9 Methods To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

9 Methods To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

Did your Android phone stuck on headphone mode and you are worried of how to get rid of it?

You have tried several things but the headphone symbol is still showing on screen even after plugging out the headphone?

If your answer is Yes to all the questions then wait a second, just be relax.

Many users have reported about such issue and they are really frustrated of how to remove the icon from there. Another problem that users have reported is they cannot hear sound through speakers. Only way left is to inject headphone and listen it.

This problem has occurred in almost every Android phones and I would like to say that if you also encountering the same error, then stick to this blog.

Here I am going to show you few best ways to fix Android stuck in headphone mode along with reasons for the error.

So let’s read further and check out what can be done to get rid of the issue. I will also show you some users report about this error.

Practical Scenario

My daughter’s phone has the headphone icon showing in the notification bar; however, no headphones are connected. I have no idea how to remove it from the notification bar or why it is there. Help please.

Source: https://forums.androidcentral.com/htc-evo-4g-lte/204778-headphone-icon-notification-bar.html

Another one:

Hi, mi note 4 suddenly is stuck in headphone mode. i tried plug and unplug the headphone and cleaning with a earbud. To me it seem to be a problem with Mi Sound Enhancer option because when i reboot the phone with the headphone plugged and with the app enabled and unplugged the headphone the headphone icon dissapear but the instantly the headphone + mic icon appears. i also tried factory reset and didn´t work. Hope you can give me some help. Also sorry for my bad english i´m still learning

Source: https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-4/help/stuck-headphone-mode-t3815318

As you can see what users are saying about the error, they are totally frustrated. Well, let us dig into it more and check out what are reasons for Android stuck on headphone mode.

Why Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode- Reasons?

Well, users are not aware of any kind of unknown error but yes, they want to know why it happens. I have gathered few common reasons for the error and they are:

  • Water enters into the headphone jack may sometimes put users into difficult situation as they always see the headphone icon even it is not plugged in
  • Without pausing the music unplugging the headphone also is one of the issue that shows headphone icon on phone.
  • Water damage is yet another possible reason that may damage the port and you might see the icon every time

So these are the possible reasons for phone stuck in headphone mode Android.

How To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Now here I am going to show you few ways on how do I get my Android phone out of headphone mode. In fact, here those users who have a question of how to remove headphone mode from Samsung or how to turn off headphone mode on LG can get the solutions as well.

So walk through the solutions:

Method 1: Restart Android Phone Once

You might know that whenever any problem occurs in Android phone then experts suggest to do a restart of your device once. The reason behind this is many small errors or glitches are automatically resolved after restarting.

So better follow the steps to restart your phone:

  • Long press Power button on your Android phone
  • A popup will occur on your phone
  • Here choose Restart or Reboot option

Now when your phone starts, check out whether the headphone icon is removed or not. If not then proceed to next method.

Method 2: Reinsert Headphone And Pull Out Again

Several users have told that reinserting and again pulling out the headphones may resolve the error, though there are still lots of assumption on how to fix this issue.

Well, follow the steps as guided:

  • Remove the headphones from your phone
  • Now if you see headphone icon is still seen then reinsert it again
  • And again pull out the headphone and again insert it

Following the above steps should solve the error and you will not face any kind of icon any more. If not, then move to next solution.

Method 3: Use Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Headphone Mode

One thing you can do to remove the headphone icon and that is by putting screen protector on it by little water and ensuring not to get on holes. Now continue to plug in and out the jack as this might solve the issue.

If not then you can use vacuum cleaner with cordless vac. Using this can delete the icon within seconds. But you should vacuum your device first and check what happens.

Method 4: Remove Battery And Put It Again

Though nowadays every phones battery consists of a non-removable but still some phone has a removable battery. If yours has then remove it for some time and again put it back. Hopefully, this will solve Android phone stuck in headphone mode.

Turn on your device and see if the headphone icon is removed or is still present. If not removed then go to next method.

Method 5: Check Inside Headphone Jack

You should check your phone’s headphone jack properly as may be some dirt is stuck inside. Though it may not possible but some evidence proves that dirt can really make your Android phone stuck in headphone mode.

Even inserting headphones of other devices are also an issue for the error and I would suggest you not to try this anymore as it can damage the jack. So once take a look inside of your headphone port.

Method 6: Use SoundAbout

You can make use of SoundAbout that is an Android application and one of the useful way to handle such kind of situations. Though this is a paid app but its useful. Pay some amount and install it on your phone.

Now follow the steps as guided below:

  • First, you will see a screen as given below image

  • Now click on Media Audio and choose Speaker option from it

  • Then go to Phone Call Audio and select Earpiece option

  • And the settings is over now

This is a very useful solution and it works definitely to give relief from such unwanted errors.

Method 7: Take Your Phone To Service Center

When nothing goes on mind then simple solution is take your device to service center. It may be hardware or software issue and taking professional help will better guide you of the situation. May be headphone jack is damaged, so you cannot fix it from your side.

So if your phone is under warranty period then immediately take it to professionals and get rid of the problem ASAP.

Method 8: Do Factory Reset Android Phone

The last solution that I am going to suggest you is to do factory reset. But this method will delete your Android data and to avoid it, kindly backup all your valuable contents from phone.

Here you can do factory reset by two methods. Check out both of them below:

Part 1: Use Factory Reset Option On Phone

Step 1: First, go to Settings on Android phone

Step 2: Under Settings, click on System

Step 3: Now under System, look and tap “Reset” or “Factory Reset” option

Step 4: Doing this will delete every settings and apps installed.

Part 2: Do Hard Reset Of Android Phone

  • First, long press Power + Volume Up + Volume Down and Home button at same time.
  • Now you will enter Recovery Mode
  • Here you will see Factory Reset option, select it using volume keys

This will reset all your settings to default and your phone will become new. Now install whatever apps you want to and also see if headphone icon is removed or not.

Method 9: Best Way To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode

Apart from the above methods, I have another useful way that will help you to fix Android stuck on headphone mode. Android Repair is one of the best professional tool that is used to fix any kind of Android errors without any difficulty.

With the help of this tool, you can simply fix “Android phone stuck in headphone mode”. Not only is this error but many other errors also. That can be easily fixed with the use of this repair software.

Therefore, you just have to Download Android Repair software and all your Android errors and issues will be solved.


Well, many users have reported about this kind of error message on their Android phone and I hope that whatever solutions discussed in this blog will surely help you to deal with the situation. Follow each every solutions and see which one works for you.

Further, if you have any suggestion or queries then don’t forget to drop it in the below comment section.

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