[3 Ways] How To Recover Files From Android Phone Internal Storage

Did you accidentally lost or deleted files from Android internal memory?

Worried about what to do and how to recover deleted files from Android phone internal storage?

If yes then don’t worry, read this article completely to know everything in detail.

Nowadays as it is seen that Smartphone has taken the entire world in its place and why not, Smartphone plays an important role in everyone’s life.

This is because the phone not only helps to fulfill every requirement of communication but also offers several tasks which people cannot live without like engaging in social networking, playing games, clicking photos, and recording videos, and many others.

But many times, accidentally we click on the delete option and we encounter a data loss situation from our phone’s internal memory. Now, how to recover deleted files from Android phone memory is a big question.

If this is the situation you have faced then don’t worry, as you will get the best methods to recover lost files from your Android phone’s internal storage.

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Reasons behind data deletion from Android internal memory

When you own an Android device and if you are not using it properly then obviously it will stop working in better condition.

Moreover, it can get infected by malicious malware which is another big problem. The main problem is that the internal memory may not work properly and whatever data you have on the device might become inaccessible.

Even several cases occur where users accidentally press the delete option by selecting wrong data and they face a data loss situation.

Formatting the device also leads to data loss and this can be more problematic when you don’t have any backup available with you.

In fact, the wrong update can also make your data lose and all these you never think of that can push in trouble.

So all in whole, losing data from internal memory can be from several ways.

IMPORTANT– After you realize that you have lost your files from Android internal memory, you should stop using the device immediately. The concept behind this is if you want to get back those erased data, then you can recover those by using any powerful Android phone recovery software. They are not permanently deleted but still remain in the phone’s memory. If any new data is saved then the old data can be overwritten and the chance of getting back the wiped out data will be finished.

Is there any possibility to recover lost files from Android internal memory?

Lots of users have the same question in their minds after losing data from the phone.

You should know that Android phones are basically designed to stop direct access to internal memory.

But, actually, Android phone organizes their own data in the same file structure. It means that if the phone is used improperly then you will end up with a data loss situation.

Internal storage is basically based on binary coding. So whenever data is lost then only the virtual pointer of data is deleted. It means that data is still present in the device itself and it can be easily recoverable.

Because of this, many users are confused about how to recover lost files from Android internal storage without backup.

This is because many recovery software also doesn’t work to restore data from internal memory. So how to recover deleted files from internal memory.

How to recover deleted files from Android internal storage?

There are several ways by which users can get back their deleted files from the phone’s memory. The important one is backup, but wait a minute…do you have a backup or do you ever created a backup of your precious data?

Backup is something that can never replace anything else. It is always said that prevention is better than cure, the same way back up is also important to prevent any kind of data loss situations.

Backup simply means that you can manage the situation from unexpected damage to your data.

But what when you don’t have a backup?

Let’s move ahead and check out the methods to recover lost files.

Method 1: How to recover deleted files Android internal storage free from Google drive

Android users know it very well and are very famous because Google Drive gives 15GB of storage space to users where lots of data can be easily saved.

It’s easy to store files on Google drive. Only you have to long-press the files and then hit Share and select Google Drive.

Now if you have already backed up your data here then follow the below steps to access

  • Go to Google Drive through the app or browser at https://google.com/drive.
  • Here you will see the list of files that you have saved. Select the files you want. You can also take the help of the search box and find the files you wish.
  • At last, click on the Download option after selecting the files

Google drive

Method 2: How To Recover Deleted Files Android Internal Storage Without PC

Remember that whenever any files get deleted or wiped away from Android internal memory or SD card then they can be recovered.

There are many useful apps available in Google Play Store that helps to recover deleted files Android internal storage free without a computer.

But yes, here the recovery option depends on what types of data or files you want to restore. For every particular data, there are apps available.

Simply if you want to recover photos from Android phone using apps then free as well as paid apps are available like GT Recovery, Disk Digger, Restore Image, DigDeep Image Recovery.

But when you want to recover all lost data from Android phone then you need an Android recovery program that can help you to recover deleted files from Android internal storage without PC

Method 3: How To Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone Internal Memory Without Backup

If you don’t have a backup available in any other place then also no need to worry.

Luckily there are other solutions to help you on how to recover deleted files from internal storage of Android.

Android Data Recovery software is one of the most recommended software that is used to recover every lost Android data. This tool is easy to use and it recovers data from internal memory as well as external memory.

It is used for phones and tablets and supports every Android brand like Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi, and many others.

Whatever data you want to restore such as contacts, photos, documents, videos, text messages, call history, music files, and others can be easily recovered and it does not matter how you have lost them.

So without wasting any time, Free Download Android Data Recovery tool and recover deleted files from phone memory on Android.

Android Data Recovery- Recover lost/deleted data from Android phones

The best and effective tool to recover lost, deleted, inaccessible data from Android phones. Some unique features include:

  • Directly recover several data types like photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recover lost data in any critical situation like a broken screen, accidental, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
  • Provides one-click option to "Recover" deleted files without backup
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Steps to restore files from phone’s internal memory

Extra Bonus: Do I Have To Root My Android Phone For Recovery Of Data?

When you root your Android phone, you get complete access to the entire system.  You can delete the software from your phone as you wish.

But here it’s a risk because many important files or data can get erased automatically. And this is a big concern for Android phone users.

In fact, many of them ask how to recover deleted files from Android internal memory without rooting?

Because rooting gives you the permission to do any changes but there are lots of risks at the same time. But is also true that if you don’t root your Android phone then third-party apps will not be able to access the internal memory.

And it also means that the recovery tool of Android will not be able to recover files from Android phone internal memory.

Apart from this, if you want to recover deleted media files from an external SD card then there is no need to root your Android device.

Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Files From Android After Factory Reset?

You already know that whenever files are deleted from an Android phone then they can be recovered but most of the users want to know how to recover deleted files after factory reset Android phone?

Now if this is the case then it totally depends on what type of factory reset was done. If you have clean the entire device then your files may be hidden somewhere in Android internal memory that was created before. And this is a great chance to get back files from an Android phone.

But remember, doing a factory reset and then restoring to default will delete all data from the phone’s memory. And you will not get any chance to retrieve them.

Some useful tips to remember

Whenever you face a data loss situation or realize data loss then remember these points. They are useful and can save your data from permanent loss.

  • The very first thing, stop using your device immediately after you come to know about the situation. Don’t even open any apps or click pictures or something like that.
  • Never try to restart your device again and again just in a hope that the invisible data will be recovered. Maybe the situation can become worse.
  • Never do a factory reset of your device as this is a risky method and you might lose all your data permanently.
  • Always backup your essential data in a safe place
  • To recover erased data, only use a reliable software


How can I recover permanently deleted files from my Android?

To recover files from Android phone internal storage, follow the below steps:

  • First, download and install Android data recovery software on a PC
  • Now connect your device to the computer via USB cable
  • Allow your phone to scan completely for the deleted files
  • Next, preview the files and select them to recover
  • Finally, click on the Restore option and all your deleted files will be recovered

Can I recover deleted files from internal phone memory?

Yes, there is a possibility to retrieve deleted files from Android phone internal memory. If you have created a backup of the missing files then it is easy to restore. If no backup is found then you need to use a professional recovery tool like Android data recovery.


As Android device plays an important role in everyone’s life so its data should also be in a safe place just to deal with any unexpected situation. Though reasons may be several for data loss but don’t worry, there are ways to get back those files from internal storage.

Whatever solutions I have provided in this blog will surely help you to recover deleted files from Android internal storage.

For quick recovery of lost files, go for Android data recovery software and restore files from internal storage without backup.

So never lose hope and try the best methods to deal with data loss scenarios.

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