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5 Helpful Ways On How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung (2019 Updated)

How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung

Did you just lost your memorable moments from Samsung Galaxy phone and worried of whether they can be recovered or not?

Don’t fear.

You still have a chance to restore those pictures from phone because they are not gone permanently.

We as a user capture several beautiful moments sometimes and we never want to lose them. Those clicked photos are just adorable as we can see them later on and remember the moments we have enjoyed with friends or family members or others.

But just assume that one morning you wake up and while accessing the phone, you just get surprise to see that the photos you have captured is missing.

You have no idea about what had happened and how the photos have disappeared. Now this situation can occur on any Samsung phones like on Galaxy Note 10, S10, S10+, S9, S8, S7, S6, S5 and many others.

But don’t panic, there are ways that can allow you to restore deleted photos on Samsung.

For that, you have to read this complete blog as here you will know about how to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung Galaxy phones.

So lets begin with a user experience who has reported about the data loss issue.

Practical scenario

I accidentally deleted important photos and video album while transferring to laptop to make space. Found it was  Not backed up on photos app. How do I restore these? I tried define.. S8 not supported. Not on Samsung backup either. 


Reasons For Photo Loss From Samsung Phone

Now you nay don’t know what has lead to such incident but there are few scenarios that can really help you to understand what would have happened to make your photo disappear.

Some of them are:

  • Accidentally removing the photos from phone without knowing their importance
  • Virus infection is also the culprit for photo loss
  • Installing some insecure apps can erase your files like images from phone
  • While upgrading phone to any new version
  • Phone might get stolen or accidentally dropped somewhere
  • Water damage/flashing ROM
  • Formatting the entire device without backup
  • And many more…

There can be several other possible reasons but these are the common ones that can easily make your data disappear.

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Can I Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung?

Yes, there is a possibility to get back lost photos from Samsung phone but everything depends on you. If you have created a backup then its fine but when you don’t have backup, then also there is a possibility to restore deleted photos from Galaxy phone.

Now you will ask how, right?

I will explain here.

Whenever any data like photos gets deleted from Samsung or other Android device then they are not permanently deleted. Those pictures remain in the device itself in hidden form.

Here if you think those data are gone forever then its your mistake.

The data is recovered until they are overwritten with any new data. So, you have to realize the importance of photo loss and to get them back, you need to stop using your phone immediately.

Whenever photos are deleted, stop taking any pictures or saving any data on it because deleted files will get overwritten and chance of getting back pictures will come to an end.

After this, you have to find a Samsung Photo Recovery program to retrieve missing photos from Samsung phone.

Does Samsung Phone Have A “Recently Deleted” Folder?

Unfortunately, you cannot find “recently deleted” folder on all Samsung phones but yes, there are few that gives the option. Generally, Android does not offer such things by default.

So user should look for such program by themselves as there are several third party programs.

What Are The Ways To Get Back Lost Photos From Samsung Phone?

Here we will walk through some of the best methods on how to recover deleted photos from Samsung phone. Hopefully, you will easily find out your lost pictures using the methods.

So lets start…

Method 1: Check Out From Where The Photos Are Deleted?

The very first thing you should do is check where the photos were saved on your phone. However, when you save on your device then it saves either on internal memory or on external memory.

You should always check what type of images are saved on phone and which one is deleted like screenshots, pictures from phone gallery, downloaded from somewhere etc.

After this, use the below methods to find out missing pictures from Samsung phone.

Method 2: Get Back Deleted Photos From Samsung Using Google Photos

You know that backup is very important when it comes for data loss. If you have previously synced your photos to Google Photos app then you can retrieve them easily.

Note– The deleted photos remain in Trash folder for 60 days. Try to recover deleted items before this period.

  • First open Google Photos app on your Samsung phone
  • Then click on Trash folder where all the deleted photos will be listed
  • Now touch and hold the photo you want to recover
  • Then click on “Restore” option to rescue deleted images from Samsung phone

Method 3: How To Get Back Deleted Photos On Samsung Using Recycle Bin

Before you proceed further to follow the steps, check out whether recycle bin function is available or not in camera setting.

  • First, turn on your Camera
  • Then click on Menu button
  • Now go to Settings and check Recycle Bin status

If available then follow the below steps to restore missing images from phone.

  • First, turn on your phone camera and click on Menu option
  • Then go to “Recycle Bin” and select “Recycle Folder
  • Doing this will begin restoration process automatically

Now you can see the pictures by pressing Playback button

Method 4: How To Restore Deleted Photos On Samsung From Samsung Cloud

Samsung users have another inbuilt option to store important data like photos and that is Samsung Cloud. It can easily backup several data, sync and then allows you to restore those data from it. If this is enabled and your photos are backed in it then restoring them is easy.

Check out the steps as follows:

  • Go to Settings from Home screen
  • Then move down and click on Cloud and Accounts

  • Now click on Samsung Cloud
  • Here click on Restore under Backup and Restore option
  • Then click on Photos and on Restore Now

Doing this will restore your photos in some time on Samsung Galaxy phone.

Method 5: How To Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung S5/S7 & Others Using Samsung Photo Recovery (Recommended)

When you still fail to get back lost photos from Samsung Galaxy phone then only one thing is left and that is using a professional recovery program like Samsung Photo Recovery. This is one of the most recommended tool that restores deleted pictures from Samsung galaxy phone.

With the use of this software, whatever photos are missing can be retrieved and not only photos but other data are also restored. Though, you may get lots of data recovery programs in Market but going through this tool is reliable and virus free. It allows you to recover deleted photos from Android phone without any backup.

This outstanding program works in any data loss situation and can be used by any person to retrieve missing pictures from Samsung Galaxy phone.

Therefore, simply Download Samsung Photo Recovery software and restore deleted photos on Samsung phone.

Steps on how to recover deleted photos from Samsung phone

Bonus Tip- How to secure photos from Samsung Galaxy phone for future

To save your important photos or other data for future, you should create a backup of those data. Remember to enable Auto Sync option whenever you buy a new phone and link to Google account. Doing this will save your important data to Samsung Cloud automatically.

  • Simply go to Settings > Samsung Cloud > Gallery. Then turn on Sync On.

Another way that can help you to backup photos is by using Google Photos or ES File Explorer File Manager

Google Photos is an easy way to save important photos from your phone. But remember if any pictures are deleted then they remains in the Trash folder for 60 days and after that, the data automatically gets deleted.

Another useful app is ES File Explorer File Manager that helps to manage data from Android phone. When photos are deleted then it goes to Recycle Bin folder under Tools. So, you can find the deleted items on Recycle Bin folder.

In this situation, you can also use Android data Backup & Restore Tool that allows you to backup every important data from Android phone. And whenever you come across data loss situation then you can restore those missing files or photos from the backup tool. This is easy to use and helps you to manage the data loss situation without any issue.



Everyone loves the photos captured on their phone and when you click pictures from phone like Samsung then its just awesome to see those pictures. But losing them is a serious matter and how to get back is really troublesome.

But in this blog, I have completely discussed various methods to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung and hope that following those will easily rescue missing images from Android phone.

Further, if you have any suggestion or queries then don’t forget to drop them in the below comment section.

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