[6 Methods]- How To Backup Android Data On PC Effectively

Want to backup Android data on PC or laptop?

Are you still looking for the different effective and alternative methods for full Android backup to PC or Laptop?

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Don’t worry, here in this blog post of mine I will discuss each and everything that you need to know about how to backup Android data to PC.

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Why Backup Of Android Data Is Necessary To PC/Laptop?

As we all know that Android is more focusing on its products, features, qualities and many more. For every Android user, the data stored on their devices are important but we know that data loss is a common situation faced by numerous users and Android phones are used in large numbers by users across the world.

But the big question is that is your Android data are totally safe on your Smartphone because sometimes due to unwanted reasons you might face the problem of data loss from your Android phone.

So, it is suggested that to prevent from any kind of data loss from Android device in future kindly keep a backup of your Android data on PC or laptop.

But before we get into how to backup Android data to PC, let’s put some spot light on some of basic reasons which leads to data loss from Android device.

Reasons For The Data Loss From Android Phone

There are many different reasons for the loss of important files from Android phone and they are given below:

  • Lost your Android device
  • Android phone full formatted
  • By mistake or accidentally deleted the files from phone memory or SD card
  • Junk files also causes data loss
  • Water damaged
  • Malware viruses
  • Battery replacement

But there is nothing to worry about it because we have some of the best and effective solutions to help you out about how to backup important files from Android phone.

Best Ways To Do Full Backup Android Data To PC

Here are some of the best methods to backup your Android data and they are as follows:

Method #1: Backup Android Data To PC With The Help Of USB Cable

This is the most appropriate and convenient step to follow. Here you will know the steps to backup Android phone to PC via usb. Just, kindly follow the steps given below:

  • At first, enable USB debugging on your Android phone
  • Then go to the Settings option
  • Select Developer option
  • Now connect your PC with Android phone with the help of USB cable
  • After that enable the option USB for file transfer

  • A new window will appear on your PC from where you access your Android device internal storage
  • Copy and paste them on your Android device storage menu
  • Thus, with this step you can make a backup of Android data on PC

Method #2: With The Use Of Memory Card

This is the most effective and useful method that users must know.

As we all know that most of the Android phone does not have sufficient space to store your data on internal storage of your Android device.

If you running out of space on your internal storage, then many users use their SD memory card to increase the space of their Android device. Also, if you have the habit of keeping a backup of your data on your SD memory card then must remember the steps given below:

  • Insert your SD memory card on your Android phone
  • Go to the folder where you have saved your all the important files
  • Select the important files that you want to backup on internal storage
  • Make sure that you have the sufficient internal storage and then only backup your important data on Android device

[NOTE]: – Always make a habit of keep checking your internal storage capacity and SD memory card capacity on a regular basis to avoid any kind of data loss.

Method #3- Use Nandroid Backup To Backup All Data From Phone To PC (Root Required)

This is also one of the useful way to backup your important files from phone but it requires your phone to be rooted. In fact, there is a huge risk of losing all data.

So new lets go through the steps mentioned below and see how to backup Android phone to PC:

Step 1: Install “Online Nandroid Backup” app on your phone

Step 2: If asked to grant privileges then do it

Step 3: Now backup process will start where you have to choose “Backup Name” and change it as you wish. Its name is “UTC Timezone Name” by default and is performed on date

Step 4: Here choose Backup Type. The backup type is “Clockworkmod” by default and you have to choose the backup format you wish to save

Step 5: Now choose “Backup Mode” and will allow you to choose the partition via Backup Mode. By default, its mode is Normal

Step 6: And then, choose Nandroid Backup File for location to store

NOTE– Remember that here you can choose as many Nandroid Backups you want to save before the old one overwrites and save settings and mode

Step 7: Now, tap on “Quick Backup” and select “Start Backup” on confirmation page

That’s it… Now your backup process will begin.

Method #4: With The Help Of Cloud Storage Option

Nowadays, every Android phone is providing the cloud storage option to you with storage capacity of up to 5GB.

So, if you have saved your important data like contacts, photos, video, call history, text messages and many more on cloud storage, then you can easily make an alternative backup of them.

Method #5: Make A Backup Of Android Device With The Help Of Google Drive Option

Google Drive provides storage space of 15GB where you can easily backup all your important files for future use. So, just follow the steps given below:

  • At first, go to Settings menu of your Android device
  • Choose Backup & Reset option
  • Select the option Google Account

  • Then click on the Backup Now option to backup your data manually
  • Let the process completes and then check it that whether your data are backed up or not.

Method #6: Best Way To Backup Android Data On PC

When all the above methods fail to create a backup of Android data, then there is a third-party option, i.e. Android Data Backup & Restore Tool. Using this tool is one of the best Android backup software for PC and useful way for complete backup of Android devices.

Thus, with the help of this tool you can easily make a backup of your important data such as contacts, photos, video, call history, audio, mails, notes, and many more as well as you don’t need to worry about any kind of data loss as you can easily get them back with the help of this software.

Therefore, without any worry simply Download Android Data Backup & Restore Tool and backup all important data from Android to PC.

Steps To Backup Android Phone/Tablet To PC


Hope the specified solutions to your query will provide you the best resolution about the backup of Android data on PC.

I tried my level best to put together the best possible ways and methods to let you know about best free Android backup software for PC. Try to make use of Android Data Backup & Restore Tool as this is the best Android backup software for PC.

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