[Useful Guide]- Turn Off Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0 Pie

[Useful Guide]- Turn Off Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0 Pie

Have you upgraded your Android phone to latest version Android Pie but getting UNWANTED error?

Yes, obviously when any annoying thing occurs on your Android device then it really sucks. Your Android phone shows notifications with sound when battery reduces to 19% or lower.

May be you are busy in meeting or doing some important task and in between your device keeps on giving a warning notification of low battery, then it completely kill the moment.

With the release of Android Pie (9.0), users can get several extra features that was not in previous versions. This new update is really AWESOME as it allows you to select what you want to do like the notifications can be according to your wish.

This low battery warning sound with notification can be frustrating for several users and to get rid of it, I have come up with the solution to deal with. Here in this blog, I will guide you how to stop low battery notification or to set up as per usage.

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How to turn off Low battery alert

Here, you will get two options to fix the battery low notification on Android Pie. First, either you can make them low intrusive or you can disable them completely.

We will see both of them here but will begin from turning off process.

  • First open Settings menu and choose “Apps & Notifications

  • After that select “See all X apps” and then choose three vertical dots in upper right corner

  • Now select “Show system” to expose system apps from the list
  • After you have selected, now find “System UI” from list and choose to open App info page.
  • Now select “Notification” to open all the list of different categories developed by System UI app
  • Here you have to search for checkbox next to “Battery” and click to disable it.

  • In the upper left corner, choose the backup arrow to save your choice.
  • At last, you will get a message saying “1 category deleted” which means that battery alert is turned off properly

How to change display of warning notification

When battery notification is completely disabled then there is nothing to worry about any type of sound when battery reaches to 15% or low. Many times you are not bothered about warning sound and your battery is completely used up.

But with use of Android Pie, you can get more than you expected. It gives you the option to change the warning as your wish. You only have to go to System UI App info page and choose “Battery”. Select Behavior to get more options to customize notifications.

If you want to mute the sound but want the warning to occur on screen then choose “Show Silently”. But if you don’t want audio or alarm to occur on screen then choose “Silently Show and minimize”.

Doing this option will show the warning message in notification window as a warning.

At last, after you select the option, you can remove Do Not Disturb option Disable to avoid any kind of notification from disturbing when it is enabled.


So it seems that Android Pie has several new features that would seriously give users a variety of things to do on their phones. Either you decide to switch off or want to adjust warning of low battery, its now easy to choose with the given options according to your wish.

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