iCloud Music Library Not Working On iPhone- 6 Ways To Fix It

iCloud Music Library Not Working On iPhone- 6 Ways To Fix It

Did your iCloud Music library stopped working and looking for some best ways to fix it?

If yes then just be relax.

Apple users are well known about iCloud Music Library that is the most convenient way to keep every music for all time. This is available for both Apple Music and iTunes Match and these both services are supported by Apple.

One can store the music from device to iCloud and can be used with same Apple ID and iCloud Music Library. Here users can store up to 100,000 music files and can listen them anytime.

But this music feature is also not error free completely. This is because several users have reported that their iCloud Music Library has stopped and were facing problem in synching music across their Apple devices.

So help you out from this situation, I have come up with some best ways to fix “iCloud Music Library not working” on iPhone.

Practical Scenario

iCloud Music Library NOT Working

Since Saturday, my iCloud Music Library is not syncing across devices. I have followed the typical steps (i.e. turning off and on iCML and restarting all my devices), but nothing seems to work. Is this an iOS 11.3 bug?

Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8342446

Will Turning Off iCloud Music Library Delete Music?

No, turning off iCloud Music Library will not delete your music from it.

Remember that whenever you select to turn off iCloud Music Library then though the downloaded songs are not deleted but ensure to backup your device before proceeding further. But when you cancel your Apple Music membership then the songs downloaded from the service will disappear.

How Do I Fix Apple Music Not Playing?

Various tricks will help you to fix Apple Music not playing on iPhone. They are:

  • Restart Apple Music by double pressing Home button and swipe off Apple Music to turn off
  • Reset network setting
  • Restart iPhone/iPad
  • Logout and login from iCloud account
  • Force restart your device
  • Launch music library in different way

Why Did My Apple Music Library Disappeared?

The music library can disappear because of several reasons but it can be recovered. Simply go to Settings > Music and ensure the option to show Apple Music is switched on. You can also turn it off and on it again and after that check music library.

Wait for few minutes and then see whether your music file is showing or not.

How To Fix iCloud Music Library Not Working

Now the situation is very irritating when iCloud Music Library does not work on iPhone/iPad. However, to deal with such situations, I have gathered few solutions that will surely allow you to fix iCloud Music Library not working on iPhone.

Solution 1: Turn On/Off iCloud Music Library

When you cannot see iCloud music library working then once you should turn off iCloud Music Library and again switch it on.

For this, you have to go to Settings > Music and click on iCloud Music Library to turn off. Now wait for sometime and again switch on iCloud Music Library and now go back to Music app.

When the same issue occurs in iTunes then simply go to iTunes > Preferences > General and after that, uncheck iCloud Music Library box. After waiting few minutes, enable iCloud music library by doing the same steps.

Solution 2: Check iCloud’s Service Status

When your iCloud music library stuck on iPhone then one of the reason comes is might be Apple is currently doing routine maintenance on particular iCloud services. So whenever you come across such issue, check Apple’s Services, Stores, and iCloud system status website once.

May be the error is due to it and so don’t try some other methods. If you see Yellow and Red indicators then it means that Apple is doing some system update. You have to wait for sometime and again check whether indicator is green and your issue is solved or not.

Solution 3: Update iCloud Music Library From iTunes Manually

You might know that iCloud music library uploads music automatically from Apple Music and iTunes Match to iCloud. But because of some issue, it does not update itself. After that, you have to manually update the library to fix iCloud Music Library not showing on iTunes.

To do this manually, simply go to File > Library > tap on Update iCloud Music Library.

Solution 4: Restart iCloud Music Library On iOS Devices

Once you should also restart the music library on your iOS devices to fix the error. You just need to go to Settings and then restart iCloud Music Library by following the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings > Music
  • Now disable iCloud Music Library switch
  • Then turn on iCloud Music Library and click on Enable when prompted
  • At last, launch Music app

Solution 5: Restart iCloud Music Library In iTunes

Restart your iCloud Music Library when you force the library to resync all music on iCloud. Doing this will help people to solve any kind of freezing or hanging issue while synching with iTunes Match or Apple Music.

NOTE– Doing this will rescan the entire process of whole library that depends on size or can take even days.

  • First on your Mac, go to iTunes and choose Preferences
  • Then in General tab, uncheck box next to iCloud Music Library
  • Now repeat this process but ensure to check the box and re-enable iCloud Music Library

Solution 6: Sign In And Sign Out Of iTunes

When the above steps don’t work for you then its time to sign out and sign in again from iCloud Music Library in iTunes. What you have to do is, open iTunes on computer and move to Accounts/Store menu.

Now click on Sign out option on iTunes and after that follow the same steps again. After that, enable iCloud Music Library by following the same steps.


Well, the problem can be faced by any iPhone users where their iCloud Music Library stops working. Now this is a serious issue for several people but there is nothing to worry as in this blog, I have mentioned some useful ways to fix iCloud Music Library not working issue on iPhone.

Further, if you have any suggestion or queries then kindly mention them in the below comment section.

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