[Exclusive Guide]- How To Recover Deleted Data From Realme C1

[Exclusive Guide]- How To Recover Deleted Data From Realme C1

Have you own a new Oppo Realme C1 phone and you faced data loss situation on it? Worried about how to get back lost data stored on it as they were important for you?

All these types of questions is common to occur when you come across severe data loss or your valuable data gets erased from Oppo Realme C1 phones.

Today in this blog, I will discuss about how to recover deleted data from Oppo Realme C1 phone.

So lets begin…

Everyone knows that Oppo Realme phones are loved by users because of its several new and unique features. However, Realme C1 is the latest release from Oppo and several users were just waiting for it to come in market. It comes with 2GB and 3GB RAM with screen size of 19:9 Notch Full Screen. It comprises of huge battery of 4230 mAh with mega storage and mage display.

Talking about its camera then it has AI Dual camera and a best camera for selfie lovers with Glossy design. All in whole, this new phone easily assist you with daily tasks, giving you a smoother and enjoyable experience.

But one thing that matters a lot in Android devices is the data stored on it. Yes, the data is always at risk for Android users and they can get deleted or lost anytime without any intimation. So, data loss can happen from Realme C1 as well.

Let us know some of the common reasons leading to severe data loss from Realme C1 phone.

Common reasons behind data loss from Realme C1

As you will access your Realme C1 phone, there can be several common things that can lead to severe data loss from your Android phone. Some of them includes:

  • Accidentally or unintentionally deletion of files
  • While upgrading or downgrading to any OS version
  • Virus or malware attack
  • While formatting the device unintentionally and without taking backup
  • Rooting the device
  • Getting damaged due to falling from height or dropped in water
  • Other unknown reasons

After knowing the reasons for data loss, you might be thinking whether the deleted data is recoverable or not, right?

I have the answer for that also, simply read further.

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Do the deleted files be recovered from Realme C1?

Yes, of course, the lost or wiped away data from Android phone can be recovered but how, you might be thinking. Just be relax.

The actual reason behind getting back deleted data from Android phone is that those data are not removed permanently from phone. Instead, those wiped data creates a new space for new data to save and deleted files become invisible.

Hence, users think that the files are completely deleted but actually, they remains in the phone itself. So here, you have a chance to retrieve erased files from Realme C1 phone but you should remember few things:

  • Don’t save any new data on your phone after losing your important data, means you have to stop accessing you phone completely
  • If your mobile data is turned on, immediately turn off so that no unwanted data gets saved or gets download on your phone. If this happens then new data can overwrite the old one and your chance of getting back the lost data will come to an end.
  • Look for any powerful recovery tool, which can help you to recover deleted data from Realme C1.

Now you should know some of the best ways to restore missing data from Realme C1 phone.

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Method 1: Recover deleted data from Realme C1 using Android Data Recovery Tool (Recommended)

The very easy and convenient way to get back lost data from Realme C1 is by using any third party tool like Android Data Recovery software. This is a professional tool that works efficiently to restore lost stuffs from Android phone with ease.

No matter for whatever reasons your valuable data are deleted from Realme C1 phone, all are recoverable using this recovery program. Best thing is this recovery software supports every Android phone brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Asus, Sony, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, Google Nexus and several others. It supports every Android OS including the latest one running on several Android phones.

So whenever you’re important content from phone gets erased then don’t worry, simply Download Android Data Recovery software and restore deleted data from Realme C1.

Steps to follow to rescue lost data from Oppo Realme C1

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone

First download Android Recovery software and then select “Recover

Now connect your android device to PC via USB cable. Also be sure you have enabled USB debugging. After your device gets connected, below mentioned image will appear:

Step 2. Select the file types to scan

After your device is connected to PC, Android Recovery software will display data types that it supports. Here you have to select the data types you want to recover.

If your device is rooted then the software will show you two options: Scan deleted files and scan for all files. Here selecting scan for all files will take longer time but will work effectively.

After that click on “Next” to continue the process.

Now it will scan your device to rescue lost data. This will take few minutes.

Step 3. Now preview and recover deleted data

At last when the entire scanning gets over, you have the preview option where you can check which data to recover. Select them and click “Recover” to save all lost data on your PC.

Method 2: Retrieve missing Realme C1 data from backup

There are several ways where you can backup all your important stuffs from Android phone. The very first thing is the Local Backup where you can store your data for future use. Apart from this, you can also sync your valuable data directly to Google account, can save your stuffs in Google Drive that gives 15GB storage space.

Nowadays, Smartphone brands are also providing their own Cloud feature where you can save a large amount of data on it and can easily help you to deal with data loss situation.

As for reference, you can see Mi Cloud for Xiaomi user, Samsung Cloud for Samsung, Huawei Cloud, Sony Xperia Campanion, Oppo Cloud and several others.

Bonus Tip: How to backup important data from Oppo Realme C1

There are lots of ways to backup your data but another important way which can help you to backup all your important stuffs is by using Android Backup & Restore Tool. This is a third party program that easily backups all your crucial data like contacts, photos, videos, documents, notes, call history, SMS, audio files and others.

Its easy to use and best thing is whenever you come across severe data loss situation then using this tool, all your important data or contents are restored without any difficulty. It supports every Android phone so you don’t have to worry about anything.

That’s it…

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Well, Oppo Realme C1 is a latest launch by Oppo and users are just excited to access the phone. However data can get lost anytime from Android phone and it can also occur in Realme C1, so for your convenience, I have discussed on how to recover deleted data from Realme C1 phone.

I hope this will work for you and if you have any suggestion then don’t forget to DROP a comment below.

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