Is Tinder Not Working On Android? Here Are 14 Fixes To Apply

Did you encounter a “Tinder login error” or a “Tinder server error” while using the Tinder app on your Android phone? Did Tinder stuck on loading screen and you don’t know how to tackle it? If yes, then, believe me, you are not the one who has come through this kind of situation.

Plenty of users have reported that Tinder not working on Android phone. This is very disgusting when you are busy finding your love, friends, business partners, or others.

Now, this situation is not a new thing, so I suggest you relax and go through this blog entirely. Here, I am going to share you with some best ways to fix Tinder not working on Android phone without any hassle.

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What Kind Of Error Messages Do Users Come Across While Using Tinder App?

Well, several types of error messages can occur during accessing this popular app.

Some of them are:

  • You cannot receive or send text messages.
  • The crash issue sometimes after entering the app
  • Facing the login and logout problem
  • Something went wrong. Please try again later

Here, the main thing to note is all the above types of error messages users can see when the app does not work or when it is not accessible.

Best Methods To Fix Tinder App Not Working On Android

Now, it’s time to see the best fixes for Tinder stuck on loading screen. If you are coming across such an error then follow the below methods carefully.

Method 1: Restart Your Android Phone

The very first thing that I especially suggest to get rid of the error is to restart your phone. Restarting the device can fix several kinds of bugs or errors on Android devices. In addition, all the apps running in the background will close and make extra space.

restart phone

Therefore, whenever any kind of error occurs on your phone, the first thing you do is restart your device and see if the problem disappears.

Method 2: Force Close Tinder App

If the restart does not work then try to force close the app. This can help you to fix Tinder app not working issue. So, you simply need to go to Settings > Applications > look for the Tinder app, and then tap on the Force Close option.

Force Close Tinder App

After this, the app will work as usual.

Method 3: Clear Cache And Data Of Tinder App

Another best way to solve the error is by clearing the cache and data of the Tinder app. This is easy to follow and gets rid of the error.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, open Settings > Apps > Find Tinder app
  • Now, tap on the Tinder app to get the “Clear data” and “Clear cache” option


  • Click on them and after that, check whether the app is working fine or not

Method 4: Update Tinder App To Latest Version

Did your Tinder app run on the old version and you have not updated it yet? This kind of error can occur when your app is not running in the latest version. Tinder not working on Android can be fixed after you update the app.

So simply open Google Play Store > My Apps and games > find Tinder app.


There, you will see the Update option if the app has any updates available. Click on the update option and the app will update to the latest version. Now, the app will work as before.

Method 5: Check For The Strong Internet Connection

The Tinder app not working on Android can occur when there is no strong internet connection on the device. This is a common thing to come across and you should look forward to improving the connection speed.

If you are using Wi-Fi, then change it to mobile data or vice versa. All in whole, to work your app properly, a strong connection is very important.

Method 6: Update Phone’s Operating System

In addition to updating the app to the latest version, it is also necessary to check whether your device’s OS is updated or not. Many times, the old version of the phone can lead to such errors and the app stops working. In that case, you should immediately update your Android device OS.

Here is what you need to do:

  • First, go to Settings > About device > Software update

software update

  • If any update is available then you will get the option to install
  • Tap on the update option and it will begin to update the device’s OS

Once it is done, check if the Tinder app is showing the same error or if it is resolved.

Method 7: Check Tinder Down Detector Outage Map

When the problem continues then I will suggest checking if the app is having any issues like server problems or so. You can check it from the Tinder Down Detector Outage Map service.

This will tell you whether the app is facing some outage issues. Also, check if others are also experiencing the same thing at that time.

tinder downdetector

Method 8: Uninstall And Reinstall Tinder App

If you still face Tinder not working on Android phone then I suggest you uninstall the Tinder app and again reinstall it. This has helped lots of users in resolving such errors.

Here is what you have to do:

  • First, go to Settings > Applications on your phone
  • Now, click on Manage Applications
  • After that, look for the Tinder app and click on Uninstall
  • Next, go to the Google Play Store and search for the Tinder app
  • Click on the Install option


  • Then, log in with your username and password

Hopefully, now the app will start working as before without any issues.

Method 9: Allow Full Permission To Tinder App

After you have installed the app, did any popup occur where it asked for any permission? Well, the error can come across when you deny the permission request to access the Facebook account. This is also a common thing experienced by the user.

To get out of the situation, log in to your Facebook account > Manage applications and then look for the Tinder app. There, you have to tap on the “Allow” option.


I must tell you, this solution is not permanent but there is no harm in trying.

Method 10: Switch To Cellular Data If Using Wi-Fi

Lots of users face Tinder stuck on the loading screen because they use Wi-Fi to access it. So in such a situation, you need to enable mobile data. This can be expensive but it will be stable and no further problems will occur before.

Therefore, you should switch on your mobile data and turn off Wi-Fi.  After that, check whether the app is working fine or not.

Method 11: Update Google Play Services

As per the user, they have resolved such kind of error by updating Google Play services. Though it is updated automatically sometimes it is not updated and requires updating it manually.

For that, you have to open “Google Play Services” and click on Applications. There you will get the Update or Uninstall option. Click on the update option if available as the error may occur because of it.

update google play service

After doing this, open the Tinder app and check whether the error is resolved or not.

Method 12: Disable VPN

Many users use VPN services to keep their location private because of hackers. However, there are some VPNs that do not work accordingly and trouble users with several types. This can also create issues with your Tinder app. So you are suggested to disable the VPN service and check if the error is fixed.

Method 13: Contact Tinder Support

When nothing works for you then you should get help from the Tinder support team. Contact the professionals by visiting Tinder’s Help Center and then submit your request related to the issue. You should enter the details of the issue along with other details and finally, tap on the Submit option.

tinder request page

Method 14: Use Advance Solution To Fix Tinder Not Working On Android (Recommended)

Apart from all the above manual methods, there is still a way that can help to fix any kind of error on Android phones. Android Repair is a professional and highly suggested tool that can fix Tinder not working on Android phones easily.

It allows users to solve the error with one click and makes the device as normal as before. Not only the Tinder app but it can resolve other issues as well as Snapchat has stopped, WhatsApp has stopped, Facebook has stopped, and many more.

So, without any worry, you can proceed with this Android Repair tool to eliminate Tinder login errors or Tinder server errors without any hassle.

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And here the blog comes to an end. Here, I have discussed the useful 14 methods to fix Tinder not working on Android phone. Follow them one by one and see which method works for you. For quick and advanced solutions, you can go for Android Repair software to fix the issue with ease.

If you have any suggestions or queries, drop them in the comment section below.

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