4 Effective Ways To Recover Lost Data From Redmi Y3 Phone

4 Effective Ways To Recover Lost Data From Redmi Y3 Phone

Nowadays, the competition is very high in telecommunication industry especially in Smartphone companies. There is no doubt that every popular brand is competing with each other in this world by launching their best to best products just to gain the popularity and to maintain it.

In this context, Xiaomi is not far from anyone because this company has almost taken the entire world in its area. Nowadays, Xiaomi devices are just like BOOM for users and they always look for some new models to get launched.

Recently, Xiaomi has launched its two new phones named as Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7. Though, this is a very young company but has gained popularity a lot, especially in India.

The best part of Xiaomi phones are that they are very cheap and provide users with the best features of other popular brands like Apple and Samsung.

Basically, this blog I have come up with is just to guide you on how to recover deleted data from Redmi Y3 phone because data loss is a common situation for every user and to get rid of it, you will get some of the best ways.

So let’s go through it.

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About Redmi Y3

Redmi Y3’s highlight part is its 32MP selfie camera. It can capture every depth and details with AI portrait mode. Talking about its display then this phone consists of 6.26 HD+ Dot Notch Display with Octa-core processor up to 1.8GHz. The rear camera has 12Mp + 2MP and its battery is 4000mAh.

The phone comprises of 3GB RAM with internal 32GB that can be expanded up to 512GB. It has many other unique features that users will love to experience it. You can see more details on Redmi Y3- 32Mp Super Selfie Camera.

But the main thing that trouble users is the data loss situation. Nobody knows when you will experience such unwanted scenario and you will lose your vital data from phone.

How to deal with it is a big challenge for users? Obviously, there is a solution and some reasons behind it. So what can be the causes for data loss is mentioned below, just go through them and assume if such things has happened with you.

Common scenarios for data loss from Redmi Y3

There can be several causes for data loss from Redmi Y3 phone and some of them are very common which you do on your own but never expect that such things can wipe your data.

Some of them include:

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deleting the files from phone
  • Phone gets break falling from height or gets internally damage
  • While upgrading to latest OS
  • Doing factory reset of the device without keeping backup
  • Water damage can wipe your data
  • Severe malware attack removes your vital content
  • Phone gets lost of stolen
  • And many more…

Though these are some of the reason for data loss from Android phone but the question that troubles user a lot is whether the lost data can be retrieved or not?

Tremendous questions come in mind after data loss but how to deal with, nobody knows.

I have the answer for every question you have on your mind. Just read further

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Is the lost files from Redmi Y3 be recovered?

Yes, the deleted files from Redmi Y3 can be recovered after deletion but how?

Actually, the data that is erased accidentally from your phone is not permanently removed but all those data are still available in the device itself. Only they gets hide themselves and create a new space for other data to get saved.

If you have not stored any data after deletion, then there is chance to get back the files you have lost. You have to use a third party tool like Android Phone Recovery to rescue every wiped away data from the device.

But to achieve success in this situation, you need to follow some strict rules like:

  • Stop using your phone after knowing about data loss. If the phone is used continuously then new data will get saved and old data will be overwritten, hence getting back the old files will come to an end
  • Immediately turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data to stop unwanted files to get download or saved
  • Search for a powerful recovery tool and use it to restore missing files from Redmi Y3

How to recover lost data from Redmi Y3

Now let us know what are the methods that can help you to bring back your important files from phone. We all know that data loss can occur anytime but they are not gone permanently.

Just recall your mind and think if you have ever created a backup of all your important data. May be you have enabled sync option on your phone or have stored the vital content somewhere from where you can restore them easily.

If you are not getting any way of what to do, just follow the below methods and check if your missing files are recovered or not.

Method 1: Restore Redmi Y3 data from local backup

You might be aware of the local backup you have on your device. With the use of it, you can easily backup evey important files from phone. So if you have done this method previously then the below steps are for you:

Step 1: First, launch the Backup app on your phone

Step 2: Now click on Local Backups

Step 3: Here you have to click on the backup files you wish to restore

Step 4: And then, choose the files you want to restore

Step 5: Now click on Restore option

Step 6: After the process is finished, click on Done option

You can check the path of backup files on your device by going to Storage/MIUI/backup/AllBackup/ folder

Method 2: Recover deleted items from Mi Cloud storage

Redmi users are provided 5GB of storage space in the form of Mi Cloud where users can easily store their essential data safely. This is one of the best features from Xiaomi and if you have used this cloud option to backup all your crucial stuffs then follow the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings > Mi Account and then login to Mi Account
  • Now click on Restore from Backup

  • Here you have to choose the backed up file
  • And then click on Restore using this backup

That’s it… All your items will be restored.

Method 3: Get back lost files from latest backup

Even you can use your latest backup option to rescue your vital data. Follow the steps as mentioned:

  • First, go to Settings

  • And then select All option

  • Now here you have to choose Google

  • Then select your account from it

  • Tick mark all the boxes and then choose More

  • You have to choose Sync Now

  • Doing this, all your information will be synchronized

Method 4: How to recover data from Redmi Y3 without backup (Recommended)

All the above-mentioned methods will only work when you have created a backup of your important data or files. But what when you have not backed up all content from phone and you have lost them?

Don’t worry, in such situation you need to use a third party tool like Android Data Recovery. This professional software will help you to recover lost data from Redmi Y3 phone. This works effectively and helps you to get back your lost items from phone.

Using this tool, every data like contacts, photos, documents, notes, videos, WhatsApp messages, text messages, audio etc are recovered without any backup. The software not only works on Xiaomi devices but supports other Android brands as well like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo and several others.

It deeply scans the device to find out your lost items and without any issue, all your important data are restored.

So without any worry, simply Free Download Android Data Recovery software and get back inaccessible data from Android phone.

Steps to follow to get back lost data from Redmi Y3

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone

First download Android Recovery software and then select “Recover

Now connect your android device to PC via USB cable. Also be sure you have enabled USB debugging. After your device gets connected, below mentioned image will appear:

Step 2. Select the file types to scan

After your device is connected to PC, Android Recovery software will display data types that it supports. Here you have to select the data types you want to recover.

If your device is rooted then the software will show you two options: Scan deleted files and scan for all files. Here selecting scan for all files will take longer time but will work effectively.

After that click on “Next” to continue the process.

Now it will scan your device to rescue lost data. This will take few minutes.

Step 3. Now preview and recover deleted data

At last when the entire scanning gets over, you have the preview option where you can check which data to recover. Select them and click “Recover” to save all lost data on your PC.

Bonus Tip: How to backup data from Xiaomi phone

It is always advised to do a backup of all your important files in safe place so that you don’t have to look for recovery options. Some of the ways that can help you to backup your MI phone data safely includes:

Part 1: Using Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is one of the official Mi device desktop client that was designed for users to backup data from Xiaomi phone to PC, easily share PC internet, can recover data, File Manager, and even flash Mi devices along with other features as well.

This backup option can be used to backup all your important data from Mi phone to computer.

Part 2: Using Android Data backup & Restore tool

This is a third party tool helps you to backup all your important data from phone and keep them safe without any issue. Android Data Backup and Restore allows you to backup every data like contacts, photos, videos, settings, gallery and many more with ease.

And whenever you come across data loss situation, using this tool will allow you to restore the items. It is easy to use and one of the best way to avoid any kind of data loss scenarios in future.


So now, we have to the end part and I hope that whatever methods are mentioned in this blog will surely help users to recover deleted data from Redmi Y3 with ease. No matter, whichever phone you are using, when you don’t have backup then Android Data Recovery is the best option to deal with such unexpected situation.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then don’t forget to drop them in the comment section below.

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