4 Ways To Easily Recover Lost Or Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy A80

Is it possible to recover deleted data from any Android phone like Samsung Galaxy A80 without backup?

This question is from millions of people who have encountered data loss situation on their new Galaxy phone. You might know that data loss is an unexpected situation that can happen on any smartphone to any user.

But you should not lose hope because there is still a possibility to find out those data from Galaxy A80. Now there can be several reasons for data loss that you might don’t know but I will help you in this situation.

You have read this complete blog as here you will come to know about Samsung Galaxy A80, what are the reasons for data loss and how to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy A80 phone?

So let’s walk through the blog…

About Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung has officially released its new phone in market as Galaxy A80. This phone consists of super AMOLED screen of 6.7 inch with resolution of 2400 x 1800.

It comes with fingerprint screen and comes with 3700mAh battery that supports 25W fast charging.

Talking about its camera then it supports three rotating camera, with front and rear. Rear camera comprises of 48MP and sub camera is of 8MP with 123 degrees ultra wide angle lens and third camera is of ToF lens.

The phone comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal memory and a preinstalled OS version of Android 9 Pie.

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What are the scenarios for data loss from Galaxy A80?

Whenever we talk about data loss situation then several reasons comes on mind. Check out the below mentioned reasons:

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deletion of files
  • Malware or bug issue
  • While updating phone to new version
  • While transferring files between devices
  • Formatting the entire phone without backup
  • Water damage
  • Phone stolen or dropped somewhere
  • Flashing ROM
  • Several others

Wondering whether data once deleted can be recovered or not?

This kind of question is common because whenever users come through data loss situation then will they be recovered or not is very important to know.

Without any delay, the answer is YES. The deleted files can be recovered from Galaxy A80 phone.

But you may ask how is this possible, right?

Don’t worry, I will clear it out.

Whenever any data you delete from phone, remember they are not deleted permanently from device for first time. This makes the impossible thing possible because data is only hidden in phone itself which are invisible to user.

Now user thinks that data is gone forever and saves other data on it. This makes the entire data disappeared forever and no chance of getting them back again.

It means that until any new data is saved or gets overwritten in that place, you have the chance of restoring them.

Therefore, you should be careful not to access your device after such incidents happen. If you continue use the device then new data can get saved and chance of getting back the files will come to an end.

Also remember to turn off all data connection from phone, WiFi, hotspot etc just to prevent unwanted data to get saved.

Find out some powerful recovery program because without tool, you cannot restore the missing content from Galaxy A80 phone.

How to get back deleted data from Samsung Galaxy A80?

After losing important files from phone, it becomes a common question of how to recover them? Remember that if you have habit of backing up data then you should never worry of such situation.

But actually happens is some people don’t give importance to their data when they are saved on thir phone.

But later on when they are deleted then how to get them back becomes important to know.

But don’t worry, its still not too late as there war ways that can help you retrieve deleted files from Galaxy A80 phone.

So lets go through the below methods for data recovery from Samsung Galaxy A80.

Method 1: How to restore deleted data from Google account

One of the best ways to rescue lost data is through Google account. Remember that your device is connected with Google account and if you enable the Sync option on it then it automatically saved several data from phone.

Some of the data that automatically syncs are contacts, App data, calendar, Google Playbooks, Gmail etc.

Even you can get back data from Google Drive if you have saved files on it. You might know that Google Drive allows 15GB storage space to save important data like videos, photos, audio files etc.

So if you have uploaded these files on Google Drive then follow the below steps:

  • First open Google Drive App on your phone or open in any browser and login to it
  • Then you can see My Drive section where the list of data uploaded will be seen
  • Click on the item that you want to restore on your phone
  • After selecting, click on Download option and your data will be saved on your phone

That’s it…

Method 2: Get back lost files using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is designed for Samsung user, which is a free backup feature that saves several important data from device to SD card. So, whenever you come through data loss situation, it can help you.

  • First, you should download and install Smart Switch app on your phone
  • Then, run the app and you will see More option > select Transfer via SD card. Data like contacts, photos, music, videos etc will be seen
  • Tap on Restore option to get into Recovery mode. Now all backup data will be seen of SD card. Choose the data you want to rescue and click on “Restore” option.

  • At last, you can check whether the files are restored or not

Method 3: Restore missing files from Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is yet another best way to rescue deleted files from Galaxy A80 phone. If you have used this feature before data deletion then below steps are for you:

Step 1: First, go to Settings > then Cloud and accounts

Step 2: Click on Samsung Cloud

Step 3: Then tap on Restore option

Step 4: Here choose the device and the backup files that you wish to restore.

Step 5: After that, click on Restore Now

Step 6: A popup will occur that will ask you to install the apps that were backed up. Click on Install option

Step 7: And now, restoration is finished

Method 4: Best way to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy A80 without backup

When all the above methods fail to recover your deleted data from Galaxy A80 phone then also there is nothing to worry. Still you have a chance to restore the missing files. Samsung Data Recovery is one of the best and effective ways to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy A80 phone.

Using this tool, whatever data you have lost are all recovered like photos, contacts, videos, call history, documents, notes, WhatsApp messages, text messages and many more. The tool is easy to use and it retrieves the files without any backup. It works in any data loss situation and supports every Samsung Galaxy models like Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S10/S10+/Galaxy A30/A50/A80 etc.

Therefore, without any delay, simply Download Samsung Data Recovery and rescue erased data from Galaxy A80.

Steps to follow to recover lost files from Samsung Galaxy A80


Samsung always comes with its new models in market and people just love to access the devices. However, you cannot deny the fact that data can get erased from phone anytime due to several reasons and how to get them back is unknown.

But still not to worry because you have a chance to retrieve those lost files from phone. In this blog, I have discussed few methods to deal with data loss situation from Samsung Galaxy A80 phone and hope, you can handle the situation.

Further, if you have any suggestion or queries then don’t forget to drop them in below comment section.

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