How To Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working [SOLVED]

Did you encounter the “YouTube Spacebar pause not working” error? Concerned about why is my spacebar not pausing YouTube and what to do about it. If yes then this blog will help you.

YouTube has a shortcut feature of Spacebar Pause that helps to pause and play any video by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard. But recently, many users have reported that they cannot pause the YouTube video via spacebar pause.

So in this article, we will go through some troubleshooting ideas to fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working error.

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Why Is My YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working?

Well, there are several reasons for the spacebar pause not working and I have mentioned a few of them.

They are:

  • Keyboard problems can lead to such issues as it does not work sometimes
  • The pause command does not work when it is clicked outside the video
  • Using an outdated operating system can lead to spacebar pause not to function properly
  • Browser issue is yet another major reason for the error
  • Some kind of bugs or glitches on YouTube itself can lead to YouTube spacebar pause not working

How To Fix The Spacebar Pause/Play Not Working On YouTube

Now, it’s time to find and apply all the possible workarounds to fix YouTube spacebar pause not working error and make it work again.

So let’s read further.

Fixes 1: Refresh The Page

Most of the time, a simple refresh of the page is enough to solve temporary glitches or bugs. If the spacebar not pausing on YouTube then press the F5 button on the keyboard or even you can tap the refresh button.

refresh page1

Fixes 2: Check YouTube Settings

You should ensure the “Play/Pause” option is enabled on YouTube to avoid such kinds of errors. Visit the YouTube website > tap on Profile picture > Now, tap on “Keyboard Shortcuts” and check if “Play/Pause” is enabled or not.

youtube play pause

Fixes 3: Use Dedicated YouTube Extensions

Even you can go for a dedicated extension to fix spacebar pause not working on YouTube.

Follow the steps:


  • Now, choose options available > tap on Add to Chrome


  • Next, tap on Add Extension
  • Finally, launch any video on YouTube > tap on Extension Manager > tap on Extension > then tap on Spacebar

This extension will improve the response of the YouTube spacebar every time a video opens.

Fixes 4: Bring The Video Into Focus

YouTube spacebar pause not working can also happen due to lost focus. So whenever you find that the spacebar is not working to pause your video, just click on that particular video. This will help you to resolve the issue you are facing.

focus youtube

Fixes 5: Clear Browser Cache

When the YouTube cached files are corrupted then it can lead to several issues like crashing or stopping or even spacebar pause won’t work. In such a situation, it’s better to delete the browser cache to fix the problem. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys > choose Cache and Cookies > tap on the Clear Now option.

Once done, restart your browser and check if the spacebar pause is working or not on YouTube.

Fixes 6: Use Alternative Key

If the spacebar is not working then you can go for an alternate option to pause the video. Using the K key can be another way to perform an action on YouTube to pause. This trick works successfully when the default option fails to work.

key k

Fixes 7: Check YouTube Updates

If your YouTube app is running on an outdated version then also several issues can occur which affect the performance. So you are suggested to check and update the app to the latest version. Then check if the spacebar pause is working or not.

update youtube1

Fixes 8: Disable Other Browser Extensions

Some extensions can interfere with YouTube’s performance and hence, some features like Spacebar pause do not work. So you should disable those extensions.

Follow the steps:

  • First, launch Google Chrome on PC > click on three dots to open the Menu
  • Now, go to More Tools > tap on Extensions

disable extension

  • Here, disable all extensions you don’t need

disable extension1

  • At last, restart your browser and then check if the issue is resolved

Fixes 9: Reset Your Browser

You can change your browser and check if the error still exists or not. If YouTube spacebar pause is working on another browser then it’s a browser issue. In that case, you should reset your browser. This process will reset everything like pinned tabs, new tab pages, search engines, etc.

reset browser

In addition, all your extensions will be disabled and cookies and cache will be erased. Only the history, bookmarks, and passwords remain as it is.

Fixes 10: Contact YouTube Support

When none of the methods resolve the issue of the YouTube spacebar pause not working then you should get help from YouTube support. You can reach them and explain the issue you are coming across. They will identify the cause and will provide better ways to troubleshoot the issue without any further problems.



So finally, this blog has discussed all the possible workarounds to fix YouTube Spacebar Pause not working issue. The error can occur due to several reasons like YouTube glitches, browser issues, and others. But there are ways to address this kind of problem. If nothing works for you then contact YouTube Support for help.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then drop them in the comment section below.

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