[3 Ways]- How To Recover Lost Data From Huawei P20/P20 Pro/Lite

Did you accidentally deleted or lose data from your Huawei P20/P20 Pro/P20 Lite phone?  Are you looking at how to recover lost files from Huawei P20 series?

If yes then go through this complete blog and check out the methods to retrieve deleted data from Huawei P20/P20 Pro/P20 Lite smartphones with and without backup.

It’s a disaster and nothing else when you lose your important files from the Huawei phone due to any reason. But there is nothing to panic about as still you have some hope to retrieve deleted files from Huawei P20 phones.

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Is It Possible To Recover Lost Data From Huawei Phone?

Yes, you can recover deleted data from Huawei P20 phone but with few considerations.

But before that, I would like to tell you that the possibility of getting back the files is because the data are still present in the device and not gone forever.

Only a new space is created after data loss for any new files to save.

If you save any new data then that space is occupied and you may lose all data. But unless you overwrite the old files, you can retrieve those missing stuff from the phone.

To restore the deleted files successfully, you should remember a few things like:

  • Stop accessing your phone and try to keep it aside unless your data are recovered. If you continue to use it then new data will overwrite the old one and permanent data loss will happen.
  • To increase the chance of recovery, you should switch off your internet connection whether its mobile data, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, etc
  • At last, you should look for any powerful recovery tool like Huawei Data Recovery to get back disappeared files.

 So let us go to the solution on how to recover deleted data from Huawei P20/Pro/Lite.

Important– When you suffer from a data loss situation then a backup of your data is known to help you get out of the situation. If backup is available then you can restore erased data easily without any worry. If backup is not available then go further to know how to get back deleted data from Huawei P20/Pro/Lite.

Method 1: How To Recover Lost Data From Huawei P20/P20 Pro/P20 Lite Without Backup?

When your essential data is deleted from Huawei’s phone then the best way that I will suggest you is to use Huawei Data Recovery.

This is one of the best tools that helps to retrieve erased data from Huawei P20/P20 Pro/P20 Lite.

This amazing software works effectively despite several data loss reasons to restore missing files. It recovers deleted files like contacts, text messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, notes, call logs, videos, documents from Huawei, and other Android phones or tablets.

This software is best for users who want to know how to recover deleted files from Huawei Android internal memory for free.

It does not require any technical knowledge to use this software. So, it is one of the best and easy-to-use tools that can easily rescue all deleted data from Huawei devices.

So why wait, simply Download Huawei Data Recovery software and get back all deleted/lost data from Huawei phones.

Android Data Recovery- Recover lost/deleted data from Android phones

The best and effective tool to recover lost, deleted, inaccessible data from Android phones. Some unique features include:

  • Directly recover several data types like photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recover lost data in any critical situation like a broken screen, accidental, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
  • Provides one-click option to "Recover" deleted files without backup
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Follow The Steps On How To Recover Lost Data From Huawei P20 Series

Method 2: Restore Lost Data From Huawei Phone Using Huawei Backup

Huawei phone users have an option to back up their important stuff from the phone. Whether you are using the Huawei P20 series P30 series or Huawei Mate 20/Mate 20 Pro. This is very effective when you come across any kind of unwanted data loss situation.

Now follow the steps to restore lost data from Huawei backup:

  • First, tap on the backup app on your phone > then on “Restore” > choose the data source you wish to restore > finally press on the “Next” option

Restore Huawei

  • Here you have to enter the password if you have set up and then tap on “OK”. Now you will land on the page to choose data types that you want to recover. After selecting them, click on “Start restoration

Restore Huawei data

  • Now you will get a new screen that will say about restore is finished. Simply tap on “OK” to exit. And now, all your deleted data are successfully recovered to your phone.

Restore deleted data

Method 3: How To Recover Deleted Photos From Huawei P20 Pro?

Almost every smartphone user, photos have different places and when they are lost or deleted, what to do and how to recover is a serious matter.

But there is nothing to worry about as you can get back those disappeared photos.

Google Photos can help you in this situation. When your important pictures are deleted then check Google Photos to recover deleted photos as it keeps the items for 60 days.

Here are the steps on how to recover deleted photos on Huawei P20 Lite:

  • First, open the Google Photos app on your phone if it’s installed on your phone
  • Then click on the top left on three horizontal lines
  • After clicking, you will see the Bin option > simply tap on it

Google photos trash

  • There you will see all deleted items of the last 60 days
  • Select the items you want to restore like videos and photos

And at last, tap on the Restore option and all your stuff will be recovered and can be accessed again as before.

Bonus Tip: How To Backup And Restore Huawei P20 / P20 Pro / P20 Lite?

If you don’t want to face any kind of data loss situation then the backup is the only option to help you out. There are several backup options apart from Huawei’s in-built backup.

Android Data Backup & Restore is an easy-to-use tool that easily backs up all data from Huawei P20/P20 Pro/P20 Lite.

The data that it backs include contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, call logs, notes, documents, etc.

If by chance your data are lost then using this same software, you can restore the missing data easily. It supports Huawei phone models and other Android smartphones.


How can I get my pictures off my broken Huawei phone?

A broken screen can really irritate anybody as you cannot access the data stored on it. And sometimes, important data like photos are also deleted that you want back. If you are really in need of those missing pictures then you should use Huawei Broken Screen Data Recovery. This is the best Huawei P20 Pro data recovery broken screen software to retrieve pictures from Huawei P20 series or other phones.

How can I retrieve deleted text messages from my Huawei phone without a computer?

Text messages are also essential for many people and when they are deleted then how to recover becomes a tragic moment. However, the important part is some users want to retrieve lost text messages without a computer. No worry, there are ways for that too. You can use several third-party apps like SMS Backup+ that help to recover deleted SMS from a Huawei phone without a computer. This app is available in Google Play Store and helps get back lost text messages on Android.


If you have owned a new Huawei series and if you are facing any kind of data loss situation then I hope whatever solutions mentioned in this blog will surely help you to get rid of the problem.

And you can get back your wiped-out Android data easily. For instant recovery, use Android data recovery software.

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