7 Methods To Fix Skype Error 1603 On An iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/7

7 Methods To Fix Skype Error 1603 On An iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/7

Skype is generally used in computer or other devices but have you ever experienced in kind of error on Skype while using it one iPhone?

Well, I would like to say that iPhone users may come across Skype error 1603 and in fact, several of them have reported about the issue on their new iPhone XS/XR/XS Max.

If you are the one who is looking forward to get rid of such unexpected issue while accessing Skype then this blog will definitely guide you how to fix Skype error 1603 on iPhone.

After looking for the possible reasons behind the error, I found that while updating Skype on iPhone, such error occurs.

So without any delay, let us directly move on to the solutions to help you to solve Skype error 1603 on iPhone.

How to fix iPhone XS/XS/XS Max with Skype error 1603

Before you jump to the solutions, few important things are required to follow. Check your internet connection first because poor internet connection or Wi-Fi can lead to several other issues.

Remember that Skype requires stable and fast connection to work better. In spite of having good internet connection, if you come across the same error again and again then you need to follow the below methods to overcome error 1603 on iPhone while accessing Skype.

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#Method 1: Quit the app then restart

The apps that stops working for some time can be fixed by simply quitting the app and then restarting it. You have to force close the app. Steps are given below:

  • Go to Home screen and swipe finger up and then press pause
  • Now swipe right to left to access the apps preview
  • After that, swipe up on Skype card/preview to close the app forcefully

After closing the Skype app or all other apps that are running on background, now its time to restart your device.

  • Hold and press Side/Power button or Volume buttons for few seconds
  • Now leave the buttons when Slide to Power Off appears on screen.
  • Simply drag power off slider to right side
  • After waiting for 30 seconds, press and hold Power/Side button again till the time your phone reboots

#Method 2: Update Skype app

Many times the Skype error 1603 occurs when the app is not up to date. So, to fix the error, you should update the app from App store. For your convenience, below steps are mentioned:

  • First, launch App Store and move to Updates
  • Go through those apps which are not updated
  • Find Skype and click on Update button to install the update for the particular app
  • In fact, you can click on Update All button to update all apps.

#Method 3: Update your iOS

Using your phone for longer with old iOS version can also be the problem for the Skype error. So, to fix the issue, updating your iPhone’s OS can solve several issues and error along with software bugs.

So, once you should check whether your phone is updated to latest version or not.

  • Go to Settings app from Home screen
  • Click on General > Software Update

#Method 4: Uninstall Skype and then reinstall

Skype can show error on iPhone when the app gets corrupted. So you should fix the problem by reinstalling the app but for that, you have to uninstall the app from your iPhone.

Go through the below steps carefully:

  • Click and hold the app icon unless it begins jiggling from Home screen
  • Now click on X on Skype app
  • Now select Delete and confirm the deletion

Follow the below steps to remove Skype app from iPhone storage:

  • First, open Settings on your phone
  • Now click on General > iPhone storage
  • Select the Skype app from list and App Screen will open
  • Now from App screen, select Delete app
  • When you get popup, click on Delete App popup

After following these steps, now its time to restart your phone and again reinstall the app on your phone.

  • First, launch App Store on phone
  • Now here search for Skype App
  • Select Skype app according to search result
  • Now click on Cloud/Get icon to download and install the app

Wait for some time unless Skype app gets installed completely on iPhone. For better response, you can once restart your phone.

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#Method 5: Reset network settings

Several times, network problems can really trouble you a lot and can lead to come across such error 1603 on iPhone while accessing Skype app.

Resetting iPhone’s network setting can solve the issue but doing this will delete all network configurations like Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi and other information related to network.

Follow the below steps to reset network settings:

  • First open Settings app from Home screen
  • Now click on General > Reset
  • Here you have to select Reset network settings

  • Enter the passcode when popup occurs
  • At last, click on popup to confirm reset network settings

#Method 6: Toggle Airplane mode on and off

One of the simple ways you can try to fix Skype error 1603 on iPhone is by toggling Airplane mode on and off. This will give you an instant restart to your network settings on your phone with all other functions.

If you like then follow the below steps carefully:

  • Go to Settings from Home screen
  • There you have to select Airplane mode
  • Now click on Airplane mode to turn ON.

  • Now restart your device when Airplane mode in enabled
  • After that, go to Settings > Airplane Mode and now toggle to switch OFF Airplane Mode

At last, wait for some time until your phone re-establishes network connections properly

#Method 7: Do Reset All Settings on phone

After you have done network settings, even resetting all settings on your iPhone can also work to solve the error you are coming across. When customized settings shows error on Skype then also such issues are visible to users.

Therefore, to fix the issue, you have to remove all customized settings and then restore the phone to default options.

Follow the below steps for that:

  • Go to Settings from Home screen and choose General
  • Now move down and click on Reset
  • Here you have to choose the option Reset All Settings
  • If required then enter password to move further
  • At last, confirm the reset settings

Once reset is over, phone will reboot automatically and all the settings are restored to default. It also means that you have to enable features individually to operate your phone again.

In between, there are chances that some data might gets deleted or wiped away from iPhone while resetting the device. In that case, how to get back the deleted data is a challenge for many users.

But I would suggest you not to worry because you can restore lost files or content from iPhone with the help of iOS Data Recovery. This best and reliable software easily recovers lost/deleted data from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices. It is easy to use and all wiped away data are retrieved with ease.


The above error mentioned may come to use or may not but you should be aware of Skype error 1603 on iPhone. In this blog, I have discussed about some best ways to deal with the above error on iPhone.

However, if you ever come across the same issue, don’t forget to follow this guide.

Further if you have any suggestion then don’t forget to drop any comment on the below comment section.

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