How To Find And Remove Duplicate Files From Android Phone

Having the issue of storage space on an Android phone might make it feel ancient. Duplicate file removal is an excellent alternative to free up space, however, it can be time-consuming. We’ll teach you in this blog how to accomplish it quickly.

Because Android storage may be chaos, it’s not surprising that several duplicate files might accumulate without your permission. It’s not enjoyable to go through a lengthy list of items and manually select the identical ones. Fortunately, the “Files by Google” software can assist.

files by google

  • When you first launch the application, then you’ll be prompted to accept Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you agree, tap “Continue” to proceed.
  • Tap “Allow” on the permissions dialogue to provide the app access to your files.
  • With that out of the way, let’s get started. To begin, navigate to the “Clean” tab in the bottom bar.
  • Allow the app a few seconds to load everything. On this screen, you should see a “Delete Duplicates” card. Tap “Select Files” to access it.
  • Again, it may take a second for the software to load the files. All of the duplicate files will now be presented side by side with the original file indicated. You may either pick “All Copies” to maintain the original while removing all duplicates, or you can go through and individually select the files.
  • After you’ve made your selections, go to the bottom of the screen and touch the “Move Files to Trash” option.
  • Tap “Move Files to Trash” again to confirm.
  • That’s all! After 30 days, the files will be relocated to the trash and permanently erased. There are various different ways to free up storage space with the Files by Google app. It’s a useful tool for keeping your Android devices clean.

Another best method to remove duplicate photos is by using Duplicate Files Fixer

One of the most effective tools for removing or deleting duplicate files from Android devices. Duplicate Files Fixer & Remover is an easy-to-use and straightforward interface. Identical files on your device may be easily found and deleted thanks to more advanced and powerful capabilities. This program lets you see all detected duplicates before deleting them from your Smartphone.

duplicate file fixer


  • It’s simple to prevent directories from being checked for duplicate files.
  • Allows you to analyze scan results and save what is necessary while deleting the rest.
  • Duplicate Files Fixer uses an intelligent algorithm to scan duplicate files at lightning speed and eliminate all duplicates in a matter of seconds.
  • In total, 14 languages are supported, including French, German, and Japanese.

Steps to use Duplicate Files Fixer:-

  1. Duplicate Files Fixer may be downloaded and installed.
  2. To begin, download Duplicate Files Fixer from the Google Play Store or click the icon below:
  3. Select a Scan Mode

To check for duplicates, run Duplicate Files Fixer. Choose the desired scanning method based on how detailed you want the scan to be. Tap Full Duplicate Scan to search the device for all sorts of duplicate files. To scan for specific files, however, pick the appropriate option.

duplicate file fixer1

  1. Look for duplicate files.

After selecting the scanning mode, select Scan Now. Then, tap Allow to allow Duplicate Files Fixer to scan the device for stored photographs, media, and files. Wait for the scanning procedure to finish. The scanning procedure may take some time depending on the number of files to be scanned.

duplicate file fixer2

  1. Examine the findings and remove duplicate files As soon as

As soon as the scan is finished, go through the complete list of all the duplicate files, which is divided into Audio, Pictures, Videos, and Documents. Examine duplicate files & preview the discovered duplicate photographs. Duplicate Files Fixer detects duplicates automatically, leaving one copy in each group unmarked. You may modify it if you wish.

duplicate file fixer3

  1. Remove Duplicates with a Single Click

When you’re through selecting the duplicate files, press Delete Now. Verify your action by clicking OK, and then wait for the procedure to complete. After eliminating duplicates, you will now see an overview of the storage reclaimed.

duplicate file fixer4

Through this, you will be able to remove all the duplicates from your Android device.


In this blog, we have discussed the ways by which you can remove all the duplicates from your Android device and can make more storage space in it.

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