8 Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than PCs- A Complete Guide

If you have owned or used a MacBook, you would agree with the sentiment that Macs are generally better than PCs. But if you are an ardent user of Windows, then it is going to take some convincing. 

Even though this is a never-ending debate, some facts back up the claim that Macs are better. Let’s take a look: 

  1. Macs have a high acquisition cost but high resale value

Apple laptops and iMacs are not cheap by any means. You have to shell out a considerable amount of money to buy one. On the other hand, a Windows laptop or a PC will not set you back as much. 

But, here’s the thing. The cost of owning a Mac is high, but if you factor in the resale value, it proves its value as a worthy investment. If you compare a four-year-old Mac vs. a four-year-old PC, you will have your answer. 

  1. Macs have a low running cost

Since a MacBook or iMac comes with Apple’s guaranteed service for a year, you do not have anything to worry about if something does go wrong. That is not the case with Windows. The manufacturer does not build the OS, so you may get some hardware warranty, but the software might require a different servicing plan. 

Also, during the course of your usage, MacBook owners appreciate the level of support available for troubleshooting which is often inbuilt in an app. For instance, if you wanted to clear your scratch disk, you can follow the tips that Apple recommends to optimize storage.

This is not the case with Windows. Troubleshooting isn’t as straightforward, and it is susceptible to frequent malware attacks. 

  1. Macs are easier to purchase

Like we just established, some third-party manufacturers use the Windows OS. So, there is a lot to choose from, and it can be pretty confusing. You could spend hours comparing different models and then different manufacturers.

With an Apple device, it is pretty straightforward. You only have to go to Apple’s website and look at all the available models and compare them.

Now, this only applies to those that are not very tech-savvy. For tech enthusiasts, purchasing a Windows or a Mac is not difficult since they have a better understanding of the kind of tech specs they are after. 

  1. Macs have fewer malware attacks compared to Windows

Initially, Apple devices were not being targeted by hackers. Malware on Mac is becoming more common with more people gravitating towards a Mac laptop or an iMac. But, it is undoubtedly a problem for PC users. Viruses, malware attacks, and phishing scams are rampant.

  1. Macs make it easy to back up your data

Unlike Windows, MacBooks have an in-built feature called the Time Machine that backs up your device periodically. It also syncs all your data to iCloud if you set it upright. Now, this is not to say you can’t use an external drive and connect your Windows PC to back up your device, but Mac does a better job at it. 

Time Machine takes snapshots of your system, so it is effortless to recover an older version of your system, which is not possible on Windows. 

Also, you can use a cloud storage app, but that is again a third-party service that you will need to create an account on, whereas iCloud is Apple’s own service. 

  1. Macs have tons of in-built features

Apple devices come with a host of in-built features – Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Mail – all to make your life easier. You do not need to download third-party apps to boost productivity. 

While Windows can be customized to your needs, apps for Windows aren’t created by Microsoft, as is the case with Apple. The hardware and software compatibility on Apple is far better.

  1. Macs make it easy to upgrade your OS

If you need to update your system to the latest OS, you can do so for free. It is not as straightforward on Windows. For one, a lot of devices run on pirated versions of Windows. And two, there is a limited period within which the upgrade is available for the free post which users have to pay. 

  1. Macs allow you to run Windows

You cannot run the macOS on Windows, but you can do the opposite. If you need Windows to test or create Windows apps, you can easily do so by installing Windows via another innovative in-built feature – Boot Camp. This allows you to use macOS or Windows on your Apple device.

Note – You can’t switch from one OS to another without restarting.

Apple vs. Microsoft

Microsoft is perfect for tech aficionados that want to build customized systems. It allows you to create the ideal backend and frontend interface for your needs.

On the other hand, Apple is built for consumers that need to get work done faster and better without needing to have any technical information.

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