Recover Photos After Factory Reset Android Phone With Ease
Recover Photos After Factory Reset Android Phone With Ease

Recover Photos After Factory Reset Android Phone With Ease

Have you lost you important PHOTOS from Android phone after doing factory reset and now looking to recover those from Android phone?

Generally, if you see then factory reset or hard reset is done to get rid of any kind of issues or errors that occurs on your phone. And after doing it successfully, your device settings turns to original ones. Factory setting fixes several errors that occur in OS of your phone.

But you should never forget that factory reset also removes your data from Android phone and you have a risk of losing them completely.

It means that whatever data you have saved on your phone like videos, contacts, photos, audio files etc are all wiped away from phone’s memory.

And if you have not created a backup of your essential files before hard reset then they are gone forever, right? But I would like to tell you that still there is a chance to get back all your deleted photos from Android phone after factory reset.

How this is possible, we will see in this blog post, so just relax and read the blog carefully to deal with the situation.

Let us see some of the examples where users have faced the same situation and have reported about the issue.

User experience 1

“My Samsung Galaxy S5 phone was factory reseted , and all data is lost now. But I want it back! Can I recover photos after a factory reset? I want to recover all the lost 700 images in full resolution.”

“I have accidentally factory reset my Samsung S8 phone and my data is lost after the reset. But I am unable to login to my google account because I forget my Gmail id and password. Can I recover files after a factory reset?”


User experience 2

“HELP! I’m so upset right now. A few of my Android apps weren’t working. Then I backed up my information and did a factory reset for my new bought Samsung Galaxy phone, but when I restored it I realized my pictures hadn’t been backed up. I am incredibly upset about this, and would love to know if there is a way of recovering those photos. Thank you in advanced!”– One Android user asked on AndroidForum.


As you have seen the above examples of data loss from Android phones after factory reset, the same situation can occur to anybody at a glance without any intimation.

So you should be ready beforehand to deal with all such kind of errors or situations.

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About Android Factory Reset

Android factory reset is one of the useful built-in feature that is used by several Android users when they face any kind of issues on their devices. It is a risky process as it wipes away all settings, user information, app data from phone and come back to its original state. When you Android phone freezes or stuck on any error then this process works effectively to get out of the situation.

In fact, many times it is useful for users and its same for every branded phones. When data gets lost due to factory reset, then users think that they are gone forever but that is not the truth. The lost photos can be recovered.

Common reasons for data loss from Android apart from factory reset

As you already knew that factory reset wipes away every files from your phone but there are other reasons as well that can make your photo or other data disappear. They are:

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deletion of Android data
  • Not properly using the phone or removing SD card forcefully
  • Harmful malware attack can lead to photos missing from phone
  • Any kind of interruption while transfer of files or photos
  • Wrong selection of images before removing them completely

Why it is important to do factory reset

Well, the question is a common one but has a depth inside that you have to understand. Generally, nobody wants to do this process unless they find some issues or difficulties in accessing their phone. In my situation, my phone was freezed so I have to do the last option left with me to get out of the situation.

If you see then others also has the same reason to do factory reset especially when they want to speed up their devices, wish to get rid of some unknown errors, want to sell the phone etc. To deal with unknown conditions, doing factory reset is the wise and best choice.

But it should be done with caution because it is risky and little mistake can end up your important data from phone like photos. It is always advised to take a backup of all data and files and then perform the task but still some users don’t backup files or folders.

Hence, they lose them completely and later on look for solutions that can bring back their lost photos. They have several questions in mind like is it possible to recover wiped data from Android after factory reset?

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Is there a possible way to get back photos after factory reset on Android?

Without any waiting, I would like to say YES, there is a possibility to rescue erased pictures after resetting the device. Actually what happens is the data is permanently removed from device, it means that they can be recovered but have to use recovery tool.

Also remember that any other data is stored or overwritten over the old data. Because, if files or photos are overwritten then they will not be recovered.

How to recover photos after factory reset Android phone

If your data is on memory card or you have saved in other storage medium like cloud server then you can easily get back those without any worry.  Follow the below steps carefully to restore photos from Android phone.

Method 1: Rescue pictures from Android local backup

Nowadays, the phones are coming with built-in backup feature that easily allows to backup all data to internal storage or to external memory. So if your photos are saved on SD card then its easy to backup all those from it via Local backup.

NOTE– Factory reset wipes away every data and files from Android internal memory, so it will be better to save all your files on external memory card.

Steps to restore photos from Android phone using local backup

Step 1: Go to Settings > Backup > Backup & restore > File restore & management

Step 2: Here you have to choose backup file that you want to restore

Step 3: At last, tap on Restore option and wait until they are recovered

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Method 2: Retrieve erased photos from Google

If you have ever backed up all photos and other data to Google account then you can easily restore them without any worry. It is recommended to create backup to Google Drive especially pictures and videos. It provides 15GB storage for users and whatever data you want to store safely, this is the best option.

Now follow the steps carefully to restore deleted photos from Google

Step 1: First, login to your Google account that you use to backup or sync your data

Step 2: Now go to Google Drive option where you will see all the backed up data

Step 3: Select the pictures you wish to restore

Step 4: After selecting, click on Restore option and tap on “Done

But it is not necessary that you have created a backup of all your images anywhere. I mean to say that when you don’t have any backup available then how to recover those pictures?

You don’t have to worry, I have the solution for you.

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Best way to retrieve deleted photos after factory reset Android

Well, when nothing works for you then only one option is left for use and that is using a professional recovery tool. Android Data Recovery is undoubtedly one of the most recommended software that recovers lost/deleted data from Android phones. It recovers lost photos after factory reset with ease.

Not only pictures but it is capable of restoring other data as well like contacts, videos, text messages, music files, etc. No mater for whatever reasons your data was lost, this powerful tool scans the entire device and finds out the wiped away photos from it. This is one of the best utility to get back every deleted data from Android phone.

So without wasting any time, simply Download Android Data Recovery software and recover lost pictures from Android after factory reset.

Steps to rescue photos from Android after factory reset

BONUS TIP- How to backup Android data in a safe way

As it is important to create a backup of all your important data, in this context a useful tool comes that easily backup and restores all your important files or folders safely. Android Data Backup & Restore is the perfect tool that easily backup all important data like photos, contacts, videos, SMS, music files etc and easily restores when required. This is one and only tool that does not require any technical knowledge and all your data will be safe and secure.

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As you have seen how to recover lost photos from Android phone after factory reset, I hope this blog will help you to get back your essential pictures. The third party software is the best as it recovers every erased data and I think everyone should go for this software when any files are lost from phone.

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