8 Solutions To Fix “IMS Service Has Stopped” On Android

Nowadays, the “IMS service has stopped on Android” error has become quite common which is encountered by almost every user.

Therefore, if you’re one of them and looking for the perfect solutions to fix IMS service stopped then you need to continue this tutorial till the end.

This blog will provide you a complete guide on how to fix IMS service has stopped on Android.

Well, this article contains the following information-

  • What Is IMS Service On Android?
  • Why Does My Phone Keep Saying IMS Service Has Stopped?
  • How Do You Fix Samsung IMS Service Has Stopped?

So, let’s get started…

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What Is IMS Service On Android?

IMS service on Android stands for the IP Multimedia Subsystem Service. In simple words, IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS service is an architectural framework that offers their consumers several multimedia services.

IP Multimedia Subsystem Service allows your Android phone to run properly with the third party or carrier communications apps. IMS service Android allows you to make calls send or receive text messages through the IP network.

However, sometimes IMS services fail to work due to some glitches. There can be several reasons which can cause IMS service stopped error.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Why Does My Phone Keep Saying IMS Service Has Stopped?

After getting several reports from numerous users we have decided to examine the exact matter & collected a set of solutions to fix the error/bug. Besides that, I’ve provided some of the major reasons due to which the IMS service has stopped s7 causes and listed them in the next section:

  1. Due to the Cache files
  2. Out-dated Apps can cause IMS service has stopped on Android issue
  3. Because of the default messaging application
  4. Out-dated Android software is another major reason behind the occurrence of this error
  5. The third-party messaging apps might also responsible for this problem.

How Do You Fix IMS Service Has Stopped On Android/Samsung?

If you’re facing IMS service has stopped error then just simply proceeds towards the below-mentioned troubleshooting techniques:

Trick #1: Restart Your Android Phone

This trick helps several Android users to fix different kinds of issues. You can also try this method to solve IMS service has stopped error. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reboot your device:

  • At first, Press & hold Volume Down and Power keys together.

  • After 7 seconds you need to leave the keys immediately.
  • Now you can see, your phone will restart itself

Trick #2: Put Your Android Into Safe Mode

One of the factors which can lead to this kind of problem is – an application you have downloaded & installed on your Android device. Since you fail to find it in the normal mode, so you need to put your phone in safe mode.

The steps you need to follow:

  • Firstly, you’ve to press the power button to turn off your device
  • As your device is switch off, press the “Power Off” icon & hence you’ll see the ANDROID/Samsung logo
  • From there, you’ve to choose the “Safe Mode” option displayed on your screen

  • Now, here you’ve to check if there is any issue exists if so, then remove the specific culprit app

You may continue this on-going process unless you get rid of this problem completely.

Trick #3: Check For the Software Updates

It is possible that your Android operating system is not updated to its latest version because of which you’re experiencing this issue on your Android phone. Hence, you need to check for your Android software update.

These steps will guide you, how to do so-:

  • Go to the Settings & tap on the “About phone
  • Again, click on the “Software Updates” & select “Check for Updates

  • In case, any recent update is available, it’ll display the “Download Now” option
  • Download it and after it finishes, a confirmation message will occur where you have click on “Yes” and your phone will restart
  • Now your phone will be updated to the latest version and after this, you can check if the error still exists or it has solved

Trick #4: Erase The Texts Messages On Android

You should try to fix this issue by erasing all your text messages from your mobile phone. There is a possibility that the excessive number of text messages is responsible for the arrival of this issue. Apply these steps to erase the messages:

  1. At first, launch the Messaging app from your home screen.
  2. Now, select the “Menu” option & tap on the “Delete Threads”.
  3. Here, you need to check the box which is in the front of the “Select All” option & hit “Delete”.

Trick #5: Remove The Cache & Data Of Message App

Well, the IMS service has stopped issue is closely associated with the messaging app, thus it’s essential to wipe out the application cache & data of your messaging app.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open Settings& go to the “Apps” list & choose Message app from given list
  • Now go to Message app& then Storage option
  • Click on the “Clear Cache” & then confirm it
  • Again, click on the “Clear Data” & hit confirm
  • At last, Reboot the device & check the error is seen or not.

Trick #6: Check For The Application Updates

Many times, it happens that if the particular apps are not updated they may cause clashes with your OS system or sometimes with the other applications. Though, in this method, you have to check for the new updates in the Google Play Store.

For that you have to apply the given steps:

  • Unlock your Android phone & open the Google Play Store app.
  • Then, click on the menu button which you can see on the top of the left corner & choose the “My Apps & Games” opt.
  • Click on “Updates” & select the “Refresh” icon.
  • Again, click on “Update All” & wait until the applications are updated & installed.

  • Lastly, check whether the issue persists or not.

Trick #7: Do Factory Reset

Last but not least one last solution left with you that is – performing a factory reset. Doing so will return your phone back to the original factory state. But you must note one thing, before applying this solution make sure that you must keep the backup of your precious data.

  • Switch off your Android phone
  • Press & hold Volume Up + Bixby keys together then again press & hold your Power
  • As the green color Android logo appears, simply release all the keys
  • Again, press & hold the Volume down button many times to focus the ‘factory reset/wipe data’.

  • Press the Power key to select and again press Volume down button until ‘Yes’, delete al the user’s data is high spotted
  • Press the Power key to select & start master
  • As the master reset is finished, the ‘Reboot system now’ will be highlighted.
  • Now, Press & hold the Power key in order to reboot your device.

Trick #8: Automatic Way To Fix IMS Service Has Stopped On Android

Even after trying all the above solutions, if you are still unable to fix IMS service has stopped on Android, then I would like to suggest you to use Android Repair Tool.

This software is the best alternative option to deal with any kind of annoying error message on your Android phones. Apart from solving IMS service has stopped s8 error, this program can also resolve app keeps crashing, black screen of death, Stuck on boot loop, setting has stopped, and many more.

The best thing about this repair tool is that- it works on almost all Android phones such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Asus, etc.

So, you need to only Download & Install Android Repair software and fix IMS service has stopped Android without losing any data.


This blog was posted with a certain aim to help out from this kind of situation. This post shows different troubleshooting methods that will definitely help you to fix IMS service has stopped on Android.

It may also happen that all the solutions fail to work in your case or there is also the possibility that one may help you to solve this error. If so, then you are suggested to make use of the Android repair tool which will instantly fix this as soon.

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