How To Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone Without Backup (iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/8 Plus Supported]
How To Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone Without Backup (iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/8 Plus Supported]

How To Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone Without Backup (iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/8 Plus Supported]

Have you forgot your iPhone screen passcode and you are helpless in accessing the photos stored on your locked phone?

Looking how to get back your important photos from locked iPhone but not getting any way?

If you see in reality then weird things happen in everyday life where iOS users face a situation in which their iPhone get disabled due to some reasons and they don’t able to access it.

Several iPhone users have reported about the issue where they have admitted that after entering the wrong passcode repeatedly, they have locked their phone and cannot do anything, it means their phone is completely disabled.

If you have experienced the same situation and looking for ways to recover photos from disabled iPhone then this blog is definitely for you.

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Whenever you think that lost data are not easily recovered then don’t worry, use iOS Data Recovery software and instantly restore every lost/wiped away data from iPhone or iPad without any backup.

What is the error about?

According to several iPhone users, when they have entered incorrect password for 10 times continuously then their phone has become disabled and they cannot access the phone. They only know that doing factory reset can solve the disabled phone but a risk also included in this and that is, all the data will be wiped away.

So, users just want to know how to recover their important photos from disabled phone before doing factory reset.

Generally, the broken or disabled phone can bring lots of challenges like how to fix it and how to get back the data stored on the phone. Important photos when cannot accessed on iPhone then it almost becomes impossible to restore them.

So for all users of iPhone, I have gathered few ways that can help to recover photos from disabled iPhone XS/XR/XS Max/8/8 Plus without backup.

User experience

I am having some troubles with my iPhone. I put a lock code onto my iPhone 4, and couldnt remember the code at the time. Trying random codes i then was locked out then it disabled it & it told me to connect with iTunes. I have not backed it up in some time and have lottts of pictures on the phone, many of my grandmother who is no longer doing too good. I am so scared to lose those pictures. Is there a way to get around this? I really am terrified of losing all my pictures. Are they in the iCloud? What will jail breaking do? Or is there some where i can bring it to for them to fix this?


Another example to make you understand better:

How do i retrieve photos from my disabled iphone

I I accidentally had a huge brain fade today and used the wrong password 6 times and have disabled my iPhone 7.

all my photos are on there not backed up 😟 How do I access these?


Common scenarios that can Disable your iPhone

Though you access your phone because you have owned it but several times, you don’t have control on it and it becomes disabled. Some of the common reasons that can make your phone inaccessible includes:

  • Wrong typed password for 10 times continuously can lock your phone and you cannot access the data stored on it.
  • Trying to add different iOS to phone or just want to modify without any authorization can disable your iPhone

Basically, these two reasons can make your phone disable and it is important to enable it ASAP so that you can access your photos and other data from your device.

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Why it is important to lock the phone

Security is the most important thing is everyone’s life and nobody would love to share their data to any third person without permission.

This is the reason that almost every iPhone users set a password on their phone just to protect privacy information.

In fact, several users regularly change their passwords to ensure the security. But when you forget the password then it becomes a critical situation to access the phone. Without entering right password, users will not be able to access the data stored on their phone.

Trying several times with wrong password makes your phone disabled. In this situation, you have to restore the device with iTunes or iCloud to unlock the device.

But you might have not backed up your device and restoring your phone can delete all your important photos from your device.

Is it possible to recover files from locked phone?

When the data becomes inaccessible on iPhone due to wrong password then is there a way to recover the photos stored on it? This is a questions from many users and they really want to know the answer.

I would like to say that yes, there is a possibility to recover all your photos and other data with the help of a recovery tool.

But make sure that you have not stored any other data after losing all your photos from phone. This is because if you save any new data then old data will be overwritten and the chance of getting back the deleted data like photos will not be restored.

Apart from this, if your phone is synced to iCloud or iTunes then also there is a chance to get back your lost data from it.


Solutions to get back data from disabled phone

Solution 1: Delete and recover lost photos from disabled iPhone using iTunes

When you iPhone/iPad is synced with iTunes then you have a chance to backup all your data of your iPhone with the use of iTunes. Because this is the only way that can help to get back photos from device without a password.

So follow the steps below to backup and restore lost photos from iPhone.

Step 1: First, open iTunes and the connect your iPhone/iPad to computer via USB cable

Step 2: When your device appears on iTunes then you have to select it.

Step 3: After that, you have to tap on “Backup Now” to proceed. When backup process is over then your iTunes backup files will be saved on computer

After this, you have to follow the below steps to restore the device.

Step 1: First, connect your iPhone to PC that is synced with and wait for sometime for iTunes to sync with your phone and then create a backup

Step 2: When sync is over, tap on “Restore iPhone” and when you get Setup screen during restoring the iPhone, click on “Restore from iTunes backup”.

Step 3: Here you have to choose the latest backup to restore your phone

Solution 2: Use Recovery Mode to fix the problem

When you fail to set up Find my iPhone on iCloud or fail to sync your device with iTunes then putting your device in recovery mode can help. Follow the below steps to proceed:

Step 1: First, connect your iPhone to computer and then launch iTunes

Step 2: Now force restart your iPhone by holding Sleep/Wake with Home button together until you see Recovery mode.

Step 3: When you see Update or Restore option on iPhone, select “Restore” and iTunes will download the software for your device.

Step 4: Wait for sometime until the process is over and after that set up the device as new. In between the process goes longer than 15 minutes that means that your device is out of recovery mode and you have to again start it

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Solution 3: What to do when disabled iPhone never synced to iTunes

When your iPhone has never synced with iTunes then also you need to use recovery mode to restore your phone. Going through this method will erase your device. Also ensure you have set up Find My iPhone in iCloud previously.

Now follow the below steps carefully:

Step 1: Open from other device and then sign in using your Apple ID

Step 2: Now tap on “All Devices” option and choose the device you want to erase. Tap on “Erase iPhone” to erase your phone.

Step 3: After that, you can select Restore option to recover your lost data or can set up as new

Solution 4: Recover photos from iPhone directly without backup

As you have already know that you can recover lost data or photos from iPhone using iTunes or iCloud backup. But what when you want to restore any data selectively like photos from iPhone?

In this scenario, you have to make use of third party recovery tool like iOS Data Recovery software. This is one of the best and reliable tool that works effectively to rescue every wiped away data from iPhone/iPad. It is designed especially for iOS devices to restore erased photos directly from iPhone.

This professional program supports all iPhone models including the latest models iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/8/8 Plus and others. [Read how to recover lost/deleted data from iPhoneXR/XS/XS Max].

Not only able to retrieve photos but other data as well are also recovered such as messages, videos, contacts, call history, music files, notes, documents, WeChat, WhatsApp and several others.

So without any worry, simply Download iOS Data Recovery and get back lost or disabled photos from iPhone/iPad with ease.

Tutorial on how to recover lost photos from disabled iPhone

Step 1. Connect iOS Device with Computer

First connect your iOS device (iphone, iPad, iPod touch) to your computer via USB cable and after that launch the Recovery software and select “Recover”.

As soon it detects your device, the below window will appear

Step 2. Scan your device for lost data

Now you have to click on “Start Scan” option to scan your iOS devices to check the lost/deleted data. This process may take few minutes depending on your data. However if you find the data that you want in between then press “Pause” button to stop the process.

Step 3: Preview and recover the scanned data

After the scanning process is over, result will appear of both existing as well as lost. If you want to filter then you can select “Only display the deleted items” to ON. Here you can preview the data. Even you can search the for the particular file in the search box and at last save the data by clicking the recovery button.

Bonus Tips:

Few things need to be remembered and should be followed to avoid any kind of data loss in future.

  • Generally, we all set a password on our phone to safeguard from others but if you create a tricky password then note it down somewhere so that you can get it whenever you need it
  • You should have a good habit of creating a backup regularly so that you don’t have to suffer from any kind of data loss situation
  • Regularly try to change your password and don’t keep the same one for long time. Its good for your phone and its safety

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Apart from these things, you can also enable iCloud to automatically backup all your data every day. For that, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup and ensure iCloud backup is turned on

Step 2: Don’t switch off your phone

Step 3: Ensure your device is connected to WiFi

Step 4: Also make sure your phone’s screen is locked

Step 5: Check whether enough space is available on your iCloud or not to backup your phone completely


Photos are important for every people in this entire world and nobody would love to lose them. But some situation occurs where important data such as photos gets lost from iPhone or iPad. But if you have backup available then you don’t have to worry about anything.

And when you don’t have any backup, then also there is no need to worry as there are ways to restore wiped away data from phone. In this blog, I have mentioned few ways that will allow you to recover photos from disabled phone without any backup.

Follow them carefully and if you have any more suggestion, then don’t forget to drop a comment in the below comment section.

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