after that turn it on

For Wi-Fi connection– Go to Settings > WLAN but here ensure your iPhone is connected to proper Wi-Fi network.

Method 3: Check your iPhone have enough storage space

When you don’t have enough space on your iPhone then you may encounter trouble with your device while connecting to iTunes and error 0xE8000015 is one of them.

So when you get such error then freeing up some space on your iPhone can solve the error.

You can delete some of the files which are not important for you but before deleting any files or data, ensure you have backup all those in safe place and you don’t have to worry in future.

If you want to know how much space you have left on your device, just go to Settings > General > iPhone storage

Method 4: Reset the Lockdown Folder

Resetting lockdown folder can solve the iTunes error 0xE8000015. When iTunes will recreate directory again after you start Lockdown folder after deleting files from it.

On Windows:

Step 1: First, you have to click on search option and then if you have Windows 7, click on Start. On Windows XP, click on Start and tap on Run > type %ProgramData% and then press return button

Step 2: Now open Apple folder by double clicking it > Delete Lockdown folder but remember you have to signed in as administrator.

On Mac:

Step 1: From Finder option, tap on Go > Go to Folder > Type /var/db/ lockdown and press return button > tap on View to see the files

Step 2: Select those files together and then delete them. But remember not to delete lockdown folder itself, only you have to delete files that are within lockdown folder.

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Method 5: Make sure USB port is working properly

Whatever USB accessories you have connected on your computer, try to unplug all of them except your iPhone.

Now try all the USB ports and see whether they are working fines. Even you should try other USB ports or cables to see if the error is still exists or not.

Method 6: Reset iPhone without screen passcode

Step 1: First connect USB port to Windows or Mac system and it is suggested not to connect your iPad to it

Step 2: Now switch off your iPhone by pressing and holding Home and Power button

Note: Do not continue to hold them but rather you can release it after the screen goes black.

Step 3: After your iPhone gets off, hold down Home button and then connect your iPhone to other end of USB cable that should also be connected to computer system. Doing this will force iPhone to switch on

Step 4: Now continue holding Home button until you get alert message on iTunes stating your iPhone has been detected in recovery mode

Step 5: Here you have to opt ‘Restore’ option after which it will download large file (2.5 GB) and reset the iPhone. Enter your Apple username and password when required.

But when you don’t have a backup then select ‘Update’ and it might work.

Hopefully, this steps works effectively to fix iPhone error 0xE8000015. But if you still face the same error then you have other methods as well.

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Method 7: Disable/Deactivate Restriction on iPhone

You might have enabled restrictions for certain apps and other features like device functions, cellular data usage, content types and ratings, privacy settings etc which causes you to face iTunes error 0xE8000015.

So if you have done this for any of the above features then don’t forget to deactivate it because it might solve the error you are getting.

To deactivate restriction on iPhone, simply go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Disable Restrictions and here you have to enter your passcode.

Method 8: Do Factory Reset on iPhone to fix the error

This is one of the best and quick options to solve iTunes error 0xE8000015 without any use of computer or iTunes.

Before doing factory reset, backup all your essential data in safe place and then try to follow the below steps as mentioned.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. Here you will have to enter the password and then select Erase iPhone to remove data and restore iPhone to factory setting.

Method 9: Best method to fix iTunes error 0xE8000015

When all the aboce methods does not work for you then only one option is left and that is by using third party tool- iOS System Repair.

This is the only solution to fix iTunes error 0xE8000015. With the help of iOS System repair, any kind of error on iPhone/iPad is easily resolved.

It can fix several issues like Apple Logo, Stuck on recovery mode, several iTunes error etc. So without any worry, simply Download iOS System Repair Tool and repair the iTunes error 0xE8000015 hassle free.

Bottom Line

So now we have come to the end and I hope that all the above 9 methods will help you to solve iTunes error 0xE8000015.

It does not matter whether the problem is on iPhone or iTunes, this blog will surely help to get out of such error without any problem.

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