iPhone Screen Flickering And Unresponsive After iOS 12.4.1 Update- 9 Effective Ways to Fix It

iPhone Screen Flickering And Unresponsive After iOS 12.4.1 Update- 9 Effective Ways to Fix It

While accessing your iPhone, did you just come across iPhone screen flickering and unresponsive issue and thinking what to do next?

If yes then you have landed in right place because here in this blog, you will come to know about how to fix iPhone screen flickering and unresponsive issue on iPhone XR/XS/XS Max.

Well, the very first thing that you might be wondering is how such things have happened, right?

Nowadays, iPhone screen flickering is a common issue and its really very annoying. So today, I will discuss about some better ways to solve iPhone screen flickering and unresponsive after iOS 12/12.4.1/13 update.

But what is important is to understand the main causes of such error before you move ahead to any solutions.

So let us begin…

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Reasons for iPhone screen flickering after iOS 12.4.1 update

What are the reasons behind iPhone unresponsive are important to know. Some of them are:

  • Hardware related problem is one of the reasons for the issue. Just like iPhone screen flickering after drop, water damage etc
  • Software related issue like device software gets damaged or corrupt that is leading to iPhone flickering problems on iPhone XR/X/8/7/6 and other models
  • When your device don’t have enough storage memory then its likely to show such types of error like screen flickering, slow performance, apps lagging and others.

After going through the reasons behind screen flickering issue on iPhone, now its time to know what are the different ways to solve the problem. So let walk through them…

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Way 1: Do hard reset of your iPhone

Whenever any issues like flickering or software crashes on iPhone then doing hard reset of your device can really solve the problem.

Follow below how to do hard reset of different iPhone models:

  • For iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8– Simply press and release Volume Up buttons, then press and release Volume down button and after that, press and hold Side button unless Apple Logo occurs on screen
  • For iPhone 7/7 Plus– Press and hold Power button with Volume Down button unless Apple logo occurs on screen
  • For iPhone 6S/SE and older models– Simply press and hold Power button with Home button unless Apple Logo occurs on iPhone screen

Doing this will solve iPhone 8 screen flickering issue as well as other iPhone models.

Way 2: Switch off Auto brightness feature

Many iPhone users have reported that their iPhone screen flickering problem was fixed by turning off Auto-brightness feature.

So, you should also try it once and check if the problem disappears. To do it, first, open Settings and then click on General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations. And here switch off the button next to Auto-brightness.

Way 3: Put your iPhone in DFU mode

You might be aware of DFU mode (Device Firmware Update) that let you make changes on your device OS. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: first, connect your iPhone to PC, then launch iTunes, and switch off your device

Step 2: Now press Power button for some time and then press Volume Down button

Step 3: Then continue holding Power + Volume down buttons for 10 seconds and release Power button but continue holding Volume Down for 5 seconds

Step 4: Here if your iPhone screen is black and don’t show recovery mode then your device was successfully entered DFU mode.

Way 4: Check memory storage of iPhone

As I have mentioned in the reasons section that due to insufficient storage capacity, the problem can occur so somewhere due to less space on phone, your device will misbehave.

Not only iPhone screen flickering issue but other issues like unresponsive screen or frozen. So whenever you see that phone’s memory is full, then its better to remove the old data permanently that is not important from device and make some space on it.

Way 5: Is it an app issue making iPhone screen flicker?

You should notice if flicker issue happens only when you use a particular app and if so then your device is not the problem but the app.

In this situation, you need to close the app first to fix the issue. For that, you have open app switcher on iPhone. For iPhone 8 and other models, double press Home button.

After opening app switcher, simply swipe up and off the screen to close your app. But if the problem still continues then you should uninstall the app immediately and again reinstall it or have to find other method.

To remove or delete an app from iPhone, simply press and hold the icon on Home screen and then click on small X that occurs. At last, click on Delete button to confirm.

Way 6: Enable Reduce Transparency

Going through this method may not work permanently because this is only a temporary solution to fix iPhone screen flickering problem. When iPhone screen becomes unresponsive then this method helps. Try out the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone and tap on General tab
  • Then scroll to Accessibility tab and tap on it
  • Now tap on Increase contrast
  • At last, turn on Reduce transparency

Way 7: Hardware fix

When you still face the same problem then try to fix hardware aspect on your phone. It means that, if your device is in warranty period then you can return it or can try other things as well that is mentioned below:

  • You should try to clean the unresponsive screen that is causing the display problems
  • Change the damaged LCD screen but advised not to do on your own.

Way 8: Do factory reset of iPhone

This is the last step that you should do to fix iPhone screen flickering and unresponsive issue. Doing this process not only will solve the issue but at the same time, there is a risk of losing all important data from phone.

So before going through this method, backup all your crucial data in safe place and then follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, launch Settings on your phone

Step 2: Now choose “General” option

Step 3: After that, go to ‘Reset’ option

Step 4: Now move down and click on “Erase All Content & Settings

Step 5: Here if asked, enter the passcode and proceed further

That’s it.

But there is yet another alternative solution for you to fix iPhone 5S screen flickering issue. Lets see…

Way 9: Alternative solution to fix iPhone screen flickering and unresponsive issue after iOS 12.4.1 update

When not all the above methods works for you or you want to fix the issue immediately then you should use iOS System Recovery. This is one of the best and reliable software to deal with the situation. With the help of this tool, not only iPhone screen flickering after iOS 12.4.1 update issue is solved but other issues are also solved like iPhone stuck on Apple Logo, stuck on black screen, stuck on white screen, restarting loop and others.

This tool is helpful to fix any kind of problem on iPhone without any data loss. Just use the software and solve iPhone flickering problem with ease.

So without any worry, simply Download iOS System Recovery and repair any kind of issues on iPhone with ease.

Steps to use to solve iPhone screen unresponsive and flickering issue

Step 1: Connect your iOS device

First launch iOS System Recovery and then select ‘Repair’ option

After that, connect your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to your PC via USB cable. When the software detects your device then click on “Start” to continue the process.

After that, it will display the device information like model name, system version, baseband version etc and then click on Next to continue.

Step 2: Boot your iOS device in DFU mode

If you face problem in your iOS device that it is not functioning normally then the software will remind you to boot the device in DFU mode. After that follow the instructions to boot your idevice in DFU mode.

  • First power off your iPhone
  • Press and hold Volume down button and power button all together for 10 seconds
  • Now release the power button but hold Volume down button until DFU mode comes on the device

Steps to boot other devices in DFU mode:

  1. Switch off your iPhone.
  2. After that press and hold, the Power button and Home button together for 10 seconds.
  3. Now release the Power button but hold the Home button until the device is in DFU mode.

Step 3: Select and download the firmware

If you want a successful recovery then select the correct model and firmware and after that click on Download.

As the firmware is large so it may take some time to download completely. In between, you make sure that network is good. If you face any trouble in downloading firmware then you can simply click on Copy to download the firmware from Apple official site and select to restore download firmware.

Step 4: Fix iOS to normal status

After the download is finished, click on “Fix Now” to begin repairing your iOS and make your device to work normally again.

At last, when the entire process completes, your iOS devices will restart into normal mode as usual. If the device does not boot normally then click on Try Again to start the process.


Well, iPhone users generally come through several unwanted issues on their device but there is nothing to worry, as several ways are available to fix such errors. Screen flickering and unresponsive screen after iOS 12.4.1 update issue can be solved by going through this blog completely.

I hope whatever solutions I have mentioned will work for you and if you have any suggestion or queries the don’t forget to drop them in below comment section.

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