8 Methods To Fix “Unfortunately TouchWiz Has Stopped” Error On Samsung Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e Supported)

8 Methods To Fix “Unfortunately TouchWiz Has Stopped” Error On Samsung Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e Supported)

Recently Samsung has launched its new Galaxy series named as Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ and people were happy to use it as it has several unique features compared to previous models.

But at the same time, problems on Samsung devices seems not to end yet as lots of users has complained about some issues on their phones.

This time, they have reported about TouchWiz Home launcher issue that appearing on their phones. Users were getting an error like “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has Stopped”.

So if you are also getting the same error on your Galaxy devices then don’t worry, simply go through this blog and you will know how to fix “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped” on Samsung Galaxy devices.

About the error

Samsung users are aware of TouchWiz interface. Previously, there were two TouchWiz services running in background but now, only one TouchWiz Home is available. Getting the error “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has Stopped” is not a new thing for users.

It is just to say that the built-in user interface of the phone has crashed due to some reasons so you have come across the error.

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What are the reasons for the error?

Several times, the error comes to user and suddenly it disappears and phone restarts again and works normal. But in some case, the phone freezes completely and is not in a condition to work. So, user does not able to use the phone even using the physical button.

However, it was said that the causes behind the error was some third party apps conflicting. Some other possible reasons are:

  • TouchWiz requires more system resources and hence becomes unresponsive
  • Glitched widget causing TouchWiz to force stop
  • Problem occurs because of old data and cache after OS update
  • Third party apps conflicting between each other

As you have come to know about the reasons behind the error, so now its time to go through the solutions and fix the error.

So lets start…

Solutions to fix “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped” on Samsung Galaxy

Well, here I will guide you some best ways to solve TouchWiz ha stopped on Galaxy devices. Go through them and get out of the issue ASAP.

Note– The methods will work on almost all Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, Galaxy A5, Galaxy S9/S9+, S7, S5, S3, J2, J5, Note 3, Note 2 and on various OS like Android Pie, Oreo,Nougat, Marshmallow, Kitkat etc.

Solution 1: Do soft reset of your phone

The very first thing you should do is do soft reset of your device and then boot it on Safe Mode. Generally, when you get this error for the first time then it might be due to some issue on TouchWiz or in firmware.

But doing soft reset will help you to fix the problem. Follow the steps below:

  • First, remove the battery from your phone
  • Then press Power button for at least 30 seconds
  • Now again put your battery in phone
  • Switch on your phone now

The soft reset is done to refresh phone’s memory and clear out all the glitches that lead to such error Galaxy phone.

Solution 2: Change in Animation scale

Doing changes in animation scale is also one of the best way to get rid of TouchWiz Home has stopped on Samsung phone. Doing this will reduce memory usage in maintaining high graphics.

You need to follow the steps below:

  • First, go to Settings and then tap on More > On Device
  • Then click on Software info

  • Here in new screen section, click on build number for some time unless you receive a messages “developer option is enabled

  • Now again go back to Settings and choose developer options
  • Here you have to change the values of Windows Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale and Transition animation scale

  • At last, Restart your phone and see if the problem is resolved

Method 3: Clear data and cache of TouchWiz Home

Several users have come across the error after they have upgraded their phone to latest Android version such as Nougat, Lollipop and others. So once you should clear data and cache the TouchWiz Home by following the below steps:

  • From Home screen, click on Apps drawer to expand
  • Then go to Settings > Applications and click on Application Manager

  • Now swipe left to right and go to All Apps screen
  • Here move down and click on TouchWiz Home

  • Then click on Clear Cache and click on Clear Data. If you are on Easy Mode then repeat these steps with TouchWiz Easy Home

NOTE– Doing this will remove custom home screens but they will be available in your gallery

  • At last, Restart your phone and check whether the issue is resolved or not

Method 4: Disabe Motions & Gestures

If Motions and Gestures is enabled then it can give you some error on TouchWiz interface. Though, this error is very rare in latest models but the older models were common to come across such error.

Even this error is more common in those devices, which is running older than Marshmallow.

So to disable motions and gestures, follow the steps below:

  • From Home screen, click on App drawer to expand
  • Now go to Settings and click on Motions & Gestures

  • Here you have to disable every motion and gesture available
  • At last, Restart your device and then check whether the problem is resolved or not

Method 5: Switch to Easy Mode

Easy mode allows users to remove some complex features that shows error on screen and it makes confusion. Several users have also reported that after switching Easy Mode and again returning back to standard mode, they have successfully remove “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped”.

  • First, go to Settings and move down to Personal tab and then click on Easy Mode
  • Now switch mode from Standard to Easy Mode

    • Then browse to menus for good while and then Restart your phone
    • After the device is restarted, go to Settings > Easy Mode and set up to Standard mode.

Method 6: Wipe cache partition

When the above solution does not work for you then you should try to wipe cache partition of your device. This is an effective method for Samsung devices that solves several app issues and it might also solve this error.

So go through the steps below:

  • First, turn off your device by pressing Power button
  • Now hold Volume Up + Power button
  • After you see Android screen, leave the button and wait for Recovery Mode

  • In Recovery Mode, select Wipe Cache Partition using Volume buttons

  • Then press Power button to confirm Wipe Cache Partition
  • At last, when the process is over, Reboot your phone once. And now check if the error is still coming.

Method 7: Eliminate software conflicts

There may be a chance that due to conflicting between some third party apps, the error has occurred. It may happen after you install any new apps on your phone. Even the chance of getting this increase when your device has inactive 3rd party launcher.

So to get away of the error, you should boot your device in Safe Mode. In this process, if the issue is due to third party apps then the error will not occur again and it will be clear that third party apps are the culprit.

So you need to follow the below steps:

  • First, press and hold Power button on your phone
  • Then click and hold on Power Off
  • You will get Reboot to Safe Mode option, simply press OK

  • Now your device will Restart in Safe Mode and an icon will displayed on bottom

  • At last, go through the TouchWiz interface and check if the error is resolved

Method 8: Do Factory reset of your phone

Now as you have gone through all the above methods mentioned to fix Samsung TouchWiz has stopped error, there is yet one last option left to get rid of the error and that is Factory Reset. Doing this will restore your phone to factory state.

But before proceeding further, don’t forget to backup all your crucial stuffs from phone as doing factory reset has a chance to erase the data from device.

Now follow the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings and then move down and select Backup & Reset
  • If you get Backup my data is disabled then enable it and wait for new backup
  • Now move down and click on Factory Data Reset

  • Confirm the action by clicking on Reset Phone
  • At last, wait for the entire process to finish. At the end, your device will reboot and hopefully, everything goes well.

So, all these are some of the best ways to fix “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has Stopped” on Samsung phone. In case, if any data gets lost from phone then using Android Data Recovery software, the lost data can be recovered with ease. It scans the entire data to find out the missing files from phone and then restores them to device.

Its easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge. It can recover any data lost from phone such as contacts, photos, videos, documents, notes, audios, call history, WhatsApp messages and others.


The error discussed in this blog can occur to any Samsung user but they should not worry of anything. This blog completely describes how to solve “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” on Samsung. I hope all the methods will easily help you to fix the issue.

If you have any suggestion or queries then don’t forget to mention them in the below comment section.

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