[SOLVED] How To Fix Ghost Touch On Android Phone Effectively

Did you ever notice your Android phone getting “mad”? Or have you ever experienced your phone tapping and touching on its own? Well, smartphones nowadays with touchscreen have become ubiquitous and the quality of materials has improved in using it.

But lots of users have reported some kind of unwanted touch, probably it represents “ghost touch” on the phone. It’s right from the user’s end but let me tell you that it’s not an original ghost. This means that your phone has random touches by itself instead of you.

So in this article, I will guide you about “Ghost Touch” and some best possible solutions to fix Ghost Touch issue on Android.

What Does Ghost Touch Mean On Android Phone?

Ghost touch generally represents the term when your phone screen touches randomly on its own or inputs that you are not doing. This varies from device to device but as lots of users have reported the case it is a common thing to come across.

Some of the popular devices that were found to be suffering from ghost touch are Motorola Moto G4 Plus, OnePlus, Huawei phones, and even some models of iPhone like the iPhone 12/13/14 series. This is sometimes scary as you don’t know what is happening and seems like it’s a real ghost accessing your device.

Therefore, without any worry, just go through this blog and check out the feasible solutions on how to fix ghost touch on Android phones.

Reasons Behind “Ghost Touch” Issue On Android

Well, when we come to know the reasons for it then you cannot blame a single reason for it. There are a few things you need to see and take care of:

  • The screen protector is dirty or not clean
  • Accessing phone with wet or untidy hands
  • Keeping the phone in a pocket and sitting somewhere
  • Sometimes the charger fault

How To Fix The Ghost Touch Problem On Android Devices?

After knowing the reasons behind the ghost touch problem on your phone, it’s obvious you are looking for fixes also. So let’s walk through them one by one.

Method 1: Force Restart Your Smartphone

Whenever you come across a ghost touch issue on your phone or any other, it’s suggested to restart your phone once. By doing this, whatever glitches or bugs are running on the phone will be removed and your phone will work smoothly. However, as per the issue is concerned, there can be a problem with restarting the device but still, it is a highly suggested solution.


If this does not work then go to the next method.

Method 2: Use A High-Quality Charger

Many users have come through the ghost touch error while charging their devices. So, in this situation, you should change the charger and use another one that is fully compatible. It’s better to use the original charger of your phone. But when it shows an error then getting a new charger from its official store is highly recommended.

use a high quality charger

Method 3: Disconnect The Charging Cable

The ghost touch issue happens many times when your device is connected to a wall outlet. This usually happens when the charger is of poor quality. Some of the other function does not work properly and somewhere it begins to pop up an error.

disconnect the charging cable

So when any of you face a ghost touch issue while charging the device then it’s suggested to disconnect it. You can try to charge your phone on another cable or check whether the charger is having some fault. If so then change the charger as well and see if the issue still exists.

Method 4: Clean The Display

Another simple trick suggested to fix ghost touch issue on Android phones is by cleaning the display. Though this may look stupid to many people it helps many times. The cleaning process is simple, take a moist soft cloth and wipe it on the screen. Make the cloth dry and again wipe it to clean the screen.

This is easy to follow and also one of the best practices to avoid any kind of dust or dirt entering on-screen and making your phone appear as a ghost touch.

clean the display

Method 5: Check Your Charger

Whatever charger you are using may sometimes become faulty and it stops charging, hence your phone looks to access on its own. The damaged charger can damage the phone as well.

So without any delay, you should replace the defective charging cable. Even it is suggested to check the USB port as well as many times the issue exists in the port also.

check your charger

Method 6: Remove Your Screen Protector & Case

Do you have a screen protector on your phone or a case to protect the device from any kind of external damage? Well, everyone uses screen protectors on their devices to prevent any kind of scratch on the display or other issues. But these things can also make you suffer from ghost touch problems many times.

remove your screen protector

If by chance any kind of dirt or moisture enters between the protector and touchscreen then the touch does not function properly. So it is suggested to remove the screen protector and its case and then see if the issue persists.

Method 7: Factory Reset Android Phone

When you continuously come through a ghost touch problem on your Android phone then you should go for a factory reset. Many users have done this and they suggest it solve ghost touch on Android phone. But before you proceed, it’s better to take a backup of all your stuff as there is a chance of losing the stored data from the phone.

Once you backup your data successfully, follow the below steps to factory reset your Android phone:

  • Open Settings on your phone
  • Then, open Backup & Reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything

factory reset

That’s it, your phone will reset completely and it will become new. And now your ghost touch issue will be resolved.

Method 8: Return Or Replace Your Phone

If you have bought a new phone and experiencing a ghost touch issue on it then you should return the device. I hope it’s still in the warranty period and you have the right to replace or return the phone. Just take the device to the store from where you have purchased it and ask for a replacement.

They will check your phone and after looking for the warrant policies, they will do the further process. So don’t delay this process as this is one of the easy ways to get rid of ghost touch issue on Android phone.

Method 9: Use A Piezoelectric Ignitor

Another method that was viral from the users’ end in the suggestion box was the use of a piezoelectric ignitor. This has helped many users to fix the Ghost Touch issue on Android phones effectively. This is a common household lighter that sparks when its top is pressed. It has proved its effectiveness in fixing dead zones and restoring dead pixels.

use a Piezoelectric ignitor

Therefore, you can try this simple process. You have to dismantle a lighter and put it closer to a screen where it’s showing an error. You have to try several times as a single try may not help you. But do this at your own risk and remember, there is no better solution if it works for you.

Method 10: Take Your Phone To Repair Shop

When nothing works for you then you can take your device to any repair shop. There, they will analyze the issue properly and then they might change the entire display to make it work again.

Now, changing the touch panel can be costly, and changing the entire assembly is much more expensive. However, as per the issue, repair shop owners will do their best and make your phone work as before.


Well, Android phones are user-friendly from which you can do anything you want. But at the same time, there are lots of errors or issues that come with the device. Ghost touch is a common thing to experience and it’s really irritating. However, there is nothing to panic about as the situation can be tackled easily.

This article comprises the 10 best methods on how to fix Ghost Touch on Android phone effectively. Go through them and apply the solutions to get the issue fixed.

For further suggestions or queries, you can drop them in the comment section.

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