7 Effective Ways To Fix Fitbit Versa Won't Turn On (Android)

7 Effective Ways To Fix Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On (Android)

If you’re reading this post then you must have to encounter the Fitbit Versa won’t turn on problem. Well, don’t worry at all!

This is not such a big issue you are dealing with. Several users reported have that the Fitbit Versa refused to turn on. But, this issue can be fixed with little hard effort and using the correct fixes.

This article will show you the best ways to fix Fitbit versa won’t turn on. Besides that, you’ll come to know the scenarios leading to this issue. So, just explore this article & get the fitness tracker watch & solve Fitbit versa 2 screen won’t turn on issue!

Fitbit versa is a fantastic health tracker smartwatch that is used by several people for tracking the fitness records. It is an admirable timer for those who’re searching for a fitness tracker at a reasonable price. That doesn’t matter how wonderful or suitable the Fitbit Versa is, but it’s really irritating when your smartwatch refused to turn on.

Now, you must have thought that – Why won’t my Fitbit versa turn on?  Isn’t it?

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Why Won’t My Fitbit Versa Turn On?

There can be several reasons which may stop your Fitbit versa from turning on. I’m going to highlight some of the possible causes of it:

  1. Charging issue
  2. Syncing issues
  3. Due to hardware or software issues
  4. Drained battery
  5. Fitbit not updated
  6. And many others.

After knowing the common causes of Fitbit Versa won’t turn on problem, let’s know how to fix Fitbit versa won’t turn on issue by using the free methods mentioned in the below section.

Troubleshooting Ways To Fix Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On Issue

Fixes #1: Restart The Fitbit Versa

Firstly, you should try to repair Fitbit versa not charging or turning on the issue by simply restarting it. This is because; the Fitbit Versa smartwatch is just like a mini-computer that means with a lot of errors & actions. This can be done by performing quite easy steps:

  • Press and hold “Back & Bottom” keys together for few seconds
  • After that, release the buttons as the “Fitbit Logo” appears on your screen.
  • Wait for some time until the Fitbit Versa turn on.

If it still refuses to turn on then just simply move to another method that is – Charging the device.

Fixes #2: Put Your Fitbit Versa In Charge

If restarting the device won’t be able to fix the issue, then it’s possible that your Fitbit Versa is out of charge. Sometimes, this kind of issue generally occurs due to some battery draining problems. It may happen that your battery isn’t last for a long time. It just started fluctuating while turning on your smartwatch in low battery.

Many times, we forgot to charge the device and as a result, Fitbit versa won’t turn on. If it is so, you should immediately keep your watch in charge and get rid of this bug.

Fixes #3: Verify Your Fitbit’s Charger

After sometime, again try to restart your smartwatch. If still your Fitbit versa won’t turn on, then just check your charger once if it is damage anywhere. If the charger is damaged, then the watch’s tracker will not charge, & ultimately the device dies.

Note – Always make use of the original charger or the Fitbit versa recommended charger. Using the duplicate charger may also be the reason of this error occurrence. Doing so may harm your battery or device.

Fixes #4: Clean Your Charging Port

In this solution, you have to ensure that your charging port the place where you’re connected your charger is working properly or not. If you’ve any doubt regarding malfunction, immediately change a plugin port & then again try to charge your smartwatch using another charging port.

Not able to fix Fitbit Versa won’t turn on problem yet? Don’t worry here are the last weapons to use.

Fixes #5: Factory Reset Your Device

After trying the above techniques, if your Fitbit versa is having the same issue you might have to take a strong decision. You should perform a factory reset on your device which is supposed to erase everything from your device.

Taking this step will wipe up all the progress & the stored data from your Fitbit Versa. But, after that you’ll get a wonderful working and new smartwatch again. Here are the easy steps to repair Fitbit versa won’t turn on after factory reset:

  • At first, hold down the three buttons of your smartwatch simultaneously for up to 10 seconds or more than that.
  • As the Fitbit Logo will appear, just release your right bottom button but you still have to hold the other two buttons.
  • Here, when you feel that your device is vibrating, at that time your factory settings will be restored.
  • After that, the Fitbit logo will come up a second time, now your watch boots & shows go to the  fitbit.com/setup.

Fixes #6: Contact The Fitbit Support 

After attempting factory reset, if still your Fitbit versa fails to turn on, you may assume that it might have some hardware or software issues. In such a case, you need to take help from your Fitbit consumer care so that they can scan it.

Whether your battery has some issue & it requires replacement or there can be some board damage or error that is invisible to you. No matter whatever the problem is, you just have to permit the professional to check your gadget entirely.

Alternative Way To Fix Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On Issue

Are you still unable to fix this issue even after trying the above manuals? Just calm down! Here is one of the best alternate options left for you. Make use of the most effective Android Repair Tool in order to get rid of this fix this error.

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The best thing about this tool is that it supports all Android devices & doesn’t require having any technical knowledge to use this software.

So, just download & install the Android Repair Tool & scan your smartwatch by using this software & simply make the device free from the errors.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

How Long Should A Fitbit Last?

A Fitbit can last between 5-7 days if it is charged properly. Within this period of time, one can easily use this smartwatch without any bothering. However, some of the situations make the battery of Fitbit last for a shorter time period than the estimated duration.

Can You Fix A Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On Issue?

Yes, Fitbit versa won't turn on issue can be fixed by using the most convenient Android Repair Tool. This is one of the useful and helpful software and can fix any kind of error or bugs easily.

How Do I Fix My Fitbit Versa Black Screen?

Whenever you come across through a black screen error, you should try to restart your device and then solve the problem.

Whenever you come across a black screen error, you should try to restart your device and then solve the problem.

  • Press & hold the back & bottom buttons till the arrival of the Fitbit Logo on your screen
  • Now go off all the buttons

Final Words

No doubt, Fitbit Versa is a very popular fitness smartwatch brand which attracted a large number of users. But, like other devices, it also has some technical faults which makes you suffer at a time. Thus, I’ve gathered all the workable tricks to troubleshoot this error.

Hopefully, the afore-mentioned ways may help you to fix Fitbit versa won’t turn on the issue. But if not, then you’re recommended to use the Android Repair Tool. Therefore, if you find this article helpful & useful, do not forget to share it with your friends, relatives, or colleagues.

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