Recover Deleted Contacts, SMS From Redmi Note 6 Pro/Redmi 6 Pro/Redmi Note 5 Pro

Did you accidentally deleted your valuable data like photos, videos, contacts, text messages, etc from Redmi 6 Pro, Note 6 Pro, and Note 5 Pro?

Are you looking at how to recover deleted photos from Redmi note 6 Pro and other data from it?

If your answer is Yes, then believe me that this blog is definitely for you. Here I am going to share some of the best ways to recover lost data from Redmi 5 Pro/6 Pro/Note 6 Pro.

But before that, let us go through the few details of these three smartphones and then will follow the recovery methods.

Android Data Recovery

Now there is nothing to worry about data loss as with the help of the Android Data Recovery tool, all lost contacts, photos, videos, documents, WhatsApp, and other data are easily recovered without any hassle…

About Redmi Note 5 Pro/ 6 Pro/Note 6 Pro

Recently Xiaomi has launched its new Smartphone in the market, which has just created history globally. The new phone was named as Redmi Note 6 Pro. Previously, its Redmi Note 5 Pro was a bang on market and has left all other Smartphone companies behind.

We all know that Xiaomi is one of the well-known companies in the Smartphone industry that provides very effective and efficient phones with cheap price to its users. Nowadays, Redmi phones have become the first choice of users especially in India.

If you look at Redmi Note 6 Pro then it has several unique features that users are just waiting to access on their hands. Talking about the camera then this new phone has 20MP + 2MP AI Portrait Selfie Dual Selfie camera and 12MP + 5MP Dual camera AI dynamic bokeh, Dual Pixel Autofocus. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor for strong, perfect performance, and users will get 4000 mAh battery that would keep them charge for a longer time.

It means that users will store lots of data on their devices because it has a large storage space. But have you thought that what would happen when you unexpectedly lose all your data like photos, contacts, messages, videos, etc from Redmi phones?

Well, to get out of this data loss situation, I have come up with some best solutions that will help you easily to restore deleted data from Redmi Note 6 Pro/6 Pro/Note 5 Pro and several others.

User Experience

I was deleting some unnecessary files while connecting my phone with laptop.I delete all unnecessary files .Then I see all image,video and PDF are gone.But at same time those files were showing in laptop.Then I reboot my phone thought it’s gonna be der after reboot.But after reboot when I connected my phone again with laptop .Those files are also stopped showing..All files are deleted in my phone.I want it to recover badly.please help if someone gone through same situation.


As you have seen the above issue reported by one of the users, it may come to you also and several other users.

So let us see what you will get in this blog post and how to get back erased data from Redmi phones.

Causes of data loss from Redmi phones

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deletion
  • Due to malicious virus or malware attack
  • During Android OS update
  • While performing a factory reset of the device
  • System crash or stuck on logo screen
  • Forgotten PIN, password, pattern lock, etc
  • Phone stuck on Black/White screen/Recovery mode
  • Several others…

As you have come through the scenarios that could lead to several data loss from Xiaomi phones, so it becomes important to know what are the ways to recover them without any difficulty.

Here I am going to show you a few methods that will easily help to get back wiped away data from any Redmi phones.

So let us begin with the solutions…

Method 1: Recover lost photos, contacts, videos, messages from Redmi 6 Note Pro/6 Pro/Note 5 Pro without backup

I would like to recommend you the first and reliable solution to get back lost data from Redmi phones and that is Xiaomi Data Recovery. This is one of the most recommended solutions that easily restores all data from Redmi phones.

No matter for whatever reason the data were lost from Redmi Note 6 Pro, Note 5 Pro and several other phones, this powerful tool rescue every wiped away data with ease. The data like contacts, photos, videos, documents, music files, WhatsApp chat messages, text messages, call history, and many more are retrieved without any need for backup.

It works effectively to recover deleted photos in Redmi 6 Pro and other data as well. The software is easy to use and has millions of satisfied users. So without any worry, Download Android Data Recovery and retrieve every data lost from Android devices.

Tutorial to recover deleted data from Redmi phone

Method 2: Restore wiped data from Xiaomi phones using Xiaomi backup

Nowadays, Android phones are coming with their own backup features and in case of Redmi phones, they are equally equipped with own backup options from where the backup and restore of data is possible.

So if this backup App is available on your phone then obviously it saves all your data for a day. Below are the steps that you should follow. There are many users who ask me of How to backup photos in Redmi Note 6 Pro or other data.

Here are the steps for them to follow:

Steps to Backup data from Xiaomi phone

  • First, launch the backup app on your phone
  • The backup app select some data by default and you also have the option to customize its settings and contents you wish to backup
  • After you successfully select the data to backup, tap on “Backup” button
  • At last, the backup process will start and you will see when it is over

When the backup is over, you can restore them anytime whenever you need them.

Steps to restore lost data from Xiaomi backup

  • Open Backup App on your Redmi phone
  • Here you will see all backup files from which you have to select the files you want to restore
  • Now tap on “Restore” and all settings and data will be restored

Method 3: Retrieve lost data using Xiaomi Cloud

If you are a Redmi user then you might know about the Cloud feature that it provides to its users. It has a cloud platform that helps users to backup all important data safe and convenient way to deal with any kind of severe file lost.

Mi Cloud storage is easy to use and gives 5 GB of storage space that users can easily sync all data such as videos, photos, recordings, and other items with ease. This is the best way for those users who want to know how to recover deleted photos in Mi Note 6 Pro.

So to restore your deleted data, you need to backup first that is mentioned below:

How to backup data to Mi Cloud

  • First, register to Mi Cloud storage with Mi account via the email address or mobile number
  • Now sign in to the account
  • Its time to activate Mi account by going to Settings>Mi account>Mi Cloud>Backup Deviceturn on Mi Cloud Backup

  • Arrange all your backups from Manage Backups
  • And that’s it, the backup will work every time when your phone is connected to a wireless network

Steps to restore backup from Mi Cloud

  • First, log in to Mi account on your phone
  • After that go to Settings
  • Now click on Mi Account > Mi Cloud > Restore from Backup

  • Here you have to choose the backup file that you wish to restore and then click on Restore
  • At last, the restoration process will begin

Method 4: Best way to retrieve contacts, photos, messages from Redmi phones using Google Backup

This is yet another powerful recovery way that can help to restore missing data from Redmi phones. But it only helps you when you have linked your device with Google account. It’s already a general thing that whenever you buy a new phone then you need a Gmail account so that data can be backed up to Google Drive.

So this can help you to restore data from the Redmi phone. You need to follow the below steps to recover files from Gmail account:

  • First, you need to factory reset your phone and then reboot it
  • Here you will have to enter Google account details like user id and password
  • Now use the same Gmail account that you have used earlier
  • At last, click on Restore option and your saved data will be easily recovered

Method 5: Recover Disappeared Photos/Videos From Google Photos App

Android phones come with a Google Photos app that is linked to your Google account. Whenever you click any photos or record videos then they also store on Google Photos as well. So if your photos or videos are invisible then you can check this app for your lost data.

Remember that those users who want to know how to recover deleted videos from Redmi Note 6 Pro or how to recover deleted photos in Redmi Note 6 Pro, for them this is the best option.

Follow the below steps as guided:

  • First, go to Google Photos app on your Redmi Note 5 Pro/6 Pro/Note 6 Pro phone
  • Then click on the left upper corner and you can see Bin option
  • Tap on Bin option and you will see the deleted items
  • Select the stuffs you want back and then click on Restore option

This will restore your files to the Google Photos app where you can access them as before.

Bonus Tip- How to backup and restore data using a third-party tool

Apart from all the above backup methods mentioned in this blog, there is yet another best way to backup and restore all your essential data from Redmi phones. Android Data Backup and Restore is a powerful recovery tool that allows users to backup and restore every useful data from the phone without any difficulty.

This is the most recommended solution to avoid any kind of data loss from any Android phone. It works on al Android smartphone brands including Xiaomi. This is easy to use tool that backup every data to a safe place. And best is you can restore them whenever any kind of data missing situation happens.


So all these are some of the effective and efficient ways to restore deleted data from Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi Note 5 Pro, and several others. I hope whatever methods I have mentioned in this blog post will surely help you to get back every disappeared data without any difficulty.

Don’t forget to comment on any suggestions or queries and kindly share it with others.

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