7 Tips and Tricks to Save Smartphone’s from Exploding

Learn How to Prevent Your Smartphone From Blasting With Simple Steps

The incidents of mobile phone blasts are heard a lot nowadays. In fact, it has become one of the trending news that every now and again we come to hear that some mobile has blast, which is just an unexpected situation.

One of the common news you might have heard about mobile explode is Samsung mobile blast. This is because maximum times it was seen that devices of Samsung were exploding.

Recently a news was published that one of the iPhone was exploded on pocket and many of them were injured seriously.

Now what can be the reason behind such explosion is a big question for we as a user and for the company as well as other users.

Generally, people have a thought that overheating of the phone might have lead to such blast of phone or may be the batteries were damaged that also has a high chance of bursting the mobile.

So here in this blog, I will guide you some of the best tips and tricks that will help your phone to stop blasting under any condition. You should follow those precautions mentioned in this blog and  so that you can stop your favorite phone from blasting.

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Why smartphones catch fire?

After explosion of your phone, you might have seen that it catches fire but have you thought why such things happen?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you out.

All electronic devices either phones or computer, all need a large amount of power that also leads to produce heat in a large amount. Though, this reality cannot be neglected but at some point, too much heat on your phone can harm your device and even make it worse.

Every electronic device has tiny and sensitive components and this becomes tinier in smartphones, which also makes more sensitive to heat.

When the temperature is not normal then the plastic insulation can melt and this condition can make your device to malfunction and somewhere dangerous.


You should know that the battery of your phone is made of lithium ion. All these batteries suffer from a small problem known as “thermal runway” that leads to heat up your device and it adds more heat that can end up with a disaster. Due to this, all such batteries are equipped with a protective system that avoids overcharging and also prevent from some unexpected reactions of chemicals consist on it.

Generally exploding of battery can be due to two reasons among which the first one is puncture and it is caused by dropping the phone. The internal short circuit occurs that leads to swelling of battery and have a high chance of explosion.

Best tips to prevent your Smartphone from blasting

Tip 1: If you are using duplicate or fake batteries on your phone just to save some money then immediately throw it now. Saving little money can put you in more trouble and always remember that nothing is expensive than your life.

Though, you can get duplicate batteries at very cheap rates but don’t try this technique. The explosion of your phone can be due to such fake or duplicate batteries.

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Tip 2: The charger you use for your phone to charge is also an important aspect that should be equally checked. Many of them use different chargers to charge their devices but they are unknown of the fact that it can also explode your phone.

Fake chargers are the culprit for your phone to blast so whenever you charge your phone, always use its original charger that you have got with your device. No matter wherever your go, avoid using any other charger for your phone.

Tip 3: Your phone has a high chance of getting blast when it gets overheated. And it gets overheated when your phone’s battery receives more voltage than it requires and this overheating increases the chance of explosion.

So, you should know that your phone should not get overcharged because there is no logic in charging the phone when it shows 100% full. In addition, if anyone has a habit of charging his or her phone the whole night then it’s a big mistake and one should avoid doing this.

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Tip 4: If your phone is wet due to some reason then avoid charging it immediately. This is a risky situation, can damage your phone a lot, and sometimes can lead to explosion.

As you might know that water and electricity are not good for each other and when such things happens then its obvious that some unexpected situation can occur and might your phone get blast.

Tip 5: Avoid using your phone when it is plugged on charger and don’t even try to talk when your phone is charging. Even the manufacturers highly recommend not using the device when it is plugged to charger.

Actually, what happens is when your device is in charging mode then lots of heat is produced and at the same time, if any usage is done then it have a chance to make your phone produce more heat that leads to phone explosion.

Tip 6: Check your phone’s battery regularly and if you think that it is damaged a little bit then immediately replace it. People generally ignore this situation but ignoring means you are giving invitation to an explosion.

Though nowadays, many devices are coming with non-removable battery but if your device supports removable battery then don’t just ignore the damaged battery.

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Tip 7: Avoid keeping your phone on any environment that can make it a situation to explode. Keeping the device in such temperatures where it can get excessive heat should be avoided.

Direct placing your phone in sunlight or placing the device where heat is produced can make your phone blast.

Bonus points to remember:

  • You can charge your phone at low voltage through your computer USB port. It will slowly charge your phone but will be risk free. It also provides less heat while charging
  • Avoid placing your phone in higher temperatures
  • Never use your phone at the time of charging
  • Stop leaving your phone in charging position the whole night
  • Never overcharge your phone
  • The cover you use for your phone should not allow heat to pass or itself don’t provide any heat
  • When phone’s battery is completely drained then avoid charging it at a time. Charge your phone at short intervals.


No matter which brand Smartphone you are using, when the unexpected things like to happen, it would happen, no matter it can be the phone explosion too. However, you should remember few things to avoid such blast on your phone.

I have mentioned some of the best tips and tricks to avoid from phone explosion and would recommend others also to follow those tips carefully.

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