3 Online Android Apps That Make Your Content Writing Easier

Writing articles on paper and drawing your ideas there can be easy. It doesn’t demand too much effort.

Writers just write down the main headings on the paper and follow them to make the context more attractive.

But the thing is, what will you do if someone asks you to do the same on your mobile? Can you easily write the content on Android phones?

Although it is a difficult task still the writers can make their writings easier and attention-grabbing.

As technology has brought a lot of changes in human life, so writers can get the benefit of it and make their working easy.

These mobile applications are AI-based software that can detect the issues in your content and make it better for reading.

Let’s discuss first, how these applications can give benefits to users and how they can generate unique text from them?

How Android apps are beneficial to make content writing easier?

While generating a new text, the writer has to think about unique ideas that can make it more striking and attract more readers.

For it, they read multiple articles and blogs related to their topic that can help them to publish exclusive content.

It requires a lot of effort and still, there are chances that a person can make mistakes in the content.

To get over this problem and make content writing easier, users can take help from android applications and make the text unique on their mobile phones.

These AI-based applications use an advanced algorithm that helps to generate a unique text without any plagiarism in it.

Also, the new text generated by mobile applications is grammatically perfect because they read the text deeply and makes the flow natural.

Let’s dive deep and talk about the best android applications that can help you to generate an exclusive text and grab more audience.

Best online Android apps to make content writing easier:

To generate a unique and attention-grabbing text is a tricky task. You have to think a lot before writing new content.

But here we will make it easy for the writers and make their workflow fast by telling them the best android apps from where they can take help.

The text generated by these applications engages the readers and forces them to read the entire text.

1.     Prepostseo

prepostseo writing tool

The main thing that helps to direct more readers to your article is to provide them with a unique text.

If writers start to publish the old ideas, then people will not take interest in reading the text as it will be just a waste of time for them.

To engage them, it is necessary to provide them with new and informative content.

For it, users can take help from a free paraphrasing tool that can provide a unique text without having duplication in the text.

The prepostseo paraphrasing app is an advanced AI-based application that can read the text deeply and take out central ideas from it.

After that, it provides the best alternative to the content. Here we will talk about the plus points of this application that make it a hot favorite for the users.

·         Avoid copied text

When the text is pasted in the paraphrasing box, it reads the content deeply and takes out the main theme of it.

This online application has a huge synonym library that so places the best suitable alternative words that make the flow natural and maintains the beauty of the text.

So, users can have exclusive content without any plagiarism that can increase the traffic on their blog posts.

·         Keep the content original

When the paraphrasing tool starts to renew the content and make it unique from the original one, it reads the content deeply.

Here it takes out the central ideas of the content. So, it alters the structure of the entire text without changing its original meaning.

·         Boost the writing career

When writers enter their text in this application, there they get multiple alternative options to rewrite the text and make it more striking.

From here, they can get ideas about unique words and boost their writing skills to attract more visitors to the page.

·         Provides SEO-friendly content

Google prefers text that is more informative and unique for the readers. There are chances that such content can get more ratings on search engines.

This top paraphrasing tool provides an SEO- friendly content with great fluency and understanding.

·         Free to use

The application is 100% free for the users and there is no need to get sign up or registered before using this amazing app.

Just go there and upload your documents in the paraphrasing box. It will scan the text deeply and make possible changes to the original beauty of the content.

2.     Grammarly:


It is one of the best applications that can make the flow of text natural. It helps to generate grammatically perfect content.

Grammar is the main thing that makes your content more readable and easier to understand and this application is developed especially for this purpose.

So, the blogs become more eye-catching when they are fluent to read.

Here we will talk about the top features of this mobile application that helps writers to write articles.

·         Make the text grammatically perfect

This application is specially designed for pointing out grammar errors so users can remove all the mistakes from the content and make it grammatically perfect.

It takes out the lines that are decreasing the fluency of content, so users can make the content free of grammar issues.

·         Remove the spelling mistakes

One more facility that this amazing application provides to the users is, it can figure out spelling errors from the text.

Users can correct the spelling of words to make it easy for readers to understand the meaning of context.

·         Correct punctuation

Sometimes, users confuse about using correct punctuation and make mistakes there. Grammarly helps you to make punctuation perfect.

This factor helps to get better rankings on Google as the text becomes better and understandable.

·         Freemium

You can avail basic features of this application for free. For the advanced features, users can try the premium version of the tool.

3.     Canva:


Writing is not the only thing that can attract more readers. You have to use alternative methods side by side like adding pictures in the text.

A picture tells hundreds of stories so it is necessary to add some images in the content that can help readers to understand the meaning of the text.

For it, users can take help from an online mobile application that can help to draw beautiful illustrations and makes infographics perfectly.

Let’s discuss the top features of this mobile application, how it can be informative for the writers.

·         Fast design

Before publishing content, it is necessary to add some designs to the content. You can put some photos in the content that are related to the article.

This mobile application provides a facility to quickly generate photos and use them in the content to make it more attractive.

·         Edit at a pro-level

If you are taking your favorite picture in this tool that you want to edit and use in the content, it can help you here.

This application is full of advanced features that edit a picture at the advanced level and make it eye-catching.

·         Help for social media marketing

In marketing, you need some gorgeous images that can engage more audiences and enchant them. Canva can be very handy regarding this.

You can make social media marketing more powerful by generating pictures from this top application.

·         Secure to use

This mobile application is very easy and safe to use. There is no privacy issue for the users as it provides full protection to them.

It doesn’t save the data of users that make them feel secure.

Final Verdict:

To make the content unique manually is a long process that wastes the time of writers. The best alternative for them to make their workflow fast is using a mobile application.

When we search for the application on the play store, it provides us with numerous apps that can help the writers to make their content writing easier.

The mobile applications discussed in this article can be helpful for you as a writer as they can make the text flow better and grammatically perfect.

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