[BEST GUIDE] How To Backup And Restore Contacts From Truecaller App

Truecaller is one of the known apps that has maintained its quality and supporting to people especially in countries like India.

Lots of people install this app immediately after they buy a new phone or when they reset their old phone.

This app is a Sweden-based company and users always look for some new features on it so that it can completely satisfy users.

But now Truecaller has come up with its new update for its users and people would love to have this feature on it.

So let us know what Truecaller has come upon its new feature.

About Truecaller app

Truecaller is one of the popular Caller ID apps that is used by millions of users not only in India but in other countries as well.

It is now spreading its approach by adding some new features like backup and restore, letting users to backup all contacts, call logs, and blocklist to Google Drive.

It means that this latest update will now allow you to sync all your important data. This new feature from Truecaller for Android devices is named Truecaller Backup.

With the help of this feature, users can connect Truecaller accounts directly to Google Drive that is used to store apps data such as call history, contacts, app settings, and blocklist.

This update is officially announced and expected to cover every Android device.

According to Truecaller:

Truecaller Backup’ has been one of the most requested features by its users and will simplify a user’s transition to a new phone or SIM card by securely backing up their contacts and settings and stored on your Google Drive, company said in a statement.

backup contacts1

Every day, thousands of Truecaller users are switching to a new phone, getting a new SIM card, resetting their device, or in general having to start their Truecaller journey anew. This inevitably leads to lost contacts, blank call logs, and lost data,” the company says in a statement

As per Truecaller’s statement, it says that Truecaller is always ready to respond to customer requests and so many users have requested to add a backup feature in the app and so it has done for its customers.

With this new feature, every user will be benefited especially those who want to switch between handsets and SIM cards.

In addition, users can even set the data backup frequency. And later on, restore to the last saved state via Google Drive.

Another feature of the Truecaller app:

Yet another important feature added by this amazing app and is Truecaller Contacts. It works very simply. Whenever anyone calls you and you don’t save the number then this app does the job for you.

It will backup all the numbers automatically that you have ever received from any call, messages, etc.

Now, whenever you want to find the contacts, simply you have to type in the app’s search bar and it’s done. Apart from this, the app also has other features such as Last Seen, Flash, and Contact Availability.

In this way, it will be easy to communicate with anyone you like from your contacts and there will be no need to make a call.

How do Truecaller Contacts work?

If you are using the Truecaller app on your phone and if its update is available then it will show a popup to backup all your contacts, blocklist, call history, and settings to Google Drive.

Even this feature can be enabled by directly going to settings.

TRuecaller backup

Now, follow the below steps to backup contacts on Truecaller:

  • First, you have to choose the Menu button and then click on the Settings
  • Now select the Backup and Restore option
  • Here you have to select Google Account for backup. Users can also select whether they want to backup daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand.
  • At last, provide Truecaller access to Google Drive

How to backup and restore Truecaller app data?

Several users uninstall the app for any reason. For them as well as others, now there is no need to worry because this new feature does a lot and recovers everything.

Truecaller creates a private folder on Google Drive to store all files.

Steps to enable backup on Truecaller

  • You can enable the feature within the app settings or via wizard
  • Now choose a Google account and store all the backup files
  • At last, allow Truecaller access to Google Drive

backup truecaller

Steps to restore backup

  • Ensure the number is the same along with the Google account, which was used for backup is added to the phone
  • Now Uninstall and reinstall the Truecaller app on your phone after which you will see a popup to restore
  • At last, wait for some time until the restoration of backup is over and then restart Truecaller

How to backup and restore contacts using a professional tool

Well, many times it becomes necessary to create a backup previously so that you don’t have to deal with any kind of data loss situations.

It’s a common thing to see from several users that they don’t ever create a backup of their essential files. And later on, they have to suffer a lot to get back the deleted files.

In this condition, using a professional tool to backup all crucial stuff and restore anytime can be possible. Android Backup & Restore Tool is one such professional software that is used to backup all your essential data and contents from your Android device. And later on, when any unexpected situations occur then with the use of it, the data can be easily restored.

This powerful program can be used to backup and restore any data like contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, call history, documents, and many others. It works effectively for any Android device for any OS and without any difficulty.

So, without any hesitation, you can simply Download Android Data Backup & Restore to backup all your essential contents in a safe and secure way and later on restore when required.

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Follow the steps to backup and restore contacts from Truecaller


How to recover Truecaller history?

Several Truecaller users have a question in their mind asking how to recover the history from the app. They were unable to find the search history along with their call log in the app. For their convenience, Truecaller has provided few steps to access those:

  • First, open the Truecaller app on your phone
  • Now swipe to left
  • Here you can see all incoming and outgoing calls along with Truecaller search history

How to remove a number from the Truecaller app?

It’s not a difficult thing. You have to simply go to www.truecaller.com/unlisting and there you have to enter the number you wish to remove. If you are already using Truecaller and verified your number then you should Deactivate your account first by clicking on the More button > Settings > About tab > Deactivate account.

Is it possible to know anybody if I searched them on Truecaller?

The data on Truecaller is crowd-sourced from millions of users who use this app on their phones. If you are a simple user of this app then there will be no notification to the person you are searching for until you tap on it to ask for details. But if you have a premium subscription on Truecaller and if someone searches for your name or views your profile then obviously you will get a notification.


Well, the Truecaller app is used widely and people love it because of its unique features.

Now to provide users more, Truecaller has come up with some exciting features that would help users to backup their contacts from the app itself.

Truecaller backup and Truecaller contacts are awesome features and hope people will just love to use these features as all these are added according to users’ satisfaction.

Apart from this app, you can also use professional software to backup and restore every contact and other data from your Android devices.

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