14 Extensive Methods To Fix Overheating Problem On Android In 2020

14 Extensive Methods To Fix Overheating Problem On Android In 2020

Are you an Android user facing overheating issue on your devices? If yes then I would recommend you to read this complete blog as you will know some of the common reasons and their solutions to combat overheating issue on Android phones. Avoiding all such reasons can stop your device from overheating and further damage.

Nowadays, Smartphones have become more advanced than you think as it has unique power to do any task. This is the device where every users perform several tasks. But at the same time, it also suffers from several issues like overheating.

With the more processing power and overclocking the CPU speed can result in overheating your Android device and this can do further damage to your device.

Therefore, it is important to know the things, which causes Android device to overheat and how to overcome this.

Should you be worried about the situation?

If you see in general then overheating on your device is not a good thing and you should be anxious about it. You should know what damage can overheating can do to your device and how.

Your device may get stuck while using and if the process continues then it can also lead to damage of inside components that stops the device to access further.

And the worst thing you can expect is that when phone gets overheated then it can lead to physical injury. So, these are the facts that can really worry you.

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People Also Ask

Can An Overheated Phone Be Fixed?

Many users ask this question of how to fix an overheated phone?

Well, if you want to fix it immediately then remove the case of phone if using. Though not only the case is responsible for phone to overheat, it might be due to other problem as well. Even phone becomes hot when it is placed on sunlight, so its better to keep the phone in shade.

What Happens When Your Phone Overheats?

Though there are few things that keep your phone safe and prevent from overheating, but when SoC overheats several times then the chip present in phone can get Damaged. And due to this, the entire phone slows down. There can be several reasons for this like bad Wi-Fi connections, usage of excess Bluetooth makes phone to heat up.

Why Does My Phone Get Hot So Fast?

As users access lots of apps on their phone and they don’t close them completely, they runs in the background that leads the phone to become hot. Many times, it is also due to malware infection as well. And as you use your device daily, it becomes hot day by day.

Why Smartphones get overheated?

To know its answer, you have to know little bit physics because in this issue, the answer lies in the basic property of physics where it is stated that ‘when there is any movement, it generates heat’. It means that the amount heat that your Smartphone produces is proportional to amount of electricity moving on it.

If you are playing a heavy game that requires lots of graphics processing units then obviously your device will become hot as more power is required to complete other tasks.

Let us have a look at some of the causes that makes Android phone to overheat.

  • While setting up your phone after purchasing
  • Using those apps that requires more power or battery
  • When device is placed on direct sunlight
  • During downloading of large files on phone
  • When there is a poor signal strength
  • When lots of apps are running on background or accessing multiple apps
  • When you are out of your country or in roaming
  • Charging the phone with damaged USB cable

However, when it becomes hot then there is nothing to worry as this is a common thing but when it becomes hotter than you expect then you should worry.

So how to overcome such overheating problems in Android phone?

Let us know them one by one…

Android phone overheating issues and their solutions

Here you will know about some of the common reasons, which can lead to overheating of your Android phone. Have a clear concept in mind and get rid of the problem.

Method 1: Stop running apps in the background

The apps running in the background is not seen usually and maximum users ignore this. As the Smartphones are coming with higher RAM so users cannot understand about the background apps as their device runs smoothly in-spite of several apps running on background.

But all these apps take up CPU resources and at last heat up the device. So it has only one solution and that is, you have to look in the number of apps that is running in the background.

For that go to Settings > Apps > Background Apps to see all the apps running in the background and stop them. Limit the feature and always put a habit of exiting the apps after you use it.

If your device has the option to restrict auto-start then allow that feature. Further, check your RAM that is used by apps by going to Settings > Memory

Method 2: Avoid overusing your Android phone

Overheating if device is not due to one factor but it can occur due to several reasons. We look here and there for the causes but we forget our own habits that we use on our phones. Regular usage of device can lead to heating issue.

Though it is true that Smartphones are powerful but continuously using can damage anything so why not our phones. Playing games or using the device for any purpose regularly is the main culprit for heating problem on phone.

You should know that the phones we are using don’t have any cooling system as like computers, so it important to stop overusing the device.

Method 3: Battery problem

When your device has a defective battery then your device will get heated up, which is a common thing. Though your phone will work fine but due to damaged battery, your device will heat up. You can check the back of your phone to know the overheating areas.

And if your phone has a removable battery then try to pull it out and see which is hotter, phone or the battery.

But nowadays as Smartphones are coming with non-removable battery, so in this situation you can use the built-in battery information that most of the devices have. There you can check the temperature and health of your phones battery.

Simply you have to go to dialer app and enter *#*#4636#*#* onto it. You will get ‘Battery information’ option, click on it and you can see health and temperature of your battery.

You should know that your device battery should be between 25°C – 40°C and 40°C is the maximum that only reaches after high usage. And when you see the temperature above 50°C then it is dangerous and a chance of defective.

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Method 4: Heavy gaming

Generally, everyone loves to play games especially on their devices. For Android users, play store contains millions of games for users. But some games consumes more processing power compared to others and when this heavy game combines with app the both at the same time begins to heat up.

As now, the games require high RAM with better processor, which also needs a data connection. So the majority chance that our phone overheats while playing games is because of high processor games.

So it is advised, to clear all the background tasks before you begin to play.

Method 5: Properly charge your phone

One of the main problem of your device overheating issue is the phone is not charged properly. It’s a common thing that we generally don’t charge our device properly which affect a lot in performance. So if you want your device to perform better and its battery life increases then always charge it properly.

Few things are important to remember before you charge your device properly. They includes:

  • Use the charger that you have got with your phone because using other chargers may affect your battery performance
  • Avoid using your charger when it is in charging mode. This is a bad habit and not good for device as well

Method 6: Remove malicious malware

When you phone gets infected with harmful viruses then it can also lead to overheating issues. This is because threaten programs are not designed to run on those resources easily.

Therefore, you should install and powerful mobile security and Antivirus program which can scan your entire device  for any harmful malware. With the help of this antivirus, all harmful activities will be removed and also you can see what types of data is delete.

Now check once if your phone is getting hot again.

Method 7: Phone gets overheated while call

While you are on call, you may notice that it gets heated up but why? This happens only when on extended call. During call, lots of resources is used and even you can see battery draining problem also.

Making a call for longer time can heat up your device and at the same time, the moisture and warmth of your hand also can make the phone hot.

So the simple solution is to stop making calls for hours. Try to make shorter calls and try to use headphones or speaker option when you make an extended call.

This will help you to avoid any touch on the device and you phone will not get heated up soon.

Method 8: Remove Android’s case

If your Android phone has case on its back just to protect the device from any damage, then heating issue can also because of phones cover. Generally the phone’s cases are made of plastic or leather and all these materials keep the heat inside and cool outside, hence leading to overheating of phone.

So it’s better to remove the case from phone and then see whether the device is getting heated up or not. If possible, then replace it with another one and always remember that the case should be open from front and it must be lighter on back.

You either can make some holes on your phone’s case or can buy a cooling case for phone that works effectively to cool down your device.

Method 9: Software update or app updates

Many times when your phone’s software is not up to date then also overheating issue is a common thing. So ensure that your device is updated with latest software from the manufacturer of its OS. This update will keep your device cool and also works smoother than before.

Don’t forget to check the apps also that are installed on your device. If the apps require any update then do it as this step also makes your phone run cool.

Method 10: Don’t place your phone in direct sunlight

One of the easiest and best ways to avoid Android phone overheating problem is by keeping your phone away from direct sunlight. Direct contact from sun generally heats up your device and becomes hotter when placed for longer time.

So its better to keep your phone in shade to avoid any kind of overheating problem.

Method 11: Don’t maximize screen brightness

Similar to background apps running, if you turn on screen brightness then there is a chance for your phone to heat up.  This will force battery to work hard and more heat is created. So, you should look to avoid this by looking for anti-glare cover on your device.

Method 12: Excess Camera Usage

If you use your phone’s camera for longer time then there is a chance that your phone is heated up. This generally happens when you shoot high quality for recording videos as this increase temperature. Therefore, you should reduce the footage quality and try to record short videos to reduce the temperature that increases while using.

Method 13: Switch Off Unnecessary Settings

Many people turn on Bluetooth, GPS, or Wi-Fi and leave them turn on even when they are not in use. So to avoid heating your device, turn off all these when you don’t use it. This will also save battery life as well. Far better, turn on Airplane Mode when you are not using your device at all.

Method 14: Streaming Content

If you watch high quality videos on YouTube or in Netflix for several hours then obviously your Android phone will heated up. This is because the phone’s processor gets pressure and keep the display active for longer period of time.

This is almost similar to playing games for longer time. Therefore, its better to stop watching videos on YouTube for longer period of time to avoid overheating of phone.

So, these are some of the reasons which makes your phone suffer from overheating issues and their solutions that makes your device to stay cool.

Apart from these, there are several apps, which can help your phone to remain cool.

Video guide to Fix Overheating problem on Android

Professional Android apps to cool down and stop overheating problem on phone

You can get several such apps that can make your phone cool and stop making your device heating on accessing it. They are helpful and you should know them. They are:

Cool Master

This is one of the best app that makes your phone cool and stops your device from overheating. It has several features:

  • Dynamic overheating warning and checking
  • Works on real time temperature monitoring
  • Prevent from overheating the device, recognizes and closes the app
  • Analysis CPU usage and also searches for the app that making the phone hot
  • Easy to use with one tap function


This is also one of the high performing app especially designed for Android devices. It runs in the background and keeps your phone cool without overheating on its normal operating temperature. It closes all background apps and also lowers the usage of system resources when it is on standby. In addition, this app displays current device temperature in status bar.

Device Cooler Master

This is known as one of the coolest app to stop overheating your Android phone. It analyses real time and searches those apps that is heating the device. Very easy to operate and useful for Android users, especially to those devices that are getting hot.

When it detects, closes the app completely. It also frees RAM, cache memory, and increases the phone’s performance. Have controlling power on extra usage of apps.

Device Cooler Heat Minimizer

With the use of excess RAM, GPU, and CPU, phones are getting hot quickly. But with the help of Device Cooler Heat Minimizer, it becomes very easy to know which app is creating a problem and how to overcome it. It easily cools the app that provides real-time monitoring of GPU, CPU, and RAM.


Well, the Android device overheating problem is a common problem and there is no need to get surprised about it. Everyone suffers from such heating issue on their devices so I have discussed some reasons and their solutions that makes Android phone hot.

I hope whatever I have discussed in this blog will surely help to analyze the reasons behind overheating and also gives you the idea to get out of the situation easily. Apart from that, some cooling apps are also discussed that keeps your Android phone cool.

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