[4 Methods] How To Recover Lost Contacts From Huawei Mate X

Accidentally lost your important contacts from Huawei Mate X and are now worried about how to restore them. Don’t worry as this blog will help you.

We all know that Huawei Mate X is the latest launch from the company in the Smartphone market and it has really surprised numerous users because of the introduction of 5G but losing data from it is a serious matter.

Previously I have discussed with you how to recover lost data from Huawei Mate X and hope it helped users to get back important files from it.

Same as that, contacts are also essential and we don’t want to lose them but unfortunately, some unwanted things happen and important contacts are deleted.

So, to overcome the situation and to give you some ideas to deal with the situation, I have come up with this blog. Here you will learn what has led to the deletion of contacts and how to recover lost contacts from Huawei Mate X phone.

Practical scenario:

How can i recover my contact in p8 lite Huawei

I have upgraded the Android version and lost everything. can anybody help me out

From: https://forums.androidcentral.com/huawei-p8-lite/859195-how-can-i-recovery-my-contact-p8-lite-huawei.html 

What are the reasons behind lost contacts from Huawei Mate X?

No matter how expensive or which brand of phone you are using, when a data loss situation occurs all these things do not matter. Here you need to find out what has happened that led to such a data loss situation from your phone.

I have mentioned some of the common reasons below just to show you what could have happened and you have encountered a loss of contacts from your Huawei phone.

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deleting unwanted files and in between, contacts are deleted
  • Severe malware or virus attacks on phones lead to data loss
  • The phone gets corrupted or SD card damaged
  • Unexpectedly formatting the device or SD card
  • While upgrading or downgrading OS
  • Water damage/phone dropped or stolen
  • Insufficient storage may also lead to a data loss situation

There may also be other reasons that can delete your important contacts from your Huawei phone. But now it’s time to see what are the ways to retrieve deleted contacts from Huawei Mate X.

So let’s begin…

Method 1: Check your contacts are not in hidden form

There is a chance that your contacts are invisible because they are in hidden form. This is because sometimes, Android device settings get changed. Many users have also reported they are unable to find their contacts.

In such a situation, just be relaxed. Maybe they are not gone forever and are somewhere saved in a hidden form. You only need to follow the below steps and your contacts will display on your phone.

  • First, open the “Contacts” app on your phone
  • Now go to three vertical dots and click on it
  • Then click on “Contacts to display
  • And at last, click on “All Contacts


Hopefully, this will solve your problem. If you still face problems in getting back the contacts then follow the next method.

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Method 2: Get back your lost contacts from Google

Your device is already set up with a Google account and this is one of the best ways to restore contacts from it. Your deleted contacts will be easily recovered from Gmail.

Only you have to resync your device with your Google account and you will get the contacts back of the most recent backup.

Now follow the below steps to retrieve contacts from Gmail:

  • First, go to Gmail inbox on the computer
  • Now choose “Contacts” from the drop-down menu

google contacts

  • Here you will see your contacts. Simply tap on the “More” option and then on “Restore contacts…”
  • Now select the backup file and tap on “Restore
  • At last, resync your Google account on your Android phone

Method 3: Check Android database for lost contacts

You can also check your Android database for deleted contacts.

Simply you need to go to /data/data/android.providers.contacts/databases.

There you have to search for providers.contacts/database folder. If the database is blank then it means that your contacts are gone forever.

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Method 4: Best way to recover contacts from Android phone without backup (Recommended)

However, all the methods mentioned above will only work when you have created a backup of your contacts. But what to do when you don’t have any backup?

Don’t worry, you still have an option to get back missing contacts from your phone. Android Data Recovery is one of the best and most recommended software that helps to recover deleted contacts from Huawei Mate X. This software works effectively to find out disappeared contacts on the phone and it retrieves data from both internal as well as external memory.

It is easy to use and your contacts are restored fast within 1 click. Contacts and other data are also recovered using this software such as text messages, videos, photos, documents, notes, WhatsApp chats, call logs, and many more.

The software not only restores contact numbers but other details as well like company name, job title, email address, fax number, and other information.

Therefore, without any worry, you only need to Download Android Data Recovery software and get back missing contacts from Huawei Mate X.

Android Data Recovery- Recover lost/deleted data from Android phones

The best and effective tool to recover lost, deleted, inaccessible data from Android phones. Some unique features include:

  • Directly recover several data types like photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recover lost data in any critical situation like a broken screen, accidental, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
  • Provides one-click option to "Recover" deleted files without backup
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Steps you should follow while using Android Data Recovery tool

Bonus tip: How to backup contacts for future use

You already know that backup is important always and if you have done this then no matter how severe data loss occurs on your phone, your data is safe.

So to avoid any unwanted data loss situation, you should backup all your contacts and other data in a safe place. There are several backup ways like Huawei backup feature, Google Drive, SD card, pen drive, third party apps, Huawei cloud, etc.

Apart from these, there is also an alternative backup solution and that is the Android Data Backup & Restore Tool. This is a professional tool that helps you to back up your important contacts along with data like photos, text messages, call logs, videos, documents, etc safely. The best part is whenever you encounter a data loss situation then using this tool, you can restore them without any worry.


Contacts are important for every user and losing them unexpectedly can frustrate anyone. However, there are ways to retrieve those contacts, and how to do that, I have discussed in this blog. I hope whatever methods I have mentioned here will surely help you to restore contacts from Huawei Mate X.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then don’t forget to drop them in the below comment section.

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