[4 Ways]- How To Recover Deleted Voicemail On Android?

Did you accidentally deleted voicemail on Android phones?

Are you looking at how to recover deleted voicemails on Android?

If yes then there is no need to worry, just read this blog carefully and you will know some of the best ways to retrieve deleted voicemail Android.

We all know that Voicemail is very much popular today because of its ample voice feature, mail, and text services in smartphones. In fact, this is the best and most convenient way to deliver voice messages or other information to friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.

But sometimes, these voicemails are deleted or lost due to several reasons like factory reset, mistakenly deleted, system upgrade, etc. In this situation, users don’t know how to recover deleted voicemail.

But now there is nothing to worry about as in this blog, I am going to guide you few ways to recover deleted voicemail on Android.

Practical scenario

Can i retrieve deleted voicemails from 2 months ago on my galaxy s8?

I lost my dad very unexpectedly a little over a week and 1/2 ago and am trying to retrieve one of his voicemails. The one I thought was from him is from my mom from his phone. I just want to hear his voice again

From- https://forums.androidcentral.com/ask-question/866844-can-i-retrieve-deleted-voicemails-2-months-ago-my-galaxy-s8.html

Can Accidentally Deleted Voicemails Be Recovered?

There are several users who want to know “can I recover accidentally deleted voicemails”?

Yes, the deleted voicemails can be recovered from Android. But do you know how is it possible?

Don’t think much….

The reason behind is simple. Once your voicemails are deleted from the phone, actually the files are not permanently removed.

Those deleted voicemails are still present in the device itself but in hidden form. And unless those files are overwritten with any new files, you have a chance to retrieve deleted voicemails. Remember that only with help of third-party tool like Voicemail recovery, the accidentally deleted voicemail is recovered.

How To Retrieve Deleted Voicemail On Android?

Now its time to finally go through the possible methods to retrieve deleted voicemails on Android. I will guide you in some of the unique ways that will help to recover deleted voicemail Android.

So let’s walk through them…

Method 1: How To Recover Deleted Voicemail On Android Without Backup (Recommended)

The very first way that I am going to suggest you is to use Android Data Recovery. This is the best way to retrieve deleted voicemail on Android. This professional voicemail recovery tool effectively works to recover deleted files from Android phones. Samsung phone users who are looking at how to retrieve deleted voicemails on Samsung, this is the best voicemail recovery software.

Using this software, not only deleted voicemails are restored but other Android files are also recovered like contactsphotosvideoscall historyWhatsApp chatsdocumentsnotes, etc. It works on any data loss situations and retrieves deleted data from Android devices. The software supports Android phones such as SamsungLenovoLGSonyHuaweiXiaomiVivoOppoOnePlus, and several others.

Therefore, without wasting any time simply Download Android Data Recovery tool and recover deleted voicemail on Android.

Follow The Steps On How To Retrieve Deleted Voicemail

Method 2: Restore deleted voicemail using Voicemail App

One of the best ways to retrieve deleted voicemail is through the app. Remember that after the data are deleted, those data are not removed permanently but stays in the device for some amount of time.

Therefore, if your voicemail messages are deleted that you actually don’t want then following the below steps will allow you to rescue them easily.

  • First, open Voicemail app and then click on Menu
  • Now click on Deleted Voicemails. Doing this will show a list of voicemails that are possible to get back. Then hold on the message that you wish to keep.
  • After this, according to the phone model, either it will add a checkmark to voicemail or will open a contextual menu. Then, click on Save to remove it from the removed voicemails folder

Method 3: Recover accidentally deleted voicemail on Android Via Undo option

This is also one of the best ways to retrieve deleted voicemail on Android. Follow the steps:

  • First, open the phone app
  • Then click on Voicemail and it might be at the bottom of the screen. Some devices consist of Voicemail on own app
  • After that, click on voicemail from list
  • Then click on delete button and it will erase the voicemail
  • Now click on Undo on the popup screen at the bottom. Remember that you will only have a few seconds to click on Undo. If the pop-up screen disappears then you will not get any further chance to recover deleted voicemail on Android.

Method 4: Retrieve deleted voicemail using Voicemail System

  • First, open the voicemail app on your phone
  • After that, call the number for the voicemail system. Remember the number can vary on the provider. For example: call *86 on Verizon Wireless or S Cellular & press and hold 1 when you are on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cellular One, etc
  • Now enter the password of voicemail when asked
  • Even you can listen to new or saved voicemails. Press 1 to listen to saved messages
  • Then press 7 to erase voicemail
  • After that, press 1 on the Message Playback menu
  • Even you can press 9 to check erased messages
  • After that press 9 to save voicemail messages on the box


Voicemails are important for several people but some unwanted situations lead to data loss from Android phones. However, if you have created a backup of all your data including voicemail then the data loss situation can be managed.

However, in this blog, I have discussed some of the best ways on how to retrieve deleted voicemail on Android with and without backup.

Further, if you have any suggestions for queries then don’t forget to drop them in the below comment section.

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