Fix Signal App Keeps Crashing On Android- 7 Methods To Apply

Are you using a SIGNAL app on your Android phone? Have you encountered a signal app keeps crashing Android? Looking for Signal app troubleshooting ideas? If your answer is yes then go through this blog below and check out the troubleshooting ideas to fix Signal app keeps crashing on Android.

What Is Signal App?

Before you jump to the fixes, it’s important to know about the app first. Maybe you are not aware but the SIGNAL app is a cross-platform instant messaging application that is used on different OS like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and MacOS platforms.

It’s highly popular because of its security. It does not disclose any data of user because it provided end to end encryption and even users feel it safe to use without any worry. Using the app, the texts or calls will be between sender and receiver and it is free to use without any ads.

But many times, users report about some issues that stop them from using the app smoothly. According to users, their phone stuck on the “Signal app keeps crashing” error while using the app. This can happen due to damaged temporary or app files.

So without wasting much time, let’s read further and check out the fixes for the Signal app issue.

How To Fix Signal App Keeps Crashing On Android?

Now it’s time to walk through the different methods to solve Signal app not working on Android. Try them and use the app smoothly without any issue.

Method 1: Restart Your Android Phone

Whenever you come across such an error on your phone and you don’t know what to do then best is to restart your device. This is a simple solution for any kind of glitches on an Android phone. Once you restart your device, all the apps running in the background will be closed and hopefully, your app will now run smoothly without any issue.

But if you continuously see the same error then move to the next method.

Method 2: Ensure Signal App Is Updated

Are you accessing the app on an older version? If yes then it can be the culprit for the issue. Many times, an old version of the Signal app can irritate you by not working smoothly. In such a situation, you should check whether the app is updated or not.

If the app needs any update then do it immediately to avoid such an issue again.

You simply need to go to Google Play Store > click on menu and then on My Apps & games section. There you will see the list of installed apps and beside every app, the UPDATE option if available. If a SIGNAL app has any option then click on it and the app will be updated to the latest version.

Method 3: Clear Data And Cache Of Signal App

The temporary files that gather on your phone due to the app can also lead to such an error message. So you should fix it by clearing data and cache files of the Signal app.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, click on Settings > Apps & Notifications
  • Then click on See all apps > click on Signal > Storage & Cache
  • After that, press Clear Storage and Clear Cache and confirm it
  • By doing these steps, all the junk files will be removed and hopefully, the app will work smoothly as before

Method 4: Reinstall Signal App

When nothing works for you then you are suggested to reinstall the app. Maybe some file is corrupted that is stopping the app to open. So in this case, uninstall the Signal app and install it once again.

Here is what you need to do:

  • First, press the SIGNAL icon on your phone screen, after which you can see Uninstall Drag the app to it and your app will be uninstalled.

  • Now go to Google play store and search for SIGNAL
  • Click on the Install option and agree to its terms and conditions and use it as before.

Then check if any kind of error it shows now while using. If the error continues then move to the next solution.

Method 5: Update Your Phone OS

Have you updated your Android phone OS to the latest version or is still running on the old one?

Well, I must say that when your device is not updated to the latest version then such kind of issue is a common thing to experience. So what you should do is simply check your phone for any update is available or not.

  • First, go to Settings > About phone > click on Check for Update

If any update is available, you can see it there. Tap on the Update option and it will start to install. Wait for a few seconds unless the OS is updated. Once finished, open the SIGNAL app on your phone and check if the same error continues again.

Method 6: Check Your Phone For Good Internet Connection

If your phone does not have a proper internet connection then also you can experience the Signal app keeps crashing Android. So here also it is suggested to see if your device is getting a stable internet connection or not. No matter you are using mobile data, Wi-Fi etc.

Poor internet connection can make you suffer and no matter how much you try to use the app, it will not work smoothly.

Method 7: Factory Reset Android Phone

After you have applied all the above methods and still facing the same issue then I will personally suggest doing a factory reset. This will surely help you as the process will delete entire data from the phone including stored data, apps, settings etc.

But before you proceed, kindly backup all your important data and stuffs from your Android phone to a safe place.

Note- The reset process can vary from device to device.

After that, follow the below steps to factory reset Android phone:

  • First, go to Settings > System > Reset option
  • After that, click on Erase all data (Factory reset) option
  • Then choose “Reset phone”.

That’s it; now your device will be cleared totally and will become a new one.


Signal app is becoming popular nowadays because people finding it easy to use and most important, it’s safe compared to other instant messaging platforms. Sometimes, users can experience the Signal app not working error on Android phone but there are fixes for it.

This article completely describes different solutions to fix Signal app keeps crashing on Android. Follow them properly and solve the Signal app issue easily.

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