14 Ways To Fix Instagram “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” On iPhone 14/13/12

Have you seen the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error on Instagram on iPhone 14/13/12/11/X? Wondering about how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem? If your answer is Yes then don’t worry, this article will definitely help to get rid of the issue.

Nowadays, Instagram is known as one of the best social networking apps that work well on all Android and iPhones as well as computers/laptops.

But sometimes, it also shows an error where users are completely blank about what to do. Nowadays, a few users have reported that they have come across an error on Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed”.

Now, this kind of error is not a new thing because previously also several users have come through it after upgrading their iOS version to iOS 17 beta/16/15/14/13/12/11.  This error can put users in trouble as they cannot see any latest posts from users.

So if you are going through this same error message then do read this blog carefully. Here I am going to give you some troubleshooting tips to fix Instragam can’t refresh feed iPhone or Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on profiles.

List of Solutions:

Why I Get Error Instagram ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ On iPhone?

Several users also reported that they get an error like “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on profiles” or even come across “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed too many requests”.

Now for all these kinds of errors, there are always some reasons behind them. And it’s also a good way to check out the causes behind the error first before you jump to the solutions.

A few reasons are:

  • Poor or weak internet connection
  • Maybe Instagram is not updated to the latest version
  • Application issue
  • Not having enough bandwidth to complete the request
  • Server error or other problem

How To Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed Instagram Error On iPhone 14/13/12/11?

Here I am going to guide you with some essential tips or solutions that will help you to get rid of Instagram couldn’t refresh feed too many requests.

So let’s walk through them one by one and check out which one works to solve the error.

Method 1: Restart Your iPhone/iPad

Without frustrating yourself after getting such an error message, the very first thing you should do is restart your iPhone/iPad.

When you restart your iPhone then all apps will close and also internet connection will be disconnected. This will refresh your phone and will remove all jams wirelessly.

restart iphone

So a simple solution is to restart your iPhone as per the model and then check if the problem is resolved. If this does not work then go to the next method.

Method 2: Check Network Problem

Couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram can result because of several reasons and network connectivity issues are one of them. You should once check whether your app is getting a proper internet connection or not.

For that, you should go to Settings on the phone and ensure the mobile/Wi-Fi network is properly connected. Many times, an internet connection is not proper or weak or gets disconnected which can show such errors while using the app.

network connection

Therefore, you need a strong connection to work the app smoothly and to get rid of Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error.

So here are the steps to follow for iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus:

  • Move to Settings > Wi-Fi > and switch to another Wi-Fi

Method 3: Delete Instagram Cache

The apps like Instagram that we use generally gather lots of cache files to improve the app experience. However, these files may get corrupt and put you in trouble leading to Instagram “couldn’t refresh feed” on iPhone.

So you should clear all cache and data files of the app to get rid of the issue.

Follow the below steps as guided:

  • First, open Settings on your iPhone
  • Then, go to General > move to iPhone Storage > search Instagram app
  • Here, you will see the app’s data along with the “Delete app” option

delete app and cache files instagram iphone

  • Click on the Delete app option and cached files will be deleted

Once done, now go to App Store and download the app again.

Method 4: Update The Instagram App

Check out whether your Instagram app is updated to the latest version or not. What happens is when the app is not updated then it shows such kinds of error messages.

Updating fixes several bugs or errors as well and couldn’t refresh feed is also resolved.

update Instagram

So you should check whether your app requires any update by going to App Store > tap on Update section > and all apps will be listed. Just click on the Update option next to the Instagram app.

Method 5: Check For Unwanted Symbols In Comments

Many times, you get couldn’t refresh your feed on Instagram iPhone when any of the comments have some unwanted characters or symbols. You can see an “X” symbol in the comment or “” symbol.

instagram comments

When it occurs then it simply means that you have to remove that comment and then load the photo. But remember that to delete the symbol or comment, you have to log in to Instagram on another browser and then see if the problem is resolved or not.

Method 6: Uninstall And Reinstall Instagram

When you continuously see the same error message then you should uninstall the app and again reinstall it. This can solve the “Instagram keeps saying couldn’t refresh feed iPhone” error.

So here are the steps to follow:

  • First, tap on the Instagram icon on your iPhone
  • Then click on the X button to remove the app
  • After that, go to App Store and search Instagram

uninstall Instagram

  • Next, move ahead, download, and install the app on the iPhone
  • Now login with the same username and password
  • At last, check whether the problem is resolved or not

Method 7: Logout Of Instagram On A Browser

A simple solution is yet to carry on. When you come across such an error then log out of the app and again log in after some time. This is the best trick to get rid of Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on profiles.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, log in to Instagram on the browser
  • After login into it, go to profile settings and simply logout
  • Next, on your iPhone, launch the app and again login

logout Instagram

Doing this will solve the error messages on the iPhone.

Method 8: Use Instagram On Another iPhone

Your iPhone may have some issues due to which your Instagram app is showing errors. There is nothing to worry about this as the simple solution is to check the same app on another iPhone.

When you continuously come across Instagram that cannot refresh the feed on your iPhone then it’s better to use it on another device. Simply log in with the same id and password on another device and see if the same error is popping up or not.

Method 9: Delete Double Hashtags

As per the report from Instagram users end, they found that the error was due to a double hashtag (##) on some comments. Same as unwanted symbols, these double hashtags were the culprit for couldn’t refresh Instagram feed on iPhone.

Actually, when some comments have double hashtags the app does not work properly and leads to such unwanted issues.

double hashtag

Therefore, to get rid of this kind of problem, just log in to your Instagram account and search for the comment having (##) and remove it.

That’s it…

Method 10: Upload A New Picture

Now we are not sure about why such an error occurs but there are solutions. Many users have reported that after uploading a new picture, the error disappeared.

So once you should also try this simple trick by uploading a new photo and then refreshing the feed. It can work for you as well when it worked for others.

Therefore, if you do this method then there is no harm in it and maybe the error will be resolved.

upload new picture

Method 11: Instagram Server May Go Wrong

When you see the error “Couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram then the problem might be due to the server issue. Maybe Instagram itself is updating or upgrading its operation due to which the service stops.

In that situation, you need to wait unless Instagram repairs itself from the operation. You can visit the Downdetector website the get the latest information about the app.


Method 12: Disable Data Saver Mode

Data saver mode helps to lower the data usage of any app while using it. However, if any error occurs while using the app then it’s suggested to turn off this feature to fix the issue.

Here is what you have to do:

  • First, open Instagram > and choose the profile icon
  • Now, click on three horizontal lines > select Settings
  • Here, choose Account and then Cellular data use option
  • Switch off the Data Saver option  from here

data saver option iphone

At last, re-launch your Instagram feed and check if it’s working without any errors.

Method 13: Contact Developer Of The App

When nothing works for you then one solution that I am going to suggest is to contact the developer to get rid of the exact problem.

This step has solved many users’ problems and hopefully, you can also get rid of the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed iPhone” problem easily.

Here are the steps:

  • First, go to App Store on your iPhone
  • Then find out your App and go to the Review section
  • Now click on the New Document icon
  • Next, look and click on Report a Problem icon
  • Doing this, an email will be sent to the developer of the exact problem you are coming across and they will try to solve the error ASAP.

contact instagram support

Method 14: One-Stop Solution To Fix Instagram Can’t Refresh Feed On iPhone 14/13/12/11

Apart from the above methods for “couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram iPhone, there is yet one of the best and most effective ways to get rid of this error is by using iOS System Repair. This is a professional tool that helps to fix any kind of error or issue on the iPhone.

This is easy to use tool and can resolve iPhone/iPad errors without any further issues. Some errors that it can solve are the iPhone stuck on black screen/blue/white, Apps keep crashing iPhone, iPhone stuck on preparing update, Assistive touch not working, and several others.

Therefore, you just need to Download iOS System Repair tool and fix what Instagram keeps saying couldn’t refresh feed iPhone.

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Many iPhone users have reported that they come across a “Couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram. Now, this is irritating and there can be several reasons behind it. However, in this blog, I have given the 12 best solutions to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on iPhone 14/13/12/11.

I hope whatever solutions discussed will surely help to get rid of the issue and you can freely access Instagram without any problem. For advanced solutions, go for iOS System Repair software.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then do mention them in below comment section.

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