Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly- 9 Effective Methods to Fix?

Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly- 9 Effective Methods to Fix?

Does you Android phone powering off automatically without any reason?

Well, if the issue is with you then I don’t think you will simply sit and wait for it to automatically come to normal. Such types of issues are very much frustrating. Even the device don’t power on after trying several times unless battery is inserted again after pulling out.

Recently I was going through one of the forums and I saw one of the user has reported about this issue. He has stated that his Android phone was turned off automatically while accessing it. He cannot assumed what was happening and even don’t have any idea of what to do actually.

So if you come across the situation where your Android phone shuts off randomly then I guess it’s a problem of hardware or a software. So I have come up with some simple solutions to fix “Android phone shuts off randomly/abruptly” or “Android phone turning off” automatically.

Let us see what you are going to get in this blog.

But before going to any solutions, let us know some possible reasons that makes Android device turns off by itself.

Possible reasons why Android phone turning off randomly by itself

I can understand the pain of Android users when their phone turns off automatically. The common question that comes on every users mind is “why does my phone turns off randomly”?

As I have already mentioned above that the problem can be due to software or hardware related, so we should look at the scenarios that cause the phone to switch off automatically.

Software Problems:

The software issue includes:

  • The processor can be the big issue for phone shutting down. When processor does not responds to any command then Android phone automatically shuts off
  • Even due to old version of software running on the device can lead to abrupt or automatic shutdown
  • When several apps are installed simultaneously then the phone starts to show errors like turning off itself.
  • Sometimes because of battery temperature is hot, the phone switched off automatically to cool down the device
  • Several widgets can also make the phone turn off automatically.

Hardware Problems:

Some of the hardware issue includes:

  • May be the phone’s battery has dirt which is avoiding the device to work properly and turning off the phone automatically
  • The battery and its terminal might be having poor connection that starts to shut off the phone

NOTE– As similar to iPhone, several Android phones does not have option for phone screen to turn on for longer time. Only 30 minutes are allowed by Android devices to keep the screen on and its enough to use anything on that time.

After knowing about the reasons behind Android phone shuts off, now its time to go through the solutions that would help you to get rid of the error you are coming across.

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Best solutions for Android phone shut off randomly

Solution 1: Check if phone is in Sleep Mode

When your Android phone continuously turns off automatically then first thing you should check whether your device is not in Sleep Mode. But before that, press Power button to check if actually the phone is switched off.

If the screen turns back to normal after pressing Power button then the problem is different. In this situation, simply go to Settings > Display & gestures > Display, gestures & buttons or Display

What to do when sleep or screen timeout option is not available on phones?

In this situation, you have to find the option because it is hidden in Lock Screen and Security screen. Android devices like Redmi phones don’t have Sleep option under “Display Settings”, for them:

  • First, go to Settings
  • Now click on Lock Screen and Password that is under “System & Device

  • Here on the next screen, click on Sleep or Screen timeout
  • When the popup appears, click on 30 minutes or select longest option available

Solution 2: Check battery status of your phone once

Many times because of battery issue, the phone turns off abruptly. When you face problem after pressing the Power button then ensure battery is the reason. So check the battery status once and it will be done as per a call.

Follow the below steps carefully:

  • First, launch Dialer on Android screen
  • Then type *#*#4636#*#* and dial it. Here you will see Battery Info screen popups. But if this number does not work then dial *#*#INFO#*#*

  • The data will show you battery health. If it is bad then you need change the battery and if the battery health is good then move to next solution to fix the error.


Solution 3: Stuck on Power button

May be sometimes the Power button get stucked due to which the phone turns off. So if this is the problem then press Power button several times and ensure it is working properly. Also check the button works smooth and when it is released then it comes out immediately.

Solution 4: Boot your phone in Safe Mode

Putting your device in Safe Mode is one of the best ways to get rid of the Android phone turning issue. The problem can occur when there are several apps that are not compatible and going to safe mode allows built-in apps only to function.

If will be better to use the unwanted apps as those apps are only burden to phone’s processor and nothing else.

Now to put your phone in safe mode, follow the below steps:

  • Press the Power button for longer time until you see the below options
  • Click on “Power Off” button for 10 seconds and tap on OK option that popups on screen

  • When it is done, phone will automatically reboot and “Safe Mode” will occur on screen

  • And that’s it, your phone will boot on Safe mode and will help you to solve the problem you are facing.

Solution 5: Search for the app causing error

There are few apps that can be problematic for you and your device might shut down unexpectedly. Some apps can lead to software instability so to get rid of it, follow the below steps:

  • If you have installed any battery saver apps then uninstall it
  • Ensure all apps are up to date

  • Try to find whether your phone is shutting down using a particular app or doing a certain task
  • If the issue is with any new apps you have installed then uninstall them immediately

Solution 6: Update phone’s software

When your device OS is not updated then also several issues can occur and can make you suffer from several glitches. So just check whether any update is available or not.

  • Simply go to Settings > About > Software updates
  • Click on Check Now option

If update is available then don’t hesitate to download and install it.

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Solution 7: Remove malicious virus from device

Virus also leads to several unwanted situations on your Android phone and shutting off your device can be due to harmful malware also. May be your device has antivirus software but not able to perform its task properly. Install any powerful Antivirus program as it will scan the entire device and remove it instantly.

Solution 8: Check whether your phone is not hot

Continuously using phone may become hot many times which can also lead to power off randomly. It happens so that phone cools down and avoid any kind of damage internally.

So to avoid switching off your phone and becoming warm, follow the steps:

  • Don’t use those apps which needs processor load or avoid watching video for longer time
  • Avoid using charger of any third party because it can make your device heat up. Only use the cable and charger you have got on your device
  • Don’t use phone in direct sunlight or in hot environment that is not good for your phone health
  • Check whether your device is not getting hotter while charging. If so then remove the charger and close all apps and wait until your phone cools down

Solution 9: Do factory reset of your phone

This is obviously the last option for you when all the above methods does not work. This is also one of the powerful way o fix Android phone shutdown issue. Doing factory reset also solves several other problems that occur but it has a risk of losing all data from your phone.

So kindly backup every important data from your phone in safe place and then go through the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Settings > select Backup and Reset option

  • Now you have to select Factory Data Reset and click on Reset device
  • After that, you have to tap on Erase Everything to factory reset your device

NOTE– Immediately after the process is over, your phone will start automatically, and it will become a new phone. You have to set up your device once again from beginning.

As it already mentioned that doing, factory reset takes away all data from phone so you need to backup everything beforehand. But there are some users who still don’t create a backup of their data and later on look for ways to get them back.

So for them and all other users, when any kind of data loss occurs then to restore them, you need a powerful recovery tool like Android Data Recovery. This is a third party program that allow users to retrieve every erased data easily. No matter how your data is lost, this AWESOME software works effectively to help you out to rescue all stuffs from your phone without any backup.

I will make it easy for you to recover lost data from Android phone after factory reset. You only have to click on Download Android Data Recovery and restore every kind of data from phone.


At last, I want to conclude that Android phone shutting off randomly is a common scenario for several users and there is no need to worry much. I have discussed few solutions in this blog post and I hope, they will surely help you out from getting rid of the issue.

Further, if you have any other solutions then you can comment below.

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