11 Best Video Maker And Editor For MacOS & Windows

The video editing process has been democratized recently, especially by compelling video editing tools available for computers.  

A good video maker helps you present all video information, including advertisements, films, TV shows, video essays, etc. It also allows you to manage special effects, camera footage, sound effects, dialogue, graphics, and other vital elements required when creating a productive video or final film.

Simultaneously, it makes it easy to assemble raw footage and upload it to a laptop, improve lighting effects, correct faulty footage, following a script, screenplay, or outline. It also enables you to work closely with directors to digitally spice the video by synchronizing it into one rough cut file. 

There are plentiful types of video editing tools. However, you must know your requirements based on which you should select your ideal video maker. 

Why Do You Need a Potent Video Editor?

Before we inform you of the efficient video makers and editors for both the operating software (Windows and Mac), let’s find out the reasons you need a powerful video editor: 

  • Storytelling

A robust video maker is more than just a button pusher. It comprehends every element of the story by being a good listener, problem-solver, and artist, serving as a one-stop solution. 

  • Lucrative

A dynamic video editor will create lucrative opportunities for the right people in the right amount of time. It was also surveyed that an employee working in a video editing stream earns higher salaries than people working in other spheres. Furthermore, it also provides you with top-rated tips allowing you to produce a mind-boggling video. 

  • Streamline Time Management System

A powerful video maker helps you save time as it can swiftly handle a heavy load, which will not let your computer worry while creating any film or content.

List of Top 10 Video Makers and Editor For Windows and MacOS

  • Movavi

Are you looking for a power pack for editing your video? Movavi is one of the best video editing software featuring a clear and straightforward interface. It allows you to produce incredible work in minutes. It provides you with titling, PiP (Picture in Picture), basic keyframing, chroma-key, smart stabilization, pan & zoom, motion tracking, and many other functionalities.

In addition, the platform’s one-click transition is compatible with all sections. This video editing software works for both Mac and Windows.

  • iMovie

Every Mac user must be aware of iMovie. It is pre-installed software on most Apple devices and cannot be installed on a Windows PC. The software is best known for boosting your YouTube marketing efforts by creating compelling videos. 

The platform provides you with excellent features, including a one-step effect, movie trailers, automated audio & video editing, crop & rotate video flip, HD & 4k video support, video speed change, and color settings. It also lets you use a simple drag-and-drop interface for transferring files from the drive to the workstation. 

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

One can level up their digital video editing program and give it an absolute professional look with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro. The multitasking software provides you with spectacular features and premier rush, including editing your film, creating attractive web videos, TV content, VR Rotate Sphere, Motion graphics templates, video tilting, and graphics. 

Moreover, the tool is integrated with AI, making it easy to save time by automating large tasks related to video creation for Mac and Windows users. 

  • InVideo

It is a robust online video maker. It takes a couple of clicks to edit a video. The tool enables the users to change the video from scratch to a top-class quality through its higher-notch features. It has a variety of templates to select and begin with your video editing. It lets you use the blank and Text Video templates to edit the videos. Using this tool, the users can add and delete the small clips from the video for editing. It also lets its users add audio from its vast collection.

The software provides multiple options to add audio files, voiceovers, special effects, and text to the video you want to edit.

It supports both Mac and Windows. It charges $15 monthly for the Business Plan and $30 for the Unlimited Plan. Users get a large variety of templates to select from.

It is simple and easy to operate. It is a feature-rich video editor that makes the video editing process so easy.

  • HitFilm Express

Not familiar with video creation? HitFilm Express has got you covered as it is a free video editor allowing you to create professional-grade videos with the help of tutorials. It means producing a captivating video with this software is hassle-free. 

The software is featured with animation tools letting you create and edit video transitions without building composite shots, facilitating the entire process by saving time immensely. In addition, Windows and Mac users can operate this platform and access motion tracking, cropping tools, and color pickers. 

  • FlexClip

Flexclip is a versatile AI video generator, suitable for a variety of needs, from news videos to trailers and home videos. Its large library of templates and comprehensive editor makes it easy to create professional videos without requiring advanced technical skills. What makes Flexclip attractive is its ease of use combined with a wide variety of customization options. Users can choose from a multitude of templates and customize them to create unique videos, making it ideal for small businesses, educators, and individuals.

  • DaVinci Resolve

A beginner-friendly platform admired by most advanced users, DaVinci is the first choice of many professional editors of television shows, films, and commercials. This video maker surpassed other editors in the rally by combining high-grade 8k editing, impeccable visual effects, color correction, and audio post-production in a single tool. 

The software is available for Mac and Windows. 

  • AVS Editor

The tool has the full potential to outperform all its competitors. However, the only reason the AVS video editor’s use is restricted is that it is only available for Windows. The platform enables you to trim, split, cut, rotate, merge, and mix videos as per your requirements. Plus, it allows you to apply over 300 effects, improve shaky footage, utilize VHS tapes & HDV/DV content, and edit 2k & 4k videos. 

  • VSDC Free Video Editor

Another Windows platform is VSDC video editing software that a Mac user cannot access. But still wins the race to enter the list of top 10 video editors globally. The platform is available in free and paid versions. 

The best part about this software is that even its free version comes with a range of features. For example, it includes a chroma key tool to remove green background or video effects, multiple video/audio formats & codecs supported, upgradation not required (even works on an outdated PC), and a massive set of trendy video filters and transitions. 

  • OpenShot

One of the best video editing software for intermediate users, OpenShot offers an intuitive interface offering a variety of editing components. The flexible platform is available on both Windows and Mac, helping users in clip resizing, trimming, rotating, cutting, and scaling. 

  • ShotCut

If you are searching for an open-source, cross-platform video maker, ShotCut is the perfect choice you can opt for. The platform offers a bunch of tutorial videos helping beginners create exquisite videos. 

Besides being compatible with Windows and Mac, it supports multiple formats, including DNxHD, 4k, ProRes, etc. 


Choosing a competent video editor facilitating you to produce high-quality video content is imperative for your business’s growth. So, select any of the tools mentioned in this list and let us know how it has helped uplift your business.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then kindly mention them in the comment section below.

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