6 Best Android Tracking Apps You Must Know

With the emergence of technology in the past period, our life has become more de-stressed and easy. Every new application, software, or device decreases our efforts. The brighter technology has now certified the safety of our loved ones with the GPS tracker apps.

Getting in an uncomfortable situation when your identity is hidden is surely a fun activity that always chuckles. You might have heard of Whatsapp bots that reply to coded texts engaging the user appropriately and interactively.

The guardians are always anxious about their kid’s location. Sometimes our cell phone gets stolen, and we cannot track its whereabouts. Neither can you stop the kids from going out nor have a prediction of a thief. But we can decrease our worries with GPS tracking apps.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) enables us to discover the real-time location of people.

We have comprehensive guides and tips for all your digital needs. These Android tracking Apps are some of the best we have tried and tested. However, with multiple applications, how do we select the best?

No worries, as this article points out the six best tracking apps for Android.

Best Android Tracking Apps To Know Real-Time Location

  1. Xnspy:

Xnspy is a mobile and tablet tracking application with the most features available from similar options. Once set up, the application can track data incoming and outgoing from an Android device. This includes calls, texts, audio, social media, and even GPS location.

When installed on Android devices, Xnspy operates in stealth mode and remains undetectable. Some might find the installation process lengthy but with help from customer support, it becomes pretty straightforward.

Xnspy has a dashboard that acts as a control panel for the app, and this is where users will see all the data come in from the targeted devices.

  • Rating 4.8*/5*
  • Installations: 5M+


  • Has location tracking by default.
  • Can be used on Android and iOS.
  • Secure servers for data storage.
  • Plenty of social media and instant messenger coverage.


  • Due to its non-availability on Google Play Store, it has to be sideloaded.
  • The setup process is lengthy.

  1. Glympse:

It enables you to share your location information and your close ones. It is used to send an update for emergency help. When the location is shared, the other person can access the data without installing the Glympse app. You can get it for free on the Android play store.

The user-friendliness of this app makes it more approved than the rest. It helps you track your close ones’ location, share your site, or track delivery. This is very simple and free of cost. Alerts, in-app messaging, and no compromises on privacy settings are some of its useful features.


  • Supports geofencing.
  • No need to sign-up
  • You can use it on different platforms.
  • Privacy


  • Users reported accuracy issues.
  • Sometimes notifications are delayed.

  1. Life 360:

It allows us to check the real-time location of our friends and families. Can add circles specifically. There is a feature to communicate about various transportation and other safety issues. Provides driving assistance to sense crashes. To access all the features, the user should step to the paid version.

These particular apps help you to track a cell phone’s location without knowing them. We have created this list just for you, and we hope you find it useful. This app helps you to stay connected with people whom you value the most.


  • User friendly
  • No need to update every arrival time via text messages
  • The history of the location is saved


  • Some users have reported performance issues.
  • Connectivity problems over wifi
  • Rating: 4.4*/5*
  • Installations: 50M+

  1. Familonet:

The real-time location of every person in the group can be seen at any instance, along with notifications showing their time, leaving a place, etc. Moreover, it allows automatic notifications regarding such events.

Stolen cell phones can also be located using this app. Lower versions can be downloaded for free of cost, while upgraded versions require payments.

This is a versatile app that does more than track your child’s location. Like other apps, you can track your child’s whereabouts and receive notifications for the same. Familonet features various features such as:

App/Game Blocker: It blocks inappropriate apps or games. Moreover, it sends alerts when someone tries to access them.

Website Filter and Browser History: It filters your website to prevent them from porn, gambling, or other life-threatening games. Also, it keeps a record of your browser history.

Suspicious Picture/ Text Detection: Sends alerts when inappropriate pictures are found on the device. You can set keywords, and this app, in return, detects them from the device.

  • Rating- 4.3/5
  • Installation- 1M+


  • On an emergency basis, a panic button is available.
  • You can create many groups.
  • Real-time location is accessible.


  • Certain features are not free.
  • Members find difficulty in rejoining the group.

  1. Find my phone whistle:

The misplaced cell phones or tablets can be located with the Find My Phone Whistle app. It responds to whistleblowing through a loud noise even if it is in silent mode. Any tune can be uploaded as the answering noise.”

It has indoor maps for areas such as stadiums, malls, and many others. It helps us in restoring default factory settings. Encryption of personal data is possible


  • Initial setup is very easy.
  •  You can save time.


  • It can work faulty if a lot of noises are present in the background.

  1. Where’s my Android:

Being one of the initial Android tracking apps, it is one of the best options to safeguard or track the phone. You can locate the phone through a vibration. It also uses GPS to find the stolen cell phone even if it is in low battery mode.

The phone can be tracked even if it is out of the coverage area or discharged. The ability to lock the phone and wipe the SD card remotely is an extraordinary feature. Upgraded versions require payment.


  • Remote working is possible
  • Locating the device through various methods makes it useful
  • The motion alarm is set.


  • Sometimes, there is a possibility of errors occurring while functioning.
  • You can access certain major features only after paying for them.


Here the blog ends and I hope the above-discussed tracking apps will help you. Many users want some tracking apps on their devices so that they can monitor the real-time location of their child or others. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to every app.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then drop them in below comment section.

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