6 Simple Methods To Recover Accidentally Deleted Notes On iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/7/6
Accidentally Deleted Notes On iPhone- Simple Guide to Recover Missing iPhone Notes (2019 Updated)

Accidentally Deleted Notes On iPhone- Simple Guide to Recover Missing iPhone Notes (2019 Updated)

Have you ever stuck on iPhone notes deleted accidentally? Looking to recover lost notes on iPhone but not getting much idea?

Don’t worry, this blog will guide you some of the best ways to retrieve accidentally deleted notes on iPhone.

Everyone is familiar with note apps that comes with various useful things. It’s a piece of software that is specially designed to note down several task without any use of paper or pen. Users feel risk free to use it for any important work.

But something unwanted things happen when important notes from iPhone gets deleted or wiped away. Users even don’t know what actually has happened that leads to iPhone notes disappeared. No matter, for whatever reason the iPhone notes has deleted, there are ways to get them back.

Practical Scenario 1: I accidentally deleted a note that I need. I need to restore it. I do not have a recent backup other than iCloud.

Upon realizing that my note was deleted I ran to my iPad to try to recover the note. Upon opening the notes app i saw the title then it disappeared. Is there a way to restore recently deleted notes to my phone. I was under the impression that iCloud allowed this. I though iCloud was a backup???

Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4706667

Practical scenario 2: Can I retrieve deleted notes from my iPhone 6s?

i accidentally deleted some notes from Notes can i get them back

Source: https://forums.imore.com/iphone-6s/365417-can-i-retrieve-deleted-notes-my-iphone-6s.html

Reasons for iPhone notes deleted

When you go through the common causes behind iPhone notes deletion then you will get several of them. Some common ones are mentioned below:

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deleted
  • Formatting the device completely
  • Malicious virus attack
  • Phone gets stolen or dropped somewhere
  • Jailbreak failure of iDevices
  • Due to iOS upgrade
  • Because of system crash

These are some of the common scenarios that can make iPhone notes disappeared from iPhone.

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Can I recover missing notes on iPhone?

The answer is BIG YES. But how you might be thinking, right? I will happy to explain you the reason behind it.

Actually when your deleted data like notes gets deleted from phone then they are not removed permanently from that place but they becomes unseen. Whenever any of your data removed due to any reason, only the storage slot gets changed from “Allocated” to “Unallocated”.

It means that the original data is still available in the device itself. When you further access the device then data gets saved in the ‘Unallocated” place and the old data gets overwritten.

So here, you have a chance to retrieve the lost data but you must remember few things.

  • Immediately stop using your phone whenever you come to know about data loss happens
  • Turn off all your mobile data or Wi-Fi so that no extra or new data gets saved. If this happens then new data can overwrite the old ones and chance of getting back the lost files will come to an end
  • Find any powerful recovery program that can restore your wiped away notes from iPhone

Now, its time to show you what are the ways to recover deleted notes on iPhone.

Let’s Dive in Directly to Solutions

Method 1: How to retrieve deleted notes from “Recently Deleted” folder

One best thing that can help you to get back your iPhone notes is by checking the Notes App. You must be aware that a folder named “Recently Deleted” is available where all your lost Notes are present for 30 days period time.

So you can recover the iPhone notes from there by going through the below steps:

Step 1: First, go to “Recently Deleted” folder in Notes App

Step 2: Now tap on “Edit” option

Step 3: Here you have to select the notes that you wish to restore and then tap on “Move To…” button

Step 4: Select the folder that you wish to move your notes on and then move ahead to view the undeleted notes.

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Method 2: Get back lost iPhone Notes from iCloud

Every iPhone users are aware of iCloud feature on their devices. And if you have enabled the syncing option with iCloud settings then the wiped away notes can be retrieved from iPhone without any problem.

Simply go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud.

Now under iCloud settings, switch on Notes option and you can see all the deleted notes in the Notes App.

For more instructions, Apple users can get it from here.

Method 3: Restore iPhone Notes from iTunes backup

It is always advised to do a regular backup of your essential data and if you have done this then you can get back those using iTunes. There is a way to restore your phone from backup but remember that the notes you will get there will be those notes that were backup of that particular day.

The Notes that was saved before disappearing can be restored using a backup. Follow the steps as mentioned:

  • First, open iTunes on your computer
  • Ensure your iTunes are updated to latest version
  • Now plug in you iPhone and in Summary tab, select Restore backup

NOTE– It is recommended to use iCloud service to maintain all backup of your Notes and other data.

Method 4: Reinstall Notes App on iPhone to recover deleted Notes

One of the easiest way to get back lost notes from iPhone is by reinstalling the app. Go to Home screen and Spotlight search will open. You have to type Notes and see whether the icon appears or not. If the app occurs under App Store then it might be deleted somehow.

Remember that iPhone running iOS 10 or later has the option to remove Notes app from iPhone. Follow the steps below to reinstall the Notes app on iPhone.

  • First, open App Store on your phone
  • Then click on Search and write Notes
  • Look for Apple Notes and re-download it
  • After you open reinstalled Notes App, it will lead to iCloud. Let it to take to Settings

  • Now switch on Notes within iCloud Settings and then go to Notes App and all your iCloud notes will be restored.


NOTE– When your important notes on iPhone are saved locally and not in iCloud then the best way to get back lost notes is by restoring an iPhone backup. If iCloud backup is turned on automatically then restoring recent backup will help you not to lose other information in process.

Method 5: Restore deleted iPhone Notes via Gmail, Yahoo

The lost iPhone notes can be retrieved if those were part of iCloud,Yahoo, Gmail or some other account. So, if the disappeared notes are saved locally then you can restore your older iPhone backup to get back lost notes.

Follow the steps below to restore missing notes from iPhone from online services:

Step 1: First, open Settings App on iPhone

Step 2: Now choose Mail and click on Accounts

Step 3: Here you have to select Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo or some other mail options you have used

Step 4: Click on Notes

Step 5: At last, return to Notes app and swipe from top to refresh and restore missing notes

One of the best practice to get back disappeared notes from iPhone is by setting iCloud to default Notes folder. This will surely help you a lot in avoiding any kind of data loss in future.

The best way to save your important Notes on iPhone is by going to Settings app and selecting Default Account and then choosing iCloud.

In addition, you can turn off “On My iPhone” account as this will help all your valuable notes to store on your online services like Gmail or iCloud.

Method 6: Best way to retrieve missing Notes from iPhone (Advanced Solution)

When all the above solutions don’t work for you or if you think that instead of following the manual solutions, any advanced solution is available then you have that option. Yes, with help of professional tool like iPhone Notes Recovery Tool, you can easily retrieve every lost/missing notes from iPhone.

This is one of the reliable solutions that can help you to get back erased iPhone notes without any need of backup. The best part is that the recovery tool not only recovers disappeared notes from phone but other data as well are also restored such as contacts, photos, videos, documents, call history, text messages and others.

So, without any worry, you just need to Download iPhone Notes Recovery software and rescue inaccessible iPhone notes with ease.

Steps to follow to recover accidentally deleted Notes on iPhone

Step 1. Connect iOS Device with Computer

First connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to your computer via USB cable and after that launch the Recovery software and select “Recover”.

As soon it detects your device, the below window will appear

Step 2. Scan your device for lost data

Now you have to click on “Start Scan” option to scan your iOS devices to check the lost/deleted data. This process may take few minutes depending on your data. However if you find the data that you want in between then press “Pause” button to stop the process.

Step 3: Preview and recover the scanned data

After the scanning process is over, result will appear of both existing as well as lost. If you want to filter then you can select “Only display the deleted items” to ON. Here you can preview the data. Even you can search the for the particular file in the search box and at last save the data by clicking the recovery button.

Bonus Tips- How to avoid important notes from iPhone in Future

As Smartphone’s has touch screen so its obvious that some unwanted things might happen which can make data loss. So, to avoid all such incident in future, here I have gathered few tips for you.

  • Always backup your important files or contents in safe place so that you don’t have to face any kind of situation in future
  • Before upgrading or resetting your phone, ensure all your iPhone notes and other data in safe place
  • If you have synced your Note app with other apps like Gmail or iTunes backup then it is important to sync off the feature as some accidental deletion can lead to deletion of files
  • When you type important notes on iPhone, try to save them on your email as well


There are many essential data stored on iPhone and Notes is yet important for several users. As other data, iPhone Notes can also be deleted due to several reasons.

However, if your important notes are wiped away then you can follow this blog to restore lost iPhone notes with ease.

Further, if you have any suggestion then don’t forget to drop comment in the below comment section.

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