Which Phones Are Better: iPhone Or Samsung Galaxy?

While all iPhone users swear that there is nothing better than an iPhone, Android fans can’t get enough of the cutting-edge technology that Samsung seems to come up with regularly. But if you think about it – which phone is actually better, the iPhone or Samsung?

The world is divided into two groups, honestly iPhone users and iPhone critics. You either love Apple products, or you hate them.

But don’t you worry since we are planning on guiding you well and finally answering the question that everyone has been asking for a long time: which phone is better, the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

All That You Need To Know About Apple’s iPhone:

In this section, we are going to examine the top four benefits of using an iPhone over any other phone in the world.

The benefits are as follows,

1. Consistency And Easy To Use:

The simple user interface of iPhones is reminiscent of the popular iPod touch and user interface. That’s why it feels so familiar to use an Apple product – the key is consistency. In fact, Apple makes sure that all the applications and functions on their products are working just the way the brand intended them to in the first place.

Moreover, searching for anything on Apple devices is pretty simple – you just need to move left and reach the homepage for performing any search. Technically while there’s more than you can easily do on an Android phone but it’s just so complicated compared to an iPhone.

2. The Apple Store And The Range Of Accessories:

Yes, Samsung has come up with a few crazy add-on features, but the iPhone just has so many more features. For instance, you can check out this company called ihealthlabs specializes in wireless pulse oximeters, blood pressure devices, and the like. Now, this is one really cool add-on that is exclusively available on all ios devices.

Moreover, the Apple Store is very popular for solving all problems that you might have with your iPhone. It is the quality of all the applications and the sheer availability factor that makes things much better for users at the very least.

3. Settings And Accessibility:

The iPhones offer plenty of special accessibility alternatives. In fact, there are several low-vision users or users with low-accuracy motor functions. Apple has made their product so inclusively that these people find the accessibility feature great on iOS devices.

For instance, Tommy Edison is a film critic and blind – he came up with this Youtube video talking at length about certain accessibility features that have helped him. Also, the dimming feature really helps if you love reading at night, and it’s so much better than Android phones.

4. Fewer Chances Of Security Breaches:

Since Android users enjoy more freedom than iOS users, the price they pay is a lot more. From malicious, spammy content accessing, corrupting, and stealing from Android phones to huge bills post a virus attack, Android users face a lot of issues.

The iPhone might have many disadvantages, but it is no doubt a safer alternative compared to an Android phone with far fewer security issues. No matter what phone you ultimately choose to buy, make sure you opt for a thorough cleaning session.

All That You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy:

In this section, we are going to examine the top four benefits of using a Samsung Galaxy over any other phone in the world. The benefits are as follows:

1. Cutting-Edge Technology:

Samsung Galaxy has been known for its cutting-edge technology, which is designed in a way to be better than most phones.

Check out the features below:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Maps
  • Mobile Wallets
  • High-definition Cameras
  • Quick Web Browsing
  • Aligned Display
  • Prolonged Memory, and
  • Multiple-User Interface

If these features are not enough, you also have the Com.Samsung.Android.Incallui for solving any system user interface errors.

2. Android OS:

The very first company to understand and utilize the Android-OS technology, Samsung has made the correct use of making several apps available with the help of Google Play.

And that’s not all. Moreover, it also allows adding highly developed software and computing technologies to your smartphones.

3. Functional Features

This is one thing that Samsung has always been doing – working towards creating the best functional features on their devices. For example, the company came up with a pull-down menu featuring all the shortcuts that you actually need.

  • WiFi
  • Location
  • Bluetooth
  • Flashlight
  • Airplane Mode, and the like.

Additionally, if you can get hold of an MHL cable, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy to your television with the help of HDMI input or even to a projector with a simple wire. So in case you are planning to do a presentation with your phone and projector, this is exactly what you need to do!

Samsung Galaxy also comes up with a crazy recording application that helps users to screen record, and that too with internal sound. In fact, all the apps on the App Store can actually screen record but are not designed to trace any internal audio. If you want to share your gameplay on social media platforms, you got to have a Samsung Galaxy for the same.

4. Reliability

If you have noticed that some of the most reliable features are a part of Samsung phones, you will understand why people trust the brand. Reliability brings in trust which in turn creates authority for the brand. After all, the end goal is sustainability and you can use a Samsung Galaxy for years.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know the benefits of both the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, you can judge for yourself which suits your requirements better. Ultimately, it comes down to that – what are your requirements for your smartphone? Are you looking for reliability and cutting-edge technology, or are you looking for a crazy user interface!

The budget is also a big question – do you want to invest a lot of money in your smartphone? If you want to do that then the iPhone is a pretty good alternative and if you don’t want to, you always have Samsung to fall back on!

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