Recover Photos After Factory Reset Android Phone With Ease

Recover Photos After Factory Reset Android Phone With Ease

Did you lose your PRECIOUS PHOTOS from Android phone after factory reset? Are you concerned about how to recover photos after factory reset Android? Worried of “can photos be recovered after factory reset” on Android?

And lots more…more…questions you have in your mind right now

You must know that a factory reset is done due to several reasons. But at the same time, your important stuffs can also be deleted.

What to do and how to recover deleted photos after factory reset becomes hectic.

But I would recommend you to JUST RELAX and read this blog. Here I am going to show you how to retrieve deleted photos after factory reset Android with the best methods.

So don’t go anywhere, simply walk through this blog and simply recover photos after factory reset Android phone.

Android Data Recovery

Now there is nothing to worry about data loss as with the help of the Android Data Recovery tool, all lost contacts, photos, videos, documents, WhatsApp, and other data are easily recovered without any hassle…

About Android Factory Reset

Android factory reset is one of the useful built-in feature that is used by several Android users when they face any kind of issues on their devices.

It is a risky process as it wipes away all settings, user information, app data from the phone and comes back to its original state. When your Android phone freezes or stuck on an error then this process works effectively to get out of the situation.

In fact, many times it is useful for users, and its the same for every branded phone. When data gets lost due to factory reset, then users think that they are gone forever but that is not the truth. The lost photos can be recovered.

Can You Recover Photos After A Factory Reset Android Phone?

Do you have the same question as above?

Thinking of can I recover photos after factory reset Android phone or “can I get may picture back after a factory reset”?

If yes then I would like to tell you that yes, you can restore photos after factory reset.

The fact behind it is whenever any data gets wiped away from the phone then they are not removed permanently. All those data remain in the device itself in hidden form. And it will only be permanently removed when it is overwritten.

So now, you can just relax a little as there is a chance to recover deleted photos after factory reset Android. You only need a powerful recovery tool like Android Phone Recovery to recover photos from Android phone after factory reset.

How to recover photos after factory reset Android phone

If your data is on the memory card or you have saved in other storage mediums like cloud server then you can easily get back those without any worry. Here I am going to give you some best ideas on how to recover deleted photos after factory reset Android.

Follow the below steps carefully on how to restore photos after factory reset Android phones.

Method 1: Best way to recover photos after factory reset Android

Well, the first way that I am going to suggest to you as well as other users is to use a professional recovery tool. Android Data Recovery is undoubtedly one of the most recommended software that helps to recover deleted photos after factory reset Android phones.

The software works effectively and it does not require any backup. This amazing tool is used by millions of users and has successfully retrieved their essential stuff from the phone.

Not only pictures but it is capable of restoring other data as well as contacts, videos, text messages, music filesWhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc. No matter for whatever reasons your data was lost, this powerful tool scans the entire device and finds out the wiped away photos from it. This is one of the best utility for photo recovery after factory reset Android.

So without wasting any time, simply Download Android Data Recovery software and recover photos from Android after a factory reset.

Steps to recover photos after factory reset Android phone

Method 2: Restore Photos after factory reset from Android local backup

Nowadays, the phones are coming with a built-in backup feature that easily allows us to backup all data to internal storage or to external memory. So if your photos are saved on SD card then it’s easy to backup all those from it via Local backup.

NOTE– Factory reset wipes away every data and files from Android internal memory, so it will be better to save all your files on the external memory card.

Steps to restore photos from Android phone using local backup

  • Go to Settings > Backup > Backup & restore > File restore & management
  • Here you have to choose the backup file that you want to restore
  • At last, tap on Restore option and wait until they are recovered

Method 3: Retrieve deleted photos after factory reset using Google

If you have ever backed up all photos and other data to Google account then you can easily restore them without any worry. It is recommended to create a backup to Google Drive especially pictures and videos. It provides 15GB storage for users and whatever data you want to store safely, this is the best option.

Now follow the steps carefully to restore deleted photos from Google

  • First, log in to your Google account that you use to backup or sync your data
  • Now go to Google Drive option where you will see all the backed up data
  • Select the pictures you wish to restore
  • After selecting, click on the Restore option and tap on “Done

But it is not necessary that you have created a backup of all your images anywhere. Then you can check other backup ways as well.

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Method 4: How To Get Photos Back After Factory Reset Android Using Google Photos?

Android phone users have lots of backup features especially for data like photos and videos. When your photos disappear from the device then you can take the help of Google Photos. Here all your deleted items are listed in the Trash folder.

The best part is you can get those photos back with 60 days and after that, they are removed automatically. In addition, this method is best for those users who want to know how to recover photos after factory reset Android without computer.

So let’s go through the steps on how to restore photos after factory reset:

  • First, open Google Photos on your Android phone
  • Now click on three horizontal line
  • There you will see Bin option

  • Click to open it and you will see the deleted items
  • Select the photos you want back and then tap on the Restore option

That’s it, now your pictures will be restored on the phone.

BONUS TIP- How to backup Android data in a safe way?

As it is important to create a backup of all your important data, in this context a useful tool comes that easily backup and restores all your important files or folders safely.

Android Data Backup & Restore is the perfect tool that easily backup all important data like photos, contacts, videos, SMS, music files, etc, and easily restores when required. This is one and the only tool that does not require any technical knowledge and all your data will be safe and secure.

Whenever photos and other data loss happen than using this tool, they can be easily recovered. This is easy to use and helps to recover photos after factory reset Android.


As you have seen how to recover deleted photos after factory reset, I hope this blog will help you to get back your essential pictures. Third-party software is the best as they recover every data without backup. And I think everyone should go for this software when any files are lost from the phone.

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