Recover Lost Photos From Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra In 6 Ways

Recover Lost Photos From Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra In 6 Ways

Did you deleted your PRECIOUS MOMENTS captured from Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra phone?

It really irritates a lot when we lose our important data like PHOTOS from our Android phone, right?

We don’t want to lose any data from phone at any cost but some unexpected situation occurs that wipes our vital photos from phone.

Now you accidentally delete them, or while clearing storage space or due to other reason, your EXPENSIVE photos get eased from phone.

No matter whatever the situation is, you only want them back.

So to you help you from this situation, I have come up with this blog that will guide you on how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy 20/S20+/S20 Ultra.

But before we jump to the recovery methods, let us know whether the lost data can be recovered or not.

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Is The Deleted Pictures From Galaxy Phone Be Recovered?

Now many users wanted to know whether the disappeared photos be recovered or not?

Yes, the irreplaceable photos from Samsung Galaxy phone can be recovered.

But only when you follow the rules of it. Getting back missing photos from Galaxy phone is not an easy task because you have to be very careful.

Actually, the deleted pictures are not removed permanently from device as they hide in the internal storage of device. You need to use a recovery program to recover permanently deleted photos from Android/Samsung phone.

But before that, don’t forget these points:

  • First, you should stop using or accessing your phone after data loss occurs. This is because if you continue to access it then new data will get saved and old deleted data will be overwritten, hence chance of getting back disappeared files will come to end.
  • Second, turn off every mobile data connection, Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth etc so that no unnecessary file gets download
  • Third, look for any powerful recovery program like Samsung Photo Recovery to retrieve deleted photos from Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra

Method 1: Best Way To Recover Lost Photos From Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra Without Backup

If you don’t want to waste any time after data loss and want to retrieve them instant then don’t worry, simply go for Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery. This is a professional software specialists in recovering missing pictures from Galaxy devices.

This tool is very helpful for users who lost their photos due to any reason. It deeply scans the entire device and restore the data without any backup required.

The software has the capability to recover disappeared photos from Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra phone. And also supports other Galaxy devices like Galaxy S8/S9/S10/Note9/Note10 and others.

So if you are sure that your important pictures are wiped away from phone then simply Download Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery and get back lost photos from Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra effectively.

Follow The Steps To Recover Lost Pictures From Galaxy Phone

Step 1: First, launch Android Data Recovery program and choose Recover option, then connect Samsung phone via USB cables

Step 2: Before scanning, the program might need debugging your device. If the case is same then follow instructions in next window to finish the process. And then allow USB debugging

Step 3: Debugging process will enable recovery tool to identify the device. when device is recognized, the recovery program will scan the device. Then you can select the files you to scan in next window and for lost photos, you need to choose “Gallery

Step 4: Now tap on “Next” and the recovery program will scan for photos. When scan is finished then all available files in Gallery will be seen as shown in below picture. From here, select the one that you wish to recover and then tap on “Recover

Method 2: Retrieve Deleted Photos From Samsung Using Google Drive

Everyone is familiar with Google Drive that is one of the best cloud storage space for Android users. Here you can keep your important photos, videos and other data up to 15GB.

It’s also easily accessible and can download the items anytime you want.

NOTE– If your phone has Google Photos app installed by default then it might happen that copies of photos gets saved to cloud storage. In this situation, you need to sign in to Google account from Galaxy phone.

Now follow the steps below to restore deleted photos from Google Drive:

  • First, open Google Drive on your Galaxy phone
  • Here you will see the uploaded pictures on drive
  • Then select and hold those photos you want to restore
  • After that, click on three-dot on upper right and select Download option

Now your photos will be download in desired folder or Download folder in your phone.

Even you can download the important photos from drive to computer by following the below steps:

  • Open any browser on computer and visit
  • Now login to Google account with the same ID you have used to backup photos from Galaxy phone
  • Now you can see all the pictures you have uploaded. Select the one you want to restore and click on Download You can also select more than one image to download by pressing Shift or Ctrl buttons
  • Now your photos will be download to computer directly and you can transfer them to your phone from computer via USB cable.

Method 3: Recover Disappeared Photos From Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra Using Samsung Cloud

Hopefully, Samsung users have lots of backup features that can help them to avoid any kind of data loss but only when you have used them to back up your essential data.

Enabling the backup option to Samsung cloud can help you from unexpected situation of photos loss. And if your photos are here then you can easily restore them.

Just follow the below steps on how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy phone:

Step 1: First, open Settings on your phone

Step 2: Then move to Accounts and Backup > Backup and restore ->Restore data

Step 3: Now go down and click on Gallery to restore lost photos

Step 4: After that, click on Restore option at bottom. Doing this, all your pictures from cloud will begin to restore. It will take some time that depends on your quantity of photos saved in cloud.

Method 4: Check Google Photos Apps And Recover Missing One’s

Google Photos app is a popular one and it is top of the list in cloud services. This can also save you from unwanted photo loss on Samsung Galaxy phone.

If Sync option is enabled then you can get back disappeared photos from Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra phone.

Follow the below steps to recover deleted photos from Google Photos:

  • Go to Google Photos app on your Samsung phone
  • Click on Menu at top left
  • Now click on Trash option
  • Check the photos you want and choose the one you want to recover
  • At last, click on Restore and your photos will be return to Samsung Gallery

Remember– The deleted photos remains for 60 days in Google Photos Trash folder and after that, the items are automatically removed.

Method 5: Get Back Deleted Galaxy Photos Using Smart Switch

I hope you know about Smart Switch feature for Samsung Galaxy users. It’s a platform for content migration and data backup.

It’s a PC version made for data backup and restore. If you have used this feature to back up your important from Galaxy phone then restoring missing photos is easy.

Step 1: First, install Smart Switch on your computer

Step 2: Now connect your Galaxy phone to PC and open Smart Switch

Step 3: After that, tap on “Restore” to proceed. Choose your phone by double clicking “Change data to restore” option

Step 4: Now double click on “OK” and select “Restore Now”.

And you have to wait for some time and all your photos will be restored to Galaxy phone

Method 6: Recover Deleted Photos From Your SD Card On Samsung Galaxy

Many users use SD card to backup their photos instead of using backup features. Yes, it’s possible and you can restore the deleted items from SD card.

What you have to do is simply connect your phone to computer/laptop and check the memory card has the photos or not. If you cannot see then you can use recovery software that can help you to recover deleted pictures from SD card on Android.

Here also remember that the files are only recovered when they are not overwritten. The best way to avoid further loss is simply takes out SD card from phone after you realize photo loss from phone.


Photos are important for everyone and it does no matter which phone you are using. Nobody wants to lose memorable moments captured from phone. So if you come across data loss situation then I hope that following the methods mentioned in this blog will help you.

Further, if you have any queries or suggestions then don’t fail to mention them in below comment section.

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