[FIXED]- Samsung Phone Stuck In Odin (Download) Mode- How To Solve?

[FIXED]- Samsung Phone Stuck In Odin (Download) Mode- How To Solve?

Did your Samsung Galaxy screen says “Downloading, do not turn off target” or you get “Galaxy device stuck in Download mode (Odin mode)”?

Obviously, you will be shocked by what had happened to your device. Why it’s showing such error message of Odin mode multi core download?

Don’t worry, just give me a few minutes and I will help you out from this situation. You might have several questions on the mind like what is Odin or Download mode, why Samsung stuck in download mode, and how to exit Odin mode, right?

I will answer all your questions in this blog. I will suggest you to go through this blog completely as here you will learn about how to fix Samsung stuck in Odin (Download) mode.

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Practical scenario

Odin mode not downloading

Hi. My Samsung Galaxy Ace J1 doesn’t switch on. I tried the power+home+power down keys to download it just shows me this

Odin Mode (multi core download)

Product name SM-J110F

Current binary Samsung official

System status official

Secure download enabled


Do not turn off target!!

It doesn’t go further than this and it doesn’t give me any other options. When I switch it on it doesn’t go further than the Samsung logo.

Please assist, I didnt drop it or download anything it just showed a message that android.phone not working but now its completely off

Can you please assist me

Source: https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/373708/Odin+mode+not+downloading

What is Odin mode on Samsung?

Odin Mode, also called Download Mode affects only Samsung phones and is different from Android Recovery Mode. With this, users can easily flash firmware or desktop software on Samsung phones.

Getting into Odin mode is very easy and easy to exit as well. After entering into Odin mode, a triangle with an Android image comes and it says “Downloading…

But sometimes, users fail to exit this Odin mode and the device stuck on the same message. In this situation, your phone does not work normal and you should work on it to solve.

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How to know if the Samsung phone stuck on Odin mode?

Well, when your device faces such types of error then a few things can make you understand the problem. Your devices data may be in danger but how to know that your Samsung has stuck in Odin mode.

  • Device will stuck at logo
  • Your phone does not turn off and always shows an error on-screen “Downloading…Do not turn off target
  • Continuously your device keeps restarting itself

How to enter into Odin Mode and get out of it?

For Samsung galaxy users, the steps as follows:

  • First, switch off your device
  • Then press Volume Down + Home + Power button
  • Continue holding them unless you see a warning with an exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle on the screen
  • Now press “Volume Up” button to enter Odin mode

For Samsung Galaxy tablet users:

Those users who want to know of how to exit Odin mode from Samsung tablet, follow the below steps:

  • First, turn off your tablet
  • Then press Volume Down + Power button together

In some cases, Odin Mode is broken and it can totally damage your device. And due to this, your phone will not run normally as it can be hard bricked. Therefore, you should be careful…

NOTE– Before you move ahead to fix Samsung phone stuck on Odin Mode, it is recommended to backup all your Samsung data in a safe place so that you don’t lose any of them during the process.

How to fix “Samsung stuck on Odin Mode”

Many users have reported about “Samsung sm-j110f multi core download” or “Odin mode multi core download j110f” error on their Samsung phones/tablets. Therefore, if your phone or Samsung tablet stuck in download mode then here are some best ways to fix it.

Way 1: One-stop solution fix Samsung phone stuck on Odin Mode (Recommended)

One of the best and highly suggested tools to fix the error and that is by using a third-party tool like Android Repair. This is one of the best and effective way to fix Samsung phone stuck on Odin mode. This will help your device to return to normal and can be accessed further.

Using this repair tool, not only this problem but other Android issues are also fixed without any problem. This is easy to use and I will recommend you to Download Android Repair Tool to fix Samsung stuck on Odin (Download) Mode.

Steps to follow to fix Samsung stuck in download mode

Way 2: Force restart Samsung

The very first method that you should do whenever you come across such error is to restart your device.

  • You have to simply press Volume Down + Power button and your device will shut down. This process will also help you to exit the Download mode.
  • If the error still occurs then press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power + Home button together until your device reboots

Way 3: Remove battery and restart again

When force restarting your device does not solve the error then you should try other methods as well. Wait for the battery to drain completely and restart your device. But this may take more time, so remove the battery from the device to force stop it.

Wait for some time and again switch on the phone with “Power” button. This an easy way to Samsung tab stuck in download mode.

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Way 4: Use Odin Flash Tool to fix Downloading mode on Samsung

Well, following this method is a little bit boring but you should go ahead to solve Samsung phone stuck on Odin mode.

  • First, download suitable firmware, driver software, and Odin flashing tool. After this, right-click on Odin file that is downloaded and select “Run as Administrator

  • Now boot your phone in Download Mode by pressing Volume Down + Power + Home keys altogether. As soon as the phone vibrates, leave the power button

  • Here press Volume Up button gently and you can see Download Mode screen

  • After you connect your phone to PC via USB cable, immediately Odin will identify your device and you will see a message stating “Added” in Odin window

  • And then search for downloaded firmware by tapping “PDA” or “AP” and tap on “Start” as given in below picture

Way 5: Take your device to the local store

When the above steps do not work for you then only one option left and that is the local store. Yes, take your Samsung phone to the local store to fix Samsung phone stuck in Odin mode. This can be the best way to get rid of the error.

IMPORTANT TIP- How to fix Odin flash stock failed problem

In between the process, if there is any interruption or the entire process fails during Odin software to flash Samsung phone, the follow the below steps to fix it:

  • First, go to Settings > Security on your Samsung phone
  • Then look for “Reactivation” option and simply deselect it

When it is done, go back to Odin Mode and try to flash Stock ROM/firmware.


Samsung Odin Mode is easy to enter and exit as well but sometimes, it stuck on the same screen, and trouble starts for the user. However, in this blog, I have tried to give you the best ways to fix Samsung phone stuck on Download mode and hope, you can easily get out of it.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then kindly mention them in the below comment section.

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