6 Methods To Fix Error 495 On Google Play Store

6 Methods To Fix Error 495 On Google Play Store

Everyone wants to play games on their Android devices and so they have an option to download games from Google Play Store. Millions of games are available in Play store and users can experience a smooth searching for any games they want.

Though Google play store has variety of games where users can download or update their Android apps but sometimes users can experience some error on their play store that stops them from downloading or updating any app.

Now this is a big problem for any user. Several issue and frustrations occur in day-to-day life of Android users and Google play store 495 error is one among them.

Obviously, nobody would love to face such issue and they want to get rid of this problem ASAP. So let us know about error 495 and how to get rid of it completely in this post.

About Google Play Store Error 495

Generally, the error occurs as [App Name] can’t be updated. Try again and if the problem continues then get help troubleshooting (Error code: 495).

Now this problem occurs during downloading any apps or games in play store over Wi-Fi. When the download or update process gets time out because of connectivity issue then communication problem occurs, hence it stops from doing any task in Google Play Store.

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Reason for error code 495 occurs in Google Play

There are few reasons behind that can lead to such error on Play store. Actually, this error depends on wireless network when you are connected and occurs when users try to download or install any applications over Wi-Fi.

So, the problem can be said to cause by:

  • Poor Wi-Fi connection is the problem because always a proper and stable connection is required during downloading and installing any applications. And when the wireless network is not so powerful then the installation or updation of apps will fail
  • Due to sync failure with servers and hence the updating or downloading process cannot processed properly
  • Many times, the connection in Google Play Store is overtime and so you it should be reconnect again as system is not able to fix the problem by itself

How to fix error 495 in Google Play Store

Well, this is true that nobody wants to face any kind of errors on their Android phone at any time at any cost. So, whatever issues or errors they come across needs to be resolved immediately.

Errors in Google play store is a big problem because it stops users from downloading and installing any apps.

So here, I have come up with some of the best solutions for you to solve Google play store error 495.

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Method 1: Clear Google Play cache

This is one of the best and easy ways to fix the error 495 and it also works in several other situations.

  • First, go to Settings > Apps and open apps list

  • Here you have to look for Google Play Store and open it

  • Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache

  • Again move to Apps list and find Google Service Framework
  • Now again Clear Data and Clear Cache for this app
  • At last, go to Play store and check whether the problem has resolved or not.

This step does not work for you? Move to next method.

Method 2: Change network connection

As you know that error 495 occurs due to apps updating or downloading so a network problem can be the culprit for it. Though browsing internet will work but many times connection problem is seen play store and error 495 occurs.

To fix the problem, follow the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings > Connections
  • If your device is connected to Wi-Fi then turn it off
  • Connect your phone to mobile data and try to update the app. If it is updated then complete it using mobile data
  • Now to fix the error on Wi-Fi, reboot the device and router and after that connect to Wi-Fi again. Doing this will give a new IP address and the error should be solved now.

Method 3: Reset App preference in Google play store

Doing changes in App preference can solve the error 495 in Google play store. Follow the steps as mentioned:

Step 1: Go to Settings and remember that different devices has different setting place

Step 2: After settings is opened, go to “Application Manager” or “Apps” and click on it

Step 3: Move ahead and click to a section named as “ALL

Step 4: In the ALL section, open Menu/properties and select “Reset Apps” option or “Reset App Preferences

Doing this process will not delete the app but it will only reset those apps, hence solving error 495 in Google play store.

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Method 4: Remove your account

Removing your Google play store account can resolve the error you are getting. So, there is no harm in trying this method to get rid of the problem.

  • First, go to System settings > Account > Google and then remove Gmail account

  • Now, go to Settings > Apps > All and find Google Play Store

  • Click on it and search for Clear Cache and Clear Data options and hit on it
  • Now click on Force Stop

  • Repeat both the previous steps for Google Service Framework and Download Manager
  • Then move to Settings > Accounts > Google and here you have to add your Gmail account

  • Now its time to restart your device
  • Properly set up your device by adding account and accepting terms and settings
  • And at last, go to Play Store and try to install any app just to check whether the error is resolved or not

Even this method also does not work then proceed further to use other methods.

Method 5: Install a VPN

  • First, install Hideman VPN app from play store (when it works and you are lucky enough) or directly install the .apk file

  • Now open the app and choose United States as connection country
  • Here you have to press ‘Connect’
  • At last, open Play Store and check whether the error exists again or not

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Method 6: Downgrade Play Store version

When nothing goes on your way then its better to downgrade the play store version and resolve error 495 in Google play. For this, you have to go to Settings > Apps > find Play Store

There you will get an option ‘Uninstall’ updates next to Clear data button. Tap on OK to confirm.

NOTE– Play Store will automatically update to its latest version later on and this is only a temporary solution.


So at last, I hope that all these methods will help you to fix Google Play Store error 495. Several people already use these methods and they have worked for them.

So now its your turn to apply the mentioned solutions in this blog and I am sure, you will get rid of the error 495 in Play Store and will never face any such issues again.

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