Samsung Galaxy Fold Recovery- Recover Lost Data From Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold Recovery- Recover Lost Data From Samsung Galaxy Fold

Are you looking on how to restore lost or deleted files from Samsung Galaxy Fold? Don’t know how to recover deleted contacts, photos, videos etc from Galaxy Fold phone?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you out in this critical situation. Not only you and I but numerous other users have reported that they have lost their crucial stuffs from Galaxy Fold phone and how to get them back is a difficult situation.

Well, Samsung Galaxy Fold is the latest launched Smartphone by Samsung. The device has great features that really attract users to access it. But nobody knows when data can get wiped away from your phone and you can come across data loss situation.

So to help you out, I have come up with the best blog that will help you to know how to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy Fold.

What are the reasons for data loss of Samsung Galaxy Fold data?

Reasons can be several for data deletion from Galaxy Fold phone but you should know how your important files are removed. They are:

  • Human errors where users accidentally or mistakenly wipe out wrong data from phone
  • Virus or malware infection can lead to data loss
  • Formatting the entire device or SD card
  • Phone gets stuck on white/black screen
  • Doing factory reset of the device
  • Water damage or drops from a height
  • Forgotten screen lock PIN, password or pattern
  • And others…

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Can the data be recovered after deletion from Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Yes, obviously there is a chance to get back the missing data from Galaxy Fold phone but you need to go deep in this theory.

You need to understand why the recovery is possible when the data is deleted from phone. Actually whenever any files are erased or disappeared then they are not removed permanently. The items still remain in the device itself but invisible.

Here users think that data are gone forever but not, they are still available in the device and can be recovered only with the help of recovery tool like Samsung Galaxy Fold Recovery.

Few things that users need to pay attention to retrieve the missing files from Galaxy Fold phone and they are:

  • Stop using the device immediately after knowing about data loss from phone as continuously using can overwrite the data and chance of getting back files comes to an end
  • Turn off every data connection or Wi-Fi or hotspot from phone to prevent unwanted data download
  • Search for a powerful recovery program to get back lost data from phone

Method 1: Recover Galaxy Fold lost data from Google Drive

You already know that Google Drive app gives you 15GB storage space to store data on it. Nowadays, Google Drive is coming in pre-installed form on Android phones.

However, 15GB storage space is enough for users to keep their vital data safe. But also remember that user should have an account on it. So after doing all these things, if you have safely stored your data o Google drive then follow the steps as follow:

Step 1: Open Google Drive on browser or if you have app then directly go to it

Step 2: Here you will be asked to login with user ID & password you have used to backup

Step 3: Then all the files will be listed from where you have to select the files you want to restore and then press OK to begin the process

Step 4: Remember not to click on Cancel button otherwise the files will stop restoring

Step 5: When a message popups of completion, logout from it and restart your device. Then check all the files are restored or not

Method 2: Get the deleted data from Galaxy Fold using Recycle Bin

Whenever you come across data loss situation like important photos or videos are erased then you can check those data on recycle bin of your device.

The photos or videos are not permanently removed and they get stored on recycle bin.

Therefore to get those data back from recycle bin, go to Gallery > click on 3 dots > then on Settings > Recycle Bin

Hence all your photos and other data will be restored now.

Method 3: Recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy Fold using Android Data Recovery (Recommended)

Well, when you don’t have any backup of your deleted data or you fail to get back missing data from Galaxy Fold phone via backup then you should use Android Data Recovery software. This is a professional recovery tool developed for Android users to restore deleted files from Samsung Galaxy Fold.

With the use of this recovery program, whatever data you have lost are recovered with ease and that too without backup. This recovery tool easily restores every erased data like contacts, photo, videos, call history, WhatsApp messages, notes, documents and others from Galaxy Fold phone.

It does not matter for what reasons your data was lost from Galaxy phone as it scans the entire device deeply to find out the missing data and then retrieves erased items without any problem.

So without any worry, simply Download Android Data Recovery software to get back deleted data from Samsung Galaxy Fold phone without backup.

Steps required to follow to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy Fold

Bonus Tip: Backup all important data from Samsung phone

You know it better how much important backup is as this can really give relief from your entire frustration after losing data. So its better to create a backup of every essential files or items from Samsung Galaxy Fold phone and be relax free.

There are so many backup options available to users where important stuffs can easily be backed up for later use. Google Drive, pen drive, SD card, local backup, Cloud feature and others are for storing useful data from phone.

Another useful option in this category is Android Data Backup & Restore. This is a third party program developed for Android users to back up every essential stuffs from Android phone with ease. Data like contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios etc can be backed up using this software.

In fact, the best part is whenever you come across data loss situation; it allows you to restore the files with ease without any problem.


Day by day new phones are available in market but data loss is an old and a common situation to come across. No matter how much expensive phone you use, data can get lost from any Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Fold is the new device in market and whenever you face any items deleted from it then don’t worry, simply go through this blog and retrieve deleted data from Samsung Galaxy Fold phone.

Further if you have any suggestion or queries then don’t forget to drop them in the below comment section.

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